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Ready to start the Fourth of July with a bang?  What about with a vape? With so many great flavors and profiles to choose from all you need to do is decide the mood you're in and the flavor that you want.

Maybe you want to stick with Fourth of July Favorites like an apple or blueberry pie taste - sorry, no fried chicken flavors yet!  Or you might even want to enjoy a good cigar vape that can have you in an all day fog.  Hey, when you're celebrating the Fourth of July, it's about independence, right?  And you have your independence, too, and the right to choose the vape flavors you want. That's why when you want great flavor, look for Highbrow Vapor.

Highbrow Vapors are e liquids that come in a lot of great flavors you may not have even tried or heard about! Because you can custom create your own blends, mix and match or create a flavor profile, spend the long holiday weekend doing just that, relaxing with your favorite vape flavors…

Fourth of July Ideas

To celebrate the Fourth of July just right, be sure to shop early for these great Fourth of July favorites that can help you bring in the holiday with a vape! How about:

  • Create your own blend or do a 50/50 mix: If you haven't tried all the various blends, consider mixing a few blends together. For example, if you want a sweet taste, try Belgian Waffle and Strawberry, or Hazelnut Cream and Chocolate. You may want an after dinner treat that's a mellow and relaxing mix and a crowd pleaser. Mix Amaretto and Cigar for a taste that will remind you of a woodsy cigar dipped in liqueur.
  • Make your own flavor profile: If you're new to vaping, another great way to enjoy a Festive Fourth is to invite everyone over for a barbecue and try samples of a lot of top flavors. You can mix and match with different sweet tastes and some heavier blends. Try a few dessert tastes like Hazelnut Cream or Caramel Cake. Then try Coffee or Espresso. For a mellow night, check out Green Tea, and of course, after the fireworks, you want French Pipe or Cigar to unwind to. Can you have an all night vape? You just might!

 About Highbrow Vapor: Highbrow Vapor specializes in bringing to you and your guests, the highest quality in e-liquid flavors. When you're ready to order your Fourth of July flavors, make sure to go online at highbrowvapor.com. Be sure to sign up with them and create an account. After the Fourth, you can always leave a review about the flavors you tried so others will know how great they are, too! You can also leave reviews on Facebook.

Highbrow Vapor ships e liquid flavors all over the world and can custom create e liquid packages for you! Be sure to order enough supplies in time for the Fourth of July so you can enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Celebrate your Independence Day with Highbrow Vapor!

Summer is the best time for rest and relaxation, and not just because it has some of the best weather out of the four seasons. What adds to the enjoyment of summer is the sheer number of available fun events and activities with which to make the most of the season.
As a result, whether you are interested in something active and adventurous (such as hiking out on wilderness trails),  or something restful and relaxing (such as spending time with loved ones out on the waterfront at night), you are sure to be able to find something with which to fill in your schedule. Better still, since summer is so popular a choice for vacation time, you will also get the chance to do all of these things with your friends and family. Something that can make an already joyous occasion that much more worthy of celebration.

How a Good Vape Can Make Summertime Even Better

Of course, it is important to note that no summertime celebration can be successful without the right preparations. After all, if you were intending to head out onto the waters of your favorite lake, you are not going to have a good time without a boat even if you are standing on its shores. Similarly, if you had been hoping to rest and relax with an e-cigarette while sitting on your porch after a meal of mouth-watering barbecue, you need the right e-cigarette products to get a good vape. A problem that can be remedied most readily by browsing our selection of e-cigarette products, particularly those that happen to resonate with the spirit of the season.

How Our Products Can Help with a Good Vape

In particular, our selection of vape flavors has to be seen to be believed, seeing as how it encompasses entire categories such as drinks and delicious desserts. Fruit flavors are well-suited to a season when flowers bloom and fruits ripen, with examples ranging from apricots and peaches to blueberries and strawberries. However, if you prefer something a bit more unorthodox such as caramel cake and strawberry lemonade, we can help with that as well, thus helping you make the most of your summertime vaping.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about our e-cigarette products plus how their use can make summertime that much more pleasurable, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you can find the time. The sooner that you are informed about our e-cigarette products by one of our customer care representatives, the sooner that you can get started with using them to make this summer one to remember.

