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Fall or Autumnal Equinox as it is referred in astronomical term marks the transition from summer to winter that is a cold climate. This weather changes our normal lifestyle, and we find ourselves close by the fireplaces at home, drinking a lot of hot coffee or tea, wearing heavy clothes as well as adjusting our AC after the sunshine. Additionally, it's the time we observe the deciduous trees shedding their leaves that naturally change their colors as they completely become extinct because their shades are no longer required. That is because, during the fall, the sun is less intense compared to other weather conditions. The first day of the fall usually occurs on 23th September

We get ready and warm up for the fall…

Before fall ends on December 21st, different creatures act differently over this period; it is the reproduction period for some animals while other birds store their meals in their nests. Days are cold, and the sun is rare over this time. However, the nights are the great time to look forward to, and we fabulously enjoy it with marvelous football moments and a good vape.

Splendid football moments…

This period is also the time where football fraternity gets to enjoy fabulous football moments, be lively and light up Highbrowbacco Cigar that is a great fall vape flavor during that magnificent football game. Did you know American football date of birth is on November 6th, 1869? Interestingly it was over the fall season when Rutgers and Princeton universities were playing in an intercollegiate football game for the first time. Enjoy this great game with this heartier flavor and a little cognac and have a magnificent fall night and an enjoyable game right before you, what a splendid night!

Fantasy football has as well given the fans another joyful way to spend their time with this beautiful game. That provides an opportunity for one to enjoy a spur of fabulous moments with an excellent taste of High Brow Vapor Amaretto Amore while you take pleasure in an online fantasy football with your friends.

Get your moment and relax in the fall weather…

In this fall that has not so warm and colder as the night surge, get a hold of your e-cigs and a fantastic good vape over this season. Saturday mornings are great to start the day with High Brow Belgian Waffles, which are cool without calories. Blueberries can be mixed as well, and the taste is excellent, you will have a superb time with your e-cig.

Fabulous happenings follow…

The approaching holidays will make you more jubilant as coffee, and other hot drinks are added sweet flavors. Apple vape is as well great and enjoyable at this time of the year and your football moments will be more exciting with the addition to a fantastic Caramel Cake. Light up your mood over this period with vanilla or caramel sweet cakes while watching your favorite team win.

For fabulous great vape flavors, enjoy the football game with e-cigs that has taste palette and check out High Brow Vapor that has excellent vape flavors.

Every September, approximately six million people travel to Munich to participate in Oktoberfest, the absolute largest beer festival in all of the world. Wow, right? The name of this event could be considered somewhat misleading, as Oktoberfest festivities actually begin in the previous month, September, due to the extremely pleasant Bavarian weather.

Every September, approximately six million people travel to Munich to participate in Oktoberfest, the absolute largest beer festival in all of the world. Wow, right? The name of this event could be considered somewhat misleading, as Oktoberfest festivities actually begin in the previous month, September, due to the extremely pleasant Bavarian weather.

Oktoberfest, Biggest Party in the World

You might believe this festival was always about drinking beer but the original Oktoberfest, called Wies'n by locals due to the festival's location, was a five day wedding celebration for the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, which took place on October 12, 1810. Horse races provided entertainment for the masses until 1819, replaced by agricultural shows until six local breweries came up with Oktoberfestbier.

What's so Special about Oktoberfestbier?

Only available during Oktoberfest, these 6% ABV German beer varieties are served in one liter beer steins which hold roughly 33 ounces each and run approximately $13 each, depending on which tent you are in. Per the rules of this festival, only beer that has been brewed within the city limits of Munich can be served at the Oktoberfest celebration. Each year, more than 1.8 million gallons of beer are consumed at this notorious event, which is enough to overfill an Olympic sized swimming pool.

All about Oktoberfest Today

Through the years, Oktoberfest has seen many changes as it morphed into the massive beer drinking festival it is today. The event has now grown into a sixteen day folk festival that runs from mid-September when the mayor cracks the first barrel of beer open, and ending on the first Sunday in October when twelve riflemen sound a salute at the steps of the Bavaria Statue.

While Munich is home to this special event, Oktoberfest celebrations are held all over the United States, including Seattle, Washington, New York City, New York, Cincinnati, Ohio (the largest in North America), Helen, Georgia, Frederick, Maryland and Fredericksburg, Texas as well as several other American cities.

Celebrate Oktoberfest with a Good Vape

If you cannot partake in the exciting venues and delectable flavors of Oktoberfest in Munich or any of the above named American cities, why not enjoy this event from the comfort of your home or backyard? Below you will find a list of today's most popular Oktoberfest attractions, along with several e-juice suggestions to help you celebrate this festival with your favorite vape.

