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The Different Nicotine Strengths

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The Different Nicotine Strengths

If you're totally new to the world of vaping, it may be difficult to decide which nicotine level is right for you. Since analog cigarettes all contain generally the same amount of nicotine, how are you supposed to know which nicotine strength is going to provide you with the satisfaction that you're looking for? 

Luckily for you, we've created a guide that will help you determine which nicotine strength in your e-liquid will satisfy your vaping needs. 

  • 0mg: There’s absolutely no nicotine present. This nicotine level is good for individuals who wish to enjoy the sensation of vaping without taking in any nicotine. If you're interested in vaping but haven't smoked analog cigarettes in the past, 0mg is recommended. This nicotine strength is also what many vape enthusiasts try to work their way down to. 

  • 3mg: The lowest amount of nicotine that you can vape. If you were the type of person who only smoked a few cigarettes each day, 3mg may provide you with the satisfaction that you crave. 3mg is also a nicotine strength that vape enthusiasts often stick to after trying to gradually reduce their daily nicotine intake. 

  • 6mg: A nice choice for anyone who was a light smoker. If you smoked less than ten cigarettes each day, 6mg should do the trick. In other words, this nicotine strength will satisfy the cravings of someone who was never extremely addicted to nicotine. 

  • 12mg: Often viewed as the ideal nicotine strength for former pack-a-day cigarette smokers. By vaping 12mg throughout the day, vape enthusiasts often report that their nicotine cravings are satisfied. This nicotine strength also tends to provide vape enthusiasts with that throat hit that reminds them of smoking analogs. 

  • 18mg: Excellent for those who are looking for a noticeably strong throat hit and a high amount of nicotine. If you're a formerly heavy smoker who is vaping simply to maintain your nicotine cravings, 18mg may be what you want. 

  • 24mg: Very high level of nicotine that is intended for those who smoked over a pack of cigarettes each day. You'll get that very powerful throat hit that you crave with this nicotine strength. However, those who weren't heavy smokers will most likely find this nicotine strength to be way too strong. 

  • 36mg: Good choice for those who used to smoke multiple packs each day. However, this nicotine strength will likely be way too harsh for anyone who was not an extremely heavy smoker. 
  • Now that you know about each nicotine strength, you can discover which one is right for your personal nicotine-related needs.



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    E-Juice Effects When Vaping in Humid Conditions

    e-juice e-liquid humid conditions humidly leaking tips vape vape juice vaping vapor

    E-Juice Effects When Vaping in Humid Conditions

    One of the best things about vaping is that there are a few areas where it is restricted. So, you are likely to come across many vapers vaping outdoors, almost anywhere, especially during the summer months. Yes, the flexibility to vape wherever and whenever is a great thing, but it is important to understand that humidity can affect your vaping experience, especially when it comes to your e-liquids you bought at Highbrow Vapor.

    Effects on E-Juice Flow

    Humidity affects the rubber seals that are used in modern tanks. If the humidity is high, the rubber seals tend to swell. As a result, they lose their flexibility and then the pressure which should create a vacuum is lost. And because the tanks are designed in such a way that they draw vape juice in a vacuum sealed environment, the flow of e-juice might be affected. Also, high humidity will affect the ability of your tank to seep juice as it should.


    Effects on E-Juice Viscosity

    High humidity also affects the viscosity of your e-juice. In hotter and high humid seasons, you will notice that it is thinner than usual. The thinning out of juice will have two effects on your vaping experience. First, it will cause a reduction on the thickness of vapor. Besides, it is the thickness of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) that enables production of thick clouds. Therefore, if the e-liquid's viscosity is interfered with, it means that VG's capability is affected, leading to a significant reduction in vapor. The other consequence of thinned vape juice is leaking. If the liquid is too thin, it might oversaturate the wicks and the excess ends up in your mouth or leaks out of your tank. Either way, vaping with a thinned e-juice is disastrous.