Father's Day is right around the corner! That means you still have a few days to find great gift ideas for Dad!

 Whether your dad likes woodsy flavors or something mild with tobacco, there are a lot of great flavors you can put together for a nice Father's Day gift. If he loves traditional tobacco flavors, go with a Cigar flavor, or try out French Pipe which can give an all day relaxing vape and it's well bodied enough that he can really enjoy it!

For the cigar smoking dad: If he was a cigar smoker or liked to drink and have a cigar, mix and match Cigar with Amaretto for a bit of woodsy cigar with the sweet taste of an Amaretto liqueur.

For the drink connoisseur: If your dad's more of a drinker and prefers rums and cognacs, you can go for a Buttered Rum flavor that is very mellow and yet sweet. This will really liven up his taste buds! You can also give him a straight Amaretto flavor that he may like as an after dinner treat.

For dads with a sweet tooth: If dad has a sweet tooth, go for a Crème Brule or Hazelnut Cream, or if you're not sure, ask him about his favorite dessert and go with that!

Big sellers for dads: One of the top selling flavors that can have dad in an all day vape is the menthol flavor. Look for Highbrowbacco Menthol. Because this is a light mint, if you want it stronger, when you order it be sure to indicate that. This is a real top seller! There's no sharp bite and your dad can always mix and match it with a tobacco flavor for a warming effect!

When you're ready to place your Father's Day order to try these and other great flavors, be sure to check out Highbrow Vapor.

Highbrow Vapor sells all types of flavored e liquids in profiles like fruit, tobacco, desserts and drinks. They come in a variety of flavors so you can shop for all your favorite tastes and add a few in that your dad will love! Mix and match and you can't go wrong. That's why we recommend a little menthol, mint, tobacco, cigar and mild flavors, too.

When you go online you can add more flavors and custom create your own blends, mix and match, etc. Be sure to let dad know about all our great flavors so he can relax and enjoy his vape, his way. After Father's Day when he's ready to place his own order, be sure to show him how to customize the flavor the way he wants, i.e., show him where the 'Customize' box is on each page and how to mix flavors. You might find out that he comes up with a blend you didn't even think of – like menthol and peach!

Highbrow Vapor: Whether it's sweet, dessert taste, and mild or spicy and woodsy, Highbrow Vapor specializes in the highest quality in e-liquid flavors. You can find them online at highbrowvapor.com. Highbrow Vapor ships e liquid flavors all over the world and can custom create e liquid packages for you!

Celebrate Father's Day with Highbrow Vapor!

Welcome to summer - a time to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly-picked peaches, and the ultimate in mouthwatering watermelon.   In the midst of celebrating National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, we can also celebrate with some delicious e-juice flavors.

Who formed the National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Group?

The National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable group was formed in 1991 by the National Cancer Institute. Their intent was to encourage individuals to eat healthier and more-balanced diets to increase their odds against cancer.  With proper nutrition, cancer patients boost their body's natural ability to fight off such a fierce opponent as cancer.

Where did e-juice originate?

While we honor and celebrate the best and juiciest of fruit flavors in the coming summer months, we can look back at the history of e-juice to fully appreciate just how exciting the flavors are that are available to us today.  The first flavors were introduced in local smoke shops back in 1965 in Beaver Falls. The variety of flavors have increased and continued to be cross-flavored and refined to mimic fruit-flavored foods, desserts, upscale liquors, and more. The possibilities are virtually endless with the technology and the demand of today's consumers.  Try your hand at creating your own mix to enjoy your favorite fruity dessert, drink or one of the many other products that are available.

What are the best e-juice flavors to enhance the summer sun and fun?