Strawberry Lemonade, Limoncello E-Juice Flavors

Held at the Munich fairgrounds, the Oktoberfest carnival is much like any other kid-friendly carnival event. Festival goers are met with a mixture of attractions including amusement rides, side stalls and carnival games. Have a delicious fruit and citrus inspired vape that's as fruity and fun as a carnival slushee with Strawberry Lemonade and Limoncello e-liquid flavors.

Cigar, Tobacco and Menthol Highbrowbacco Vape Flavors

The issue of smoking is a delicate one in the tents of Oktoberfest. Tobacco sales are legal at this event but also discouraged, and those seen smoking inside any of the tents will not be served. However, you can always enjoy your favorite cigar or cigarette flavor when you vape, regardless of the rules. Some of the best include Highbrowbacco Clove, French Pipe and Exotic Blend.

E-Juice Dessert Flavors

Did you know that Paris Hilton is forever and permanently banned from Munich's Oktoberfest? She reportedly showed up at this world renowned event to peddle some canned wine, without obtaining permission from Oktoberfest officials who were trying to spotlight their own wicked German brews. Celebrate Paris getting her 'just desserts' with Caramel Cake or Cheesecake Torte e-liquids.

Which e-liquids will help you celebrate Oktoberfest?


There are a lot of great reasons to buy your vape flavors online and some that you may not have thought about, so we put together:   Countdown of the 5 Best Reasons to Buy E-juice Online

5. The Looming Zombie Apocalypse…

Chances are, if the world is engulfed in flames or overrun by zombies, you might not want to head outside to your local store – except to check the mail for the online flavors you ordered! Just be careful! No one wants to fight off Zombies with Anthony Anderson or Kevin Hart!

Because vape prices in stores tend to go up in the fall and winter months when they're more popular, you can easily stock up now on great flavors and have enough to watch your neighbors fend for themselves – Just watch out for zombie who won't leave like most neighbors!

4. Asteroids Hitting the Earth and Jamie Foxx is president…

Yes, we know Morgan Freeman was the president when the asteroids slammed the planet and gave a long winded speech, but Jamie Foxx summed it up better in his Jordans. Fortunately for all mankind, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is always available and will save us all if a comet, asteroids, or meteor shower threaten to destroy the planet or if we're faced with a world crisis from the threat of another One Direction, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift world tour! Just check out the Rock's famous quotes like "You know I like my dessert first." And so do we… Check out High Brow Vapor Desserts

3. No one wants to stand in line when the game is on…

With so much football, a lot of e-cig fans buy a sampler of great vape flavors, meaning they pick out random selections from Our Favorites or they shop by category and go with something like all of the Highbrowbacco Flavors. That way you can enjoy football uninterrupted and you don't have to drive across town to get vape flavors in a store. For the halftime show, check out these totally cool vape tricks you can do at home! Which brings us to our next point...

2. Not everyone lives near a vape shop…

Because vape shops may not be close to you, that's another great reason to shop online and we recommend you go by the reviews which can help you find really great flavors based on your taste palette. For example, not every person who enjoys tobacco will like sweet tastes, but they may like more minty menthol tastes. For some people, it's just the opposite. They may only want coffee drinks and fruity tastes, and we have that, too! That way you don't have to sit in traffic traveling to a store that may or may not have what you want. Also check out this great review on Limoncello, Buttered Rum and Then Some, and Tabac de Perique! Be sure to share your comments about your favorite flavors with High Brow Vapor!

And the #1 Reason to shop online…

The reviews from our great fans and customers! In a store, you can't tell what's good and what's not, but online at High Brow Vapor, the reviews are honest feedback from customers who love a good e-cig and can vape all day!

Have a comment or review; be sure to share it with us at High Brow Vapor! We want to hear from you about your favorite flavors before the Zombie Apocalypse and asteroids decimate the planet!

September 23rd marks the first day of fall which is one of four seasons that takes us from summer into colder weather before winter hits. It's also referred to as the Autumnal Equinox. For some this may mean sweater weather and turning off the AC as the nights are a little cooler. It's a time when we watch the leaves change color as they fall off the trees.

Deciduous trees start to shed their leaves and colors go from green to orange and red, then brown as they die. Historically leaves change in this falling away after they are no longer needed for shade as the sun is less intense.

We start stocking up for the winter…

The Autumnal Equinox is the start of autumn and it ends on December 21st. Animals instinctively start storing food during this time and for many birds, they store food in their dens (bears) and nests (birds), while some animals add more fat to their bodies. We also have less sunny days, but there's a lot to look forward to at night, including a good vape and lots of football!