    Vaping in high humidity is not wrong. However, you must know how humidity can affect your vaping experience. This will help you in understanding what you can do to mitigate the effects of humidity. One of the things you can do is to ensure that you vape in areas that are less humid. This way, you can reduce the effects that humidity has on seals, which in turn, leads to proper flow of the e-liquid. Additionally, you will be able to maintain proper viscosity of your e-liquids, hence, avoiding thin cloud production and leakage incidents.


    During the high humidity months, or if you live in high humidity areas, it is also important to note the safety implication of humidity towards vaping. Be careful where you store your batteries as high humidity might damage them. Particularly when the batteries are made of Lithium.


    3 Quick tips For Safely Wicking Your Vape Coils

    builds coils diy e-juices e-liquids Highbrow Vapor rda rta vape juices vapes vaping wicking

    3 Quick tips For Safely Wicking Your Vape Coils

    Before wicking your coil, the most important thing to consider is safety. Moreover, you should also know that all devices on the same principle. For them to generate heat, electricity runs from the batteries to the atomizer where it controls the coils. Therefore, the e-liquid is vaporized in the wicking material to produce clouds from the infused nicotine that we love puffing. To this end, this is what vaping is all about. Whether you are vaping on handmade alternatives or pre-built coil heads, the process is similar. 

    For any pre-built atomizer head, there are one or two perpendicular or parallel coils which are surrounded by an organic cotton layer. The wicking material (the cotton) is in contact with the drilled feeding holes on the exterior head shells. For this reason, the e-juice will slowly reach the resistances each time you fill your tank. The pre-built coils are designed to offer a great amount of vapor and good flavor. However, they should be tossed after two weeks because they can’t last forever. While it depends on your vaping style, the manufacturing technique also has an impact on their lifespan. Moreover, there are ways in which you can re-build these capsule coils through invention. 

    Therefore, the DIY alternative wicking and coiling can save you more money. However, you need the proper tools, knowledge, and device to make personalized builds. For you to use the user-made coils, there are two types of devices that work best. The RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) and the RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) that come with RBA bases.

    Acquaint yourself with the wires used in vaping. Kanthal is the most common wire. It’s the best alternative to Nichrome which is easier to find. For you to control the mod temperature, wires like Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless-Steel can be used. In the case where you have RBA-based tanks, you can make a quad coil configuration on some models.

    Any RTA or RBA bases have tubes that wind around posts together with small curved channels through which the e-liquid flows to the coil. It takes more practice, in this case, to cut the cut the wicking material to the exact channel size. For you to get it right, you should mark the wick and cut the right size. Saturate the de cotton with some with some e-liquid carefully and place it right above the channel. It's now time to test your skills. Assemble the tank and start vaping

    When you start vaping, tiny bubbles must appear forming at the base reservoir. If this is the case, be sure that your wicking process is fruitful and safe. If you begin feeling constant burn taste, then you must re-do the wicking process afresh. For this time, you should try using less cotton so that you don’t cover the feeding-juice channels. The tips above cover the basics of safe wicking.


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    It's Nice to Have Some Temp Control in Your Vaping Life

    Highbrow Vapor mods tc technology temperature control tips vapers vaping

    It's Nice to Have Some Temp Control in Your Vaping Life

    How Temperature Control Works

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    What is the New Vaper Persona?

    benefits devices e-liquids Highbrow Vapor persona smokers vapers vaping

    What is the New Vaper Persona?

    Many entered the world of vaping in search for an alternative to cigarettes. 

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    Top 3 Coffee Flavors at Highbrow Vapor

    Bavarian Hazelnut Cream brews Cappuccino Diablo coffee Dark Roast e-juices e-liquids flavors Highbrow Vapor vape juices vapes vaping

    Top 3 Coffee Flavors at Highbrow Vapor

    If you dream of guzzling rich, smooth coffee all day long, these three vape juices from Highbrow Vapor will give you that fix of the yummy flavor that you crave without loading your body up with caffeine and sugar. Between these three flavors, you'll find the perfect all-day vape for your unique palate. Each e-juice is made with high-quality ingredients in to deliver that distinctive coffee taste that you know and love.


