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Highbrow Flavor Reviews

What are the "experts" saying?  Let us make believers out of you too!

Sharkaz Youtube Vlogger - Watch the video review. writes - "While I rarely come across three e-liquids that I don’t like in a single review (though it does happen), it’s also rare for me to love all three e-liquids from a single review. Yet that’s the case with the three Highbrow Vapor juices I recently vaped."  Watch the video review. writes - "A name as literal as it is clever, Highbrow's e-liquid carries and "elevated" standard of quality that is likely matched by few others.  Worthy of every top hat on every bottle, we've had a hard time finding a Highbrow flavor that we didn't fall for.  And at a very reasonable price, you don't have to own a monocle to be worthy of this e-liquid".  Watch the video review. writes - "Highbrow juices are winners with me! I did not detect any artificial, or chemical “sweetness” that has steered me away from many of the flavored, as well as tobacco e-liquids in the past. The flavors actually taste as they claim, while providing great vapor and throat hit. Out of four samples, I have managed to find two that have become personal favorites".  Read more of TUC's review. writes - "If the flavors sent for trial are any indication, Highbrow Vapor should soon have a loyal following. The quality of the flavors, particularly the richness and depth of the tobaccos, is exceptional. The selection of flavors on the site is adequate, but the willingness to customize makes the combinations almost limitless. Highbrow Vapors definitely earns a spot on the recommendations list".  Read more of Wolf's review. writes - "Being that I’m not into dessert type e-liquids, I was very surprised that I’ve enjoyed this e-liquid as much as I have. This gives me the idea that I need to start opening up my eyes to some great tasting dessert flavors and for that, is definitely on my radar. If you like a nice, smooth candy/dessert type flavor, I highly suggest giving Heavenly Macaroon from a try".  Read more of Blake's review. writes - "Your typical tobacco flavored e-liquid. Since I'm a basic tobacco kind of guy, I really like this one. Has a really great taste with a nice throat-hit. I know that there are other RY4 offerings out there, but this one is at the top".  Read more of Larry's review.

Billherbst on his ECF RY4 roundup writes - "Friends, I’m thrilled to report that…we’ve got a new Top 10 prizewinner here. Highbrow has produced a distinctive and delicious RY4.  It may not be to everyone’s liking, since it is far from a classic RY4, but Highbrowbacco RY4 should please tobacco connoisseurs immensely.  HighbrowVapor is indeed a class act and a welcome new addition to the vaping marketplace".  Read more of Bill's review here - Post#1045

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