There's a lot of great football on…

This is also a great time of year for football, getting those light sweaters out and enjoying great fall vape flavors like Highbrowbacco, or for that great stogie flavor during the game, light up Highbrowbacco Cigar. These heartier flavors are great for cooler weather and relaxing while the game is on. Have that and a little cognac and let's hope they don't deflate the balls this time! Did you know that the first footballs were made of pig's bladders and the first football helmets were leather? No risk of concussions there!

Maybe you're getting ready for fantasy football and you've already made your picks! That's great. Fantasy football has been around since 1962 when a few businessmen sat around betting on games. It has since turned into online leagues you can set up with friends and work colleagues. Enjoy the bittersweet taste of High Brow Vapor Amaretto while you tell your friends to make their picks already!

We enjoy the relaxing weather…

Because it's still warm, but not hot and it can also be a bit breezier at night; that means it's still a great time to sit outdoors and relax with your e-cigs and have a good vape. You can also go to bed with the windows open and sleep in. When you wake up late Saturday morning, how about High Brow Belgian Waffles without the calories? You can even have it mixed with Blueberries and the taste is amazing! Just try not to eat your e-cig!

Things get spicier…

When you think about fall, with the kids back in school, you may start to feel more festive as you get ready for the upcoming holidays. You may also hear the stores mention hot apple cider, so be sure to have your apple vape! Stores also will serve up hot drinks like coffees that are paired with sweet flavors. Vape your way through the fall football games with a little sweet decadence and indulge in Caramel Cake. With hints of vanilla and caramel, you can taste light vanilla cake sweetness in your mouth that's not too overpowering, but sets the mood just right - if your team wins!

For more great vape flavors, check out High Brow Vapor and shop by your taste palette, or create your own mixes and enjoy your e-cigs as the leaves fall and the games come on!

With October's arrival and Halloween fast approaching, you and your friends are likely making big plans to celebrate this frightfully fun fall holiday. Believed to have originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween was once celebrated by Druids who built huge sacred bonfires where people would gather to burn crops and animals, offered as sacrifices to Celtic deities.

During the evening of this celebration, Celts donned clothing made from animal heads and skins which led to today's tradition of wearing oh so spooky Halloween costumes and supremely scary masks. Aside from the costumes you have chosen to wear this year, what are the scariest things you will see or experience this Halloween?

Don't Run Out of E-Juice on Halloween!

Hopefully you are all stocked up on your favorite vape supplies such as e-liquids and e-juices ...and if you are lucky, a few other delectable flavors to enjoy this Halloween season so you aren't SCARED of running out! Here are some fun fall flavors you might want to consider when you're celebrating your favorite superstition inspired Halloween activities.

Eve's Delight: Apple Flavored E-Juice

Halloween is based on the celebration of superstitions and fortune telling, and the tradition of 'bobbing for apples' fits this theme perfectly. Dating back several hundred years to Scotland and Ireland, this activity is believed to have originated from an activity associated with divination. In old Celtic fairy lore, apples are thrown into a tub of water and participants must catch one of these apples using only their mouths. After waving the peeling around your head and throwing it over your shoulder onto the ground, it is believed you will see the letter of your true love's first name. Other variations include hanging apples on strings which hang down from above .

Vape with Orange E-Liquid Flavors Apricot and Orange de Sangre

Other than black (for the obvious reasons), orange is the traditional Halloween color, all because of the pumpkin. Make things spooky around your home with the Irish tradition of carving scary faces into pumpkins, called jack-o-lanterns. Jack-o-lanterns came about based on the legend of a greedy man named Jack who was too stingy to enter heaven, and too ornery to enter hell because he had played numerous jokes on the devil. Because of this, the miserly man was forced to walk the earth until judgment day, carrying his lantern.

Hazelnut Cream Flavored E-Liquids to Vape

Another interesting Irish tradition that is no longer celebrated by the masses, called Nutcrack Night, requires the placement of nutshells near a fire in order for participants to watch how they would burn. Labeled with their crush's name, if the nutshell burned slowly without going out, you could be sure it was true love. However, if the nutshell cracked or popped and flew off of the hearth, the prediction indicates the love interest is merely a passing fancy.

With some fall inspired e-liquid and e-juice flavors in stock, you will enjoy a taste of these and many other popular traditions used to celebrate Halloween. Which flavors will you vape on All Hallow's Eve?



Best Vape Apps for Android and Apple iPhone


Coil Calculator: The Apple app is really a top must have for great vaping e-cig fans or anyone who wants to start building their own coils. With this app you can pick your own types of coils and then add in things like wrap numbers and lead strength. It's a great reference guide but it doesn't have clear directions as this has complex info on electricity, resistance and amps.

E-Cig Diary: This Android app is pretty easy to use. It helps to keep track of cool things like how much you saved in switching away from analogs. It also shows you how much nicotine you're not getting by staying away from cigarettes and you can actually calculate how much nicotine and other chemicals are in e-cigarettes.