    Coffee-Flavored E-Liquid #3: Dark Roast

    A welcome deviation from the overly sweet and artificial-tasting coffee flavors made by other vape juice brands. Each hit soaks the tongue with nothing but pure, robust coffee flavor that's free of synthetic sweetness. You'll taste that mouth-watering nuttiness that's followed by pleasantly bitter, unbelievably smooth goodness. The inhale offers up the nutty and earthy notes which awaken your senses as that rich coffee taste drips down the tongue. The distinctive flavor notes of a high-quality dark roast blend are immediately apparent. A satisfying whack of bitterness hits you in the tongue before you're treated to a smooth, aromatic exhale.

    Coffee-Flavored E-Liquid #2: Cappuccino Diablo

    Nothing is as smooth as a creamy, rich cappuccino made with full-bodied espresso and velvety foamed milk. This vape juice captures the magic of this timeless beverage with a variety of quality flavoring extracts that give this vape juice its authentic taste. Every hit is like taking a sip of a steaming cappuccino that's full of milky goodness. Each inhale instantly provides you with that smooth, nutty taste of fresh espresso. The richness of the flavor enchants your palate as a slow stream of silky milk roams around the tongue. With every exhale, the creaminess is intoxicating, and a gentle touch of sweetness satisfies.


    Coffee-Flavored E-Liquid #1: Bavarian Hazelnut Cream

    If you're looking for something a little more decadent than your traditional cup of joe, this vape juice won't disappoint. Layers of buttery hazelnuts and rich vanilla cream dazzle the palate as that comforting taste of rich, full-bodied coffee soaks into the taste buds. The inhale delights the tongue with that rich, earthy coffee taste. The nutty hazelnuts slowly make their way across the palate before silky vanilla drapes itself over the taste buds. Each exhale is smooth, creamy and wonderfully sweet.

    Grab These Brews Today!

    These coffee-inspired e-juices from Highbrow Vapor will overwhelm you with pleasure thanks to high-quality flavors that taste exactly like your favorite brews.



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    Being a Courteous Vaper

    accommodating awareness cigarettes courteous devices differences e-liquid educate smoke tips vapers vaping vapor

    Being a Courteous Vaper

    As with any activity, there is a matter of etiquette and rules when vaping. Becoming a courteous vaper is just a matter of common sense. Be aware of those around you and what the accepted level of use is in any specific area. Know that many individuals don’t know the facts about the practice and consider vaping to be the same as or like smoking. 

    Following the proceeding suggestions will help keep the peace between you and your companions as well as other co-workers and strangers who are around you. 

    Explain to those who are interested exactly how why vaping is the better alternative versus traditional smoking.

    For instance, you can mention how cigarette smoke stays in the air for several minutes while vapor dissipates in seconds. Studies have shown that there are no negative health effects to the public from the vapor produced by an individual’s e-cigarette, vaporizer, vape pen, or MOD.

    You can also mention that e-liquid only has 4 chemical ingredients (nicotine, flavoring propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin) while cigarettes have 4,000 chemicals.

    Many individuals have taken up vaping for their own personal reasons. They use it as a tool and an alternative to cigarettes, and to try to improve their general physical condition.

    Be Aware
    There are several areas that vaping should just not be done. These include schools, churches, movie theaters, most airports, and on airplanes. If you’re in an area and are unsure if it is okay to vape, make it a priority to ask someone who works there if it’s okay or not. Even if you might be vaping in an environment that allows it, others may be offended, so remain alert and aware of those who may feel this way.

    Be Accommodating 
    Make a point to always blow the vapor away from anyone around you, just as you would if you were really smoking. No matter where you are, if someone is offended by your actions, it is best to just move to another place or discontinue vaping at that place or spot. It just isn’t worth a confrontation, so it is best to remain calm and considerate. 

    Vaping is a personal choice, but it may not always be a popular one. Until the public becomes increasingly knowledgeable about this unique alternative to smoking, it is important to eliminate negative opinions and judgments. Following the above brief suggestions will assist in just that. Take the high road and always be polite and accommodating to those around you.

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