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The English name coconut, first mentioned in print in 1555, comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word coco, which means "monkey face."  Explorers found a resemblance to a monkey's face in the three round indented markings found at the base of this delicious nut.  Not long after they delved into the wonderful flavor held within.  While we have no desire to taste monkey we are quite keen on its namesake.  Much like those early explorers we have discovered the taste of the islands with our refreshing coconut flavor. Our coconut juice has a rich and creamy coconut flavor that is subtle enough to be enjoyed all day. 

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  •   100% natural flavors. 0% artificial flavors.
    •   100% USP Kosher food grade PG/VG.         
    •   No dilution unless requested.   
      •   Come with childproof caps and warning label.
        •   Manufactured in the USA with products made in the USA.         

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            Highbrow Vapor endeavors to create flavor and fragrance that improve upon the real thing.  Our promise to you is this: You will not receive an overly sweet, bland, artificial or chemically offensive product.  
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              All products are customizable on the checkout page. Examples - "Add double flavoring", "Not too sweet", "Add a bit of hazelnut", etc... We encourage creativity.

              Coconut works wonderfully when combined with many of our flavor blends. One of our favorites mix it with chocolate and cherry to create a delicious macaroon flavor. 



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