It should come as no surprise that orange juice is the most popular fruit juice in the United States. The known benefits of orange Juice continue to increase as more research and development focuses on the implications of the make-up of the genetics of each ingredient.  If orange is the favorite juice, then o.j. drinkers should revel in the tangy and refreshing twist of the Orange de Sangre

What vacationer wouldn't appreciate an escape to a tropical island while sipping a fruity drink In a hammock.  Just imagine - the waves crashing along the shoreline, the rustle of palm fronds in the balmy breeze, and the island girls coming by to refill your drink.  Can't quite imagine it?  Perhaps you can more easily transcend there with the taste of the tropics in our coconut e-juice.  Relax and kick back - enjoy your time with a good vape.  .

Reward yourself after slaving over a summer get-together!  Mix up the creamy taste of Cheesecake Torte with the juicy fruit-flavored blueberry e-juice. One common thread of these e-juice flavors is that you get to create the scenarios and the mixes you want.

In June, celebrate the impact of healthy eating. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables to take home and feed your family a delicious and healthy meal. Celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month in your home.  Continue that trend with a good fruity vape after dinner!


May 31st is "World No Tobacco Day," and everyone will be reminded of the dangers of smoking tobacco. Tobacco products are considered hazardous to one's health and more people are convinced than ever that they need to stop smoking. So, on May 31st, people everywhere will try to abstain from their habit to proclaim that they are tobacco-free, at least for one day.

Others will try to quit the habit completely, using the specially-ordained day as a starting point to kick off their plan to quit tobacco.

For many, the idea of quitting smoking is a dream that died stillborn, as they try various methods to quit without success. Some decide to try e-cigarettes in the place of the standard cigarette.

But what are e-cigs?

E-cigs are an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes that allow you to inhale the flavor of nicotine without the tobacco and other chemicals that are present in regular cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. By leaving out the tobacco, they are smokeless and that's why they are called smokeless tobacco or "vapes."

There are many benefits to vaping over traditional cigarettes. Here are some of them:


One of the obvious benefits is that they are smokeless, which means that you can enjoy them anywhere. You do not run the risk of offending someone standing nearby due to the close proximity that you might be to them when you are doing it. It removes the social lines that have been drawn often between smokers and non-smokers. This means you can enjoy them at work, in the mall, in stores, or anywhere where traditional cigarettes are not allowed because there is no smoke.


Another joy of "vaping" is that they relieve your nicotene craving without tobacco or any of the other extra chemicals found in cigarettes. Made of a special flavored E-liquid, your VG and PG are 100% USP food grade approved and the juice is produced in medically-clean and sanitized environments. This means you get the satisfaction of the soothing nicotene flavor without the rest. And best of all--no smoke!


Another great thing people love about vaping is that with e-cigs, you get to choose your favorite flavor, and you are not limited to one taste. You can try a variety of flavors like: Limoncello, Blueberry, or Coconut. There are specialty flavors too like Belgian waffle and Caramel cake, to name a few. This makes e-cigs fun, to vary the flavors you choose while knowing you are not getting the tobacco or "smoke factor" you got with regular cigs.


 The bottom line is e-cigs are just a better choice. We cannot say that they are better regarding health, because these claims have not been proven yet.  So, on World No Tobacco Day, try vaping instead and see the difference it makes.

Limoncello is a syrupy, lemon-flavor Italian liqueur. Unlike most liqueurs, it can be easily made at home since it requires only basic constituents and tools. Making Limoncello is easy and rewarding-- for the simple delight of drinking something great that you made from scratch.

One of the fascinating aspects of Limoncello is that it does not have a sour taste if it is made correctly. This is owed to the fact that there is no lemon juice in Limoncello. The lemon taste is as a result of lemon zest found on the exterior of the lemon peels, where the vital oils are most concentrated.

History of Limoncello

Limoncello has for a long time been a staple drink in the lemon-producing expanse along the Italian Amalfi Coast in Sorrento and Capri. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its citrus groves and narrow meandering roads. Genuine Limoncello is produced from the Sorrento lemons, which are found on the Amalfi Coast. People in Italy have bequeathed the recipes for making Limoncello for generations, as each family in Italy has its individual Limoncello recipe.

