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Coffee - Dark Roast

Coffee - Dark Roast

Our dark roasted coffee blend can be described as a mixture of dark and light roasted coffee beans with a deep rich flavor and a hearty aroma.  We have spent many an hour experimenting with initial taste, aftertaste and aroma notes to bring you this uniquely satisfying blend.  This flavor has a more traditional coffee taste in its standard form as opposed to a sweet flavor commonly found in other coffee vape blends.

This product  -   

  •   100% natural flavors. 0% artificial flavors.
  •   99.9% pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
  •   100% USP Kosher food grade PG/VG.         
  •   No dilution unless requested.   
    •   Come with childproof caps and warning label.
      •   Manufactured in the USA with products made in the USA.         

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          Highbrow Vapor endeavors to create E liquids that improve upon the real thing.  Our promise to you is this: You will not receive an overly sweet, bland, artificial or chemically tasting product.  
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            *Please be aware that as a general rule 100% PG tends to have less vapor, more throat hit, and more flavor. 100% VG tends to have more vapor, less throat hit, and less flavor.  VG is thicker than PG which can under certain circumstances degrade your atomizer or cartomizer at a quicker rate.  We therefore recommend a (70PG/30VG) mix which we feel provides the perfect amount of all 3 juice qualities.  However, you may chose any VG/PG percentage you wish at checkout under "customize this product".

            All products are customizable on the checkout page. Examples - "Add double flavoring", "Not too sweet", "Add a bit of hazelnut", "Extra throat hit", etc... We encourage creativity.

            Coffee is a wonderful flavor to combine with just about anything. Our favorites include sweet cream and hazelnut. What are yours?





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