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Being a Courteous Vaper

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Being a Courteous Vaper

As with any activity, there is a matter of etiquette and rules when vaping. Becoming a courteous vaper is just a matter of common sense. Be aware of those around you and what the accepted level of use is in any specific area. Know that many individuals don’t know the facts about the practice and consider vaping to be the same as or like smoking. 

Following the proceeding suggestions will help keep the peace between you and your companions as well as other co-workers and strangers who are around you. 

Explain to those who are interested exactly how why vaping is the better alternative versus traditional smoking.

For instance, you can mention how cigarette smoke stays in the air for several minutes while vapor dissipates in seconds. Studies have shown that there are no negative health effects to the public from the vapor produced by an individual’s e-cigarette, vaporizer, vape pen, or MOD.

You can also mention that e-liquid only has 4 chemical ingredients (nicotine, flavoring propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin) while cigarettes have 4,000 chemicals.

Many individuals have taken up vaping for their own personal reasons. They use it as a tool and an alternative to cigarettes, and to try to improve their general physical condition.

Be Aware
There are several areas that vaping should just not be done. These include schools, churches, movie theaters, most airports, and on airplanes. If you’re in an area and are unsure if it is okay to vape, make it a priority to ask someone who works there if it’s okay or not. Even if you might be vaping in an environment that allows it, others may be offended, so remain alert and aware of those who may feel this way.

Be Accommodating 
Make a point to always blow the vapor away from anyone around you, just as you would if you were really smoking. No matter where you are, if someone is offended by your actions, it is best to just move to another place or discontinue vaping at that place or spot. It just isn’t worth a confrontation, so it is best to remain calm and considerate. 

Vaping is a personal choice, but it may not always be a popular one. Until the public becomes increasingly knowledgeable about this unique alternative to smoking, it is important to eliminate negative opinions and judgments. Following the above brief suggestions will assist in just that. Take the high road and always be polite and accommodating to those around you.

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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your E-Liquid's Taste and Vapor Production

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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your E-Liquid's Taste and Vapor Production

Increasing the vapor and flavor production are two excellent ways of enhancing a vape session. You can achieve this by slightly tweaking you e-liquid. There are 3 factors that determine the level of your e-liquid’s flavor and vapor output.


The Vaper
If you aren’t getting a great taste or enough clouds from your e-juice, you just might be the problem. The reason why your juice’s flavor may no longer be serving your vaping needs sufficiently is because you might be experiencing vaper’s tongue. This is a situation whereby you can no longer enjoy a flavor like you used to in the past. Vaper’s tongue is caused by several factors including: dehydration, poor oral hygiene, common cold, and sticking to one e-liquid for a lengthy amount of time. If suffering from vper’s tongue, you can get a better taste if you drink lots of water and treat your nasal blockage issues. Also, it will help if you can switch-up e-liquids.

The vaper affects vapor production through the inhalation style. If you aren’t getting the desired vapor output, then you need to change your inhalation style. If you’re vaping with a MOD or any other vape hardware that has large airflows, switch direct to the lung inhalation method. Also, inhale more rapidly for increased vapor output. However, if you’re using devices without airflow control, the best way to maximize vapor output is but taking slow yet long inhales.

The E-liquid
The e-liquid’s characteristics can affect the vapor and flavor production in different ways. If looking to enhance vapor output, opt for e-liquids with a higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio. The thick consistency of this ingredient helps to thicken the flavor. VG also could combine with the air’s moisture molecule, thus, enabling you to produce clouds of vapor. Conversely, a high PG ratio will help heighten the flavor. Its properties, which are clear, tasteless and thin, help to make your e-liquids flavor more pronounced and for you to achieve a moderate to strong throat hit.

The Vaping Device
To increase your e-liquids taste and vapor output, you might have to switch up your device. Consider switching to a powerful low resistance device, such as a MOD or APV that allows you to increase wattages. Lower resistance and high wattages will help you get more vapor from your liquid. On the other hand, using a sub-ohm device will help to heighten the taste of your e-juice. This is because such devices have more coils, meaning more juice is vaporized.

To increase the taste and flavor of your e-liquid, you must study yourself, the components of your e-liquid, and the capabilities of your vape hardware. If you’re lagging in any of the three, then you might not get the desired taste and vapor output.



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Vaping and Healthcare

The vaping industry is exploding, just as tobacco usage among adults and teens has hit an all-time low. Fans of vaporizing eliquids claim that it's a good alternative to smoking and the fun of trying out flavored liquids is appealing to a whole population of smokers who are looking to cut down or enhance their experience. E-cigarettes produce satisfyingly large clouds of vapor in flavors that include cheesecake torte and Belgian waffle. Better yet, the vapor doesn't stick to clothes or hang on breath, and there's no litter from butts. However, even with all of the benefits to vaping over cigarettes, the FDA came down hard on e-cigarettes with strict new regulations in May of last year.

So how does your love of vaping affect your insurance policy?