In its native Italy, Limoncello is often taken cold, as a digestive or an after-dinner drink. Limoncello is especially invigorating early taken on a warm evening; however it is pleasurable any time you take it.

Traditionally Limoncello is made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons that are also called Sfusato or Sorrento lemons. Peels without the pith or Lemon zest are steeped in cured spirit until the oil is produced. The consequential yellow juice is then blended with plain syrup. The varying ratio of sugar to and temperature will have an effect on the viscosity, clarity, and flavor. Dense Limoncellos are as a result of the impulsive emulsification (also known as the Ouzo Effect) of the sugar syrup and extorted lemon oils.

Lemonade for summer

The sweet taste of lemonade is best enjoyed most people during summer. Nothing beats a chilly glass of lemonade on a warm summer day. As we approach summertime, most people are inclined to lemonade drinks. If you are yet to try the various lemon variations of Limoncello, summertime is your best moment to start taking pleasure in this invigorating e-juice flavor.

Our Flavors

Our pleasant blackberry E-liquid is extracted from the only alternative and globally renowned Oregonian blackberries. The Blackberry E-liquid is perfect as an everyday vape, and it is also one of our preferred after supper vapes, this luscious fruit zest is soft when inhaled as well as when exhaled. It is not too sweet and has a slightly sugary aftertaste, you will unwaveringly make it an everyday juice.

The blueberry flavor is an excellent choice for making berry cocktails. The bouquet is lovely. It reminds one of the blueberry pancake syrup; it is perfectly made without making it too sweet.

At highbrow vapor what awaits you is a lovely combination of trendy limoncello flavors infused with locally acquired fresh strawberry savor extractions. If you like Highbrow fruit flavors, the black and blueberry flavors will surely impress you.

Whew! Winter is finally, finally over! After that long, brutal grind, we're ready for to trade those snow tires and salt-crusted boots for deck chairs and motorbikes!

With the warmer weather and longer days comes a change in the grocery store too - all those imported (and dare we say, overpriced....) fruits are being replaced with sweet, juicy home-grown berries, pears, oranges and melons. Yup, all that fruity goodness is enough to draw even the most hard-core meat-eating, carb-loving carnivore into the produce aisle!

Here at Highbrow Vapor, we've captured those amazing tastes of spring and packed 'em into our lineup of fruit favored e-juices, making it easy to indulge in the sweet goodness of blueberries, raspberries and more without ever setting foot in a grocery store!

Wake Up Your Taste Buds With Spring-Inspired Vapes!

When most folks hear about e-juices that taste like genuine strawberry lemonade or watermelon, their first thought is usually yeah right - as if vapes could be as sweet and satisfying as the real thing....

And that's exactly what we thought too - that is, until we finally got our paws on some prime e-juice that actually tastes like what it's supposed to taste like! Amazing, incredible flavors that literally make your mouth water - we're talking grove-fresh citrus like Orange de Sangre, punchy Pomegranate and rich, creamy Coconut.

All Natural Flavors In Every Single Fruit E-Juice

So why are we so certain that our fruit e-juices are the best on the planet?

'Cause all our fruit e-juices are free of artificial flavors, that's why.


You won't find any weird ingredients or nasty stuff in our e-juice, because we believe that the most satisfying, refreshing vape is one that delivers clean, true taste.

Every one of our 14 fruit-flavored e-juices are made with 100% pure, all-natural flavors - you won't find any of that fake stuff here at Highbrow. Sure, making e-juice with natural ingredients takes some extra effort, but we think our customers are worth it.

So this spring, why not kick back on your favorite deck and indulge in a fresh, fruity vape? Nothing will make you forget the nightmare of this past winter like a rich, satisfying apricot, apple or berry-flavored vape will! Check out our whole lineup of fruit-based e-juices - we bet you'll find your new favorite there!

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