E-Juice Lab: This cool app is a great way to make your own blends and you can see how much you are mixing in new recipes and rate them, too! This cool calculator also lets you estimate the nicotine rate, VG and PG.

What's your favorite vaporizer iPhone app? Let us know…

E-Juice Me Up: This app is designed for anyone who loves making their own mixes and likes to blend their own vape juice. As you can adjust the nicotine, PG and VG levels with water, you can tell the flavor percentages, etc. Go to their site for the tools and key features you can use.

E-liquid Mixer: This fun Android app is a simple to use way to make your own vape mixes and get the right balance you want. You can use key features like Saved recipes, Watt Calculators, Mixers, and more!

iVape: The Apple app lets you change different flavor concentrations and save recipes. The downside is you can't save recipes. It needs a little more tweaking in the fonts and it also needs a cost calculator, but maybe they will add these features fans look for.

Leafly: Available in the Google Play Store, this cool app lets you find all things cannabis. They also have vaporizers and various features like store locations that sell e-cigs, etc.

Micro Coil Pro: For iPad, iPhone & Android, it has a 4.5 out of 5 rating for its ease of use and easy to navigate user interface. For those learning about coils, this is the app for you! Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and you'll find a lot of great tips and resources.

View High Brown Best Selling Vape Flavors Here

Mount Baker Vapor: Available for Apple and Android, this vape shop has great brands, DIY supplies, accessories and e-cig starter kits.

Ohm's Law Calculator App: For Apple and sold in Google Play, you can crate and set your own wattage that you will be using as you work on various mechanical mods, so it's very basic and gives you amps, watts, etc.

Smoke-free: This app is available in iTunes and in Google Play. It counts the number of cigarettes you haven't consumed.

Vape Maps: This app is available in iTunes or Google Play and gives you maps of all available stores that sell vape supplies in your area. Great if you're out of town!

Vapeslate: For iTunes and Google Play, it helps you find vape shops and gives tips on the latest tanks.

Click Here to See High Brow Vapor E-Cigarette Flavors

Vaped Up: For iTunes, it's a great vape shop locator.

Vapemate: Vapemate has timers and calculators and helps you find supplies.

Vaper's Toolbox: For android devices, it has an Ohms law calculator and other cool tools.

VaporCalc: This android app is not for novices, it helps with coils, Ohms and mixing. This is a top one!

Which is your favorite Android vape app? Tell us why…

When you need great vape flavors and supplies, shop with High Brow Vapor! Check us out today and find out why our vapes can't be beat!

As Labor Day approaches, it's time to start making plans to celebrate this end-of-summer national holiday. Whether you opt for indoor activities or outdoor fun, you should choose some unique and festive flavors to vape that honor the traditions of Labor Day - the working man's (and woman's!) holiday.

Labor Day Vape Ideas

Labor Day is a well-known and loved holiday among most people, even though this first Monday in September marks the official end of summer. This is likely due to the fact that most companies and businesses give their employees the day off, which results in a three day weekend - woohoo! Here are some popular activities and some cool vape ideas for Labor Day 2015.

Labor Day Camping Trip

If you have a sweet tooth, there's a good chance your camping trip is going to include roasting marshmallows over an open fire or, better yet, making delicious s'mores with graham crackers and Hershey's chocolate. Choose a delectable chocolate e-juice to complement your s'mores and celebrate Labor Day right!

Labor Day Parade

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word 'parade'? CANDY!  Nearly every small town across America celebrates the Labor Day weekend with a Saturday morning parade. With the right planning, you can enjoy all of those delicious parade candy flavors without ever leaving your recliner!  Get some much needed rest and relaxation when you choose these festive candy vapes: BlueberryStrawberry Lemonade, Caramel to name a few.

BBQ Cookout for Labor Day

While you may not find a barbeque-flavored vape, you can easily find some neat Labor Day vapes that pair well with various cookout offerings. After all, what complements a delicious barbeque like the taste of Lemonade, Caramel Cake and Sweet Watermelon?  If you are serving drinks at your barbeque party, consider some tasty vapes that won't require a bartender. 

Water Play on Labor Day

While your three day weekend probably won't be enough time to escape to a tropical paradise, you can easily enjoy some local fun and festivities on the beach, river or lake. Spread a towel on the sand to soak up some sun or float lazily downstream on an inner tube, enjoying a vape flavor that makes the most of your mini-vacation. 

Have a Safe and Fun-filled Labor Day!

With so many e-liquids available today, it can be more than a little difficult to choose the vape that will make your taste buds really sing! This Labor Day, we hope you enjoy some of your favorite flavors but also, step outside of your comfort zone and check out some of our specialty flavors. You may find a new Labor Day vape flavor to enjoy all year long.

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