First, we must understand that not all vaping is as "safe" or "healthy" as some claim. FDA testing from 2009 found cancer-causing chemicals in leading e-cigarette brands, plus formaldehyde in high-voltage e-cigarettes. It's these reports that have insurance companies, and even the government-run Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) scrapping policies for vape users.

To breakdown what insurance companies consider a smoker, we look to Michael Siegel, MD., a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health. "Someone who is a dual user is still a smoker, but someone who completely switches to e-cigarettes is essentially a quitter," says Siegel. "That's smoking cessation...and I don't see how a person could continue to classify them as smokers." Siegel is a prominent anti-smoking physician expert. He advocates for vaping over smoking, and while most vape users agree with the good doctor, most insurance companies don't.

You see, insurers don't see a reason to differentiate between vaping and smoking. Why? Smokers pay more for insurance coverage and receive less coverage overall. But if vaporizing is so different than smoking-no combustion, for one-then how do they get away with clumping both acts together. That way, they can charge higher premiums to the entire group of smokers and vapers and benefit financially, or they may choose not to insure the individual at all. They also don't think of vaporizing as a smoking cessation aid. They consider everything under the vape umbrella to be a tobacco product.

The details change from policy to policy, but vapers usually pay as much as smokers. According to a 2015 poll, one in 10 Americans now vapes meaning the clash with insurance affects about 10% of the population. That's a huge segment of the population who could lose important insurance coverage just for the fact that they vape. Is this fair? Is there a better way? We think so, and we're inviting you to join the ongoing conversation here. Does your vaping affect your insurance premiums and how?

Vaping is for Valentines

e cig juice vaping

Sure, Valentines Day 2017 falls on a work day—and not one in the later half of the week—but there's still something to be said about looking obstacles like forced separation due to different workplaces as a challenge to your abilities to break through those barriers and get your message of St. Valentine-inspired love to the one who melts your heart. If vaping is the thing that you two like to do, then we've got a few suggestions for you. There's still plenty of time to place an order and have it delivered to you before the second week of February.

Vape your way into bae's heart

Haven't quite mastered those vape cloud hearts, yet? Keep practicing but you know your honey wants nothing but some quality time with you. And if you both like to vape throughout your day then you can always find a few moments to connect in a unique way.

We imagined a day where a few strategically-placed vape sessions can make the day a whole lot sweeter for fans of e-liquids. It doesn't have to take a lot of planning to make these moment happen but when you mix some gift-giving with serendipity, you come off looking like the hero of all Valentines.

Vaping the sweet stuff with your Valentine

Start the day off with fresh, at-home brewed coffee along with an early morning vape of our Belgian Waffle e-liquid. Subtle cinnamon notes play off of warm maple flavors for something that resembles your favorite breakfast made by mom.

Thankfully, mom has been replaced with a significant other and you two can now linger a little longer in bed and make plans for later. Little do they know you've already had a package of Coffee Cake e-liquid delivered to their office so they have something to vape on a coffee break. Brown sugar, butter crumble topping, and real whipped cream—how sweet!

And when you finally meet up after a long day at work, maybe you go out for dinner and maybe you cook something at home but may we recommend skipping dessert and catching it on the flip-side when you share a Chocolate e-liquid post-coitus vape between the sheets.

By about the third time that just the right e-liquid happens to pop up at just the right time, bae will appreciate the attention to detail you put into making the day just right. We're here to help any way we can and if that means supplying the most surprising flavors of e-liquid that you can pair in unique ways with your lifestyle then so be it. We love helping customers live a more satisfying and flavorful life.

Warming Up Less With a Vape

cigarettes to vaping vaping

The United States is warming up fast-researchers suggest that we will reach dangerous levels 20 years sooner than the rest of the planet. The study, compiled by researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, was released as the US prepared to inaugurate President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, on his first full day in office, Trump had all references to global warming, and climate change dropped from the official White House website. Not surprising since it was he who has dismissed global warming as a hoax created by China "in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive".

The researchers created computer models of the Earth and simulated the pattern of increased warming in different parts of the world. We will warm up by two degrees Celsius of warming when the average for the rest of the world is a half a degree cooler. And the Northeastern states is where the effects are already the most noticeable; they are experiencing an increase in temperature by about 3C while the rest of the world averages a 2C rise.

The study infers that the 48 states of the contiguous US will reach 2C by about 2050. That 2C is a magic number because that's the point at which scientists believe dangerous weather events will start to take place, and the United States will be among the first to experience those events.

From their report: "The differential warming of land and ocean leads to many continental regions in the Northern Hemisphere warming at rates higher than the global mean temperature. Adaptation and conservation efforts will, therefore, benefit from understanding regional consequences of limiting the global mean temperature increase to well below 2C above pre-industrial levels. The regional warming rates differ considerably across the contiguous US, but all regions are projected to reach 2C about 10-20 years before the global mean temperature."

The answer to this isn't vaping, but we've discovered some ways that it can help.

1. 5.6 trillion cigarettes are smoked annually; roughly 3.28 trillion cigarette butts are thrown out or tossed onto the ground. By vaping, we keep a lot of that harmful waste out of landfills where harmful chemicals leach from cigarette butts into the ground. The butts that end up on city streets have a chance of affecting water runoff that becomes drinking water.

2. According to, 32% of all coastline litter is cigarette butts. Because they are not biodegradable, cigarettes take up to 12 years to fully decompose. By vaping, your keeping fish and other wildlife safe from harmful chemicals.

3. Cigarette smoke releases 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Vaping does not!

4. Tobacco farming accounts for 40% of its annual deforestation in South Korea and Uruguay. Deforestation robs the Earth it's only way to turn carbon dioxide into clean air, so emissions go up and account for about 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions every year.

5. Finally, vaping creates none of the harmful leftovers that animals have a tendency to eat or absorb through their food when cigarette butts get strewn throughout their environment.

So help save the planet, and vape today!

What To Expect at the Inauguration

Most people don't really know what a presidential inauguration really involves, and it's true; There's a lot of fanfare for an event that very few regular people get to see in person. Here is an introduction to the inauguration that will answer all your questions about the event:

What Happens at the Presidential Inauguration?

Most people have at least a vague idea of what the event entails, but as historic as it is, it can be a bit dry.

In summation, the President elect, amidst much fanfare, is sworn into their new office. While the public event is on Monday, January 21st of the first year of their term, the new President officially takes the oath of office the day before.

Is there Music at the Ceremony?

Yes, although a long list of musical acts told President-elect Trump that they were electing to pass on the invitation to play his inauguration. The headliners at his inauguration week ceremonies will be 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith and others.

President Barack Obama has famously had Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen perform during his inauguration week events.

What Are Some of the Most Notable Inauguration Addresses?

Part of the event's festivities involve speeches being made by the new President as they are honored on the U.S. Capitol Speaker's Balcony. Over the years, there have been some extremely memorable speeches by Presidents, both new to the office and beginning their second term. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy: Both of these inaugural addresses are notable because of the legendary quotes that were made by these men when they took the oath of office. FDR famously said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself", while Kennedy coined the phrase, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

William Henry Harrison (1841): Notable for it's sheer length, Harrison took near two hours to make his inaugural speech, one that counted at near 8000 words.

Barack Obama (2009): When Barack Obama took his first oath of office, it was a historical moment for many reasons, not the least of which being the inauguration of the country's first African American president. This was notable and ushered in a new era of political access for minorities across the country.

Will You Be Able to Vape at the Inauguration?

Unfortunately, the verdict is still out. The White House published a list of all the things that you can't bring to the ceremony, and while many things are banned, cigarettes are not on the list, suggesting that vapes are allowed.

If you're headed to the inauguration and you want to buy some special e-juice for the occasion, or you simply need to restock with the highest quality, American-made vape products, Highbrow Vapor is the place for you!

Highlights of 2016


The year 2016 was loaded with surprises. You almost didn't know what was going to happen next. From the presidential election to people passing away, it was definitely an eventful time that many won't soon forget. Check out some of the top highlights from 2016.

Flint Water Crisis

Even if you don't live in Flint, MI, you have probably heard about the water crisis that affected the entire city. Lead contamination from corroded pipes entered the city's drinking water and caused a state of emergency to be declared by federal and state governments in January.

Governor Snyder ended up mobilizing the Michigan National Guard to distribute water filters, bottled water and testing kits to residents who were scared to use the tap water. They had good reason to avoid it too. At one point along the way, 5 percent of all the children under age five had elevated lead exposure based on information from the Center for Disease Control.

President Obama ended up coming to the city in May to demonstrate how reliable the new water filters were by drinking out of a tap with one of these filters on it. The problem continues today, but residents are hoping for an answer soon.

Peyton Manning Retires

Peyton Manning led the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl in 2016. While he only threw for 141 yards and never made a touchdown, they ended up winning the game 24-10 to give Manning his 200th career victory and set an NFL record. This was his second Super Bowl title, which helped secure his place among the greats. His mom wanted him to go out on a high note after winning the big game, which is exactly what he ended up doing. While it wasn't an immediate decision, it was one that many will remember for quite some time.

Kobe Leaves a Champion

In April 2016, Kobe Bryant ended up playing the last game of his 20-year career with the Lakers. He ended a basketball era with an impressive record encompassing five championships and 18 All-Star appearances. His 1,556th game and last score left him with 60 points and a victory of 101-96 over the Utah Jazz. The crowd didn't seem to care about the score. They only cared that Bryant was on his way out. Every time he scored the crowd cheered with a piercing volume that was unlike anything you could ever imagine.

Vaping Laws Changed

Just about everywhere you looked, you heard about the changing vaping laws making it more difficult than ever for vape store owners to continue operating. The outlandish taxes and fees are making it virtually impossible for many to survive the ordeal, leaving many having to shut down their businesses that they worked so hard for.

Things are changing and vape store owners are fighting back to make sure the government doesn't take advantage of them along the way. Even though things might be changing, there is no time like the present to pick up your favorite e-liquid and experience the difference a new juice can make in your life.

While these are only a few of the things that transpired in 2016, there are countless others out there as well. Who knows what 2017 will bring to the table?