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Perhaps as a warning to those about to experience April's Fool's Day, March 29th is slated as International Smoke and Mirrors Day as a reminder that not everything is always as it seems. While the origins of the holiday are as shrouded in the smoke that the holiday promises, it is generally understood that the source of the celebration derives from the practices of magicians who practice a deft sleight-of-hand to achieve their Grand Illusions. When it comes to defying expectations, what better way than by celebrating this unique occasion with the deliciousness of a good vape in a variety of delicious new ejuice flavors.

Gear Up for Smoke and Mirrors Day with your Signature Vape Flavor

The use of vapes is fairly ubiquitous these days owing to the convenience afforded by their use in places where traditional tobacco products are barred. That being said, this Smoke and Mirrors Day you can mix up your flavors, so the casual observer will not know whether you are enjoying a dessert flavor like Belgium Waffle, or you are slyly kicking back and hitting on the crisp, clean, slightly tangy taste of Orange de Sangre, or perhaps to fully get into the mood of the day, enjoy the smoky flavor promised by the bittersweet taste of Amaretto Amore?

If deception is the order of the day, you can keep them guessing with a customized blend of tastes and flavors that is sure to set your vape apart from the rest of the crowd come March 29, 2015. Get the jump on ordering your signature vape flavor for this whimsical holiday by ordering them from us today. Who is us you ask? We are Highbrow Vapor, and we are committed to maintaining the premiere online venue for your vape and ejuice supplies.

Customized Flavoring and the Highbrow Vapor Promise

Family owned and operated, here at Highbrow Vapor, we specialize in customized blends that are designed to delight, and formulated to please. As such, only here will you find the unique blends of ejuice that sets our products apart and above the rest of the crowd. We promise that we only sell the products that we would use ourselves, and we stand 100% committed behind each and every one of our delicious ejuice flavors, so pull out a vape and enjoy this Smoke and Mirrors Day with an excellent vaping product with your enjoyment in mind.

Are you tired of being crippled by freezing temperatures and wintery weather? It feels like spring will never get here to free us from Mother Nature's frigid grip. With temperatures plummeting even in the Deep South and even as far as the South Texas Gulf Coast, Old Man Winter still will not let go. Ice keeps falling from the sky, and snow covers much of the ground, especially in the North.

Kevin Roth, lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel, stated that "The cold outbreak of 1899 is kind of the benchmark for cold outbreaks to beat, and this one (winter) looks like it'll either compare or be even more impressive." With the first day of spring on Friday, March 20th, not far off in future, Polar Vortex's continue to be the leading story in many locations. Pictures on Instagram of record ice formations, snow blanked ground, and other wintery scenes seem to be never ending. Much like this winter has been.

Ready for a Break for Old Man Winter and Mother Nature?

Highbrow Vapor Has The Answer.

Do you want to escape the harsh reality of the winter blahs, but don't have the money to jet off to a warm tropical island? Highbrow Vapor is a relaxing way to brighten the weather weary.

At Highbrow Vapor, we have a way to brighten the day. Give yourself the gift of that warm spring day by pampering yourself with a smooth, indulgent vape. We have the best selection of e-juice flavors anywhere. Highbrow e-juices not only have an array of tempting flavors, but we only sell the highest quality.

Kick back, put your feet up, and imagine sitting on a Caribbean beach with the sun kissing your skin. The tropics come to life when you use our Coconut e-juice. What's more spring like than our Strawberry Lemonade e-juice? This is a great flavor to kick start spring, and rid yourself of the winter blues.

It feels like it will never get here. Peach Thymbra e-juice is an exclusive Highbrow e-juice that is sweet and made by doing a reduction from fresh peaches. This top-rated e-juice will remind of you warm days and sunshine. You know spring's here when the ice cream trucks come out of their winter hideaways. What is better than ice cream on a warm spring evening? Highbrow's Dark Chocolate Mint is the perfect treat, and with no calories, it's also great for your waistline.

Tell the blues you are serious, and that spring is on the way! Get the lawn chairs out, sit back, and have a smooth, relaxing vape. Highbrow Vapor has the best premium selection of e-juices. Our high quality e-juices contain only the freshest and best ingredients for your pleasure. If you haven't tried vaping yet, we carry all the supplies you need to enjoy the wonderful world of vaping. We are sure you will find delight in our e-juices. So bid winter adieu and bring on Spring with Highbrow Vapor!


As the long, cold winter enters the final stretch (or so we hope....) there's one sure sign that spring is just around the corner! No, we're not talking about melting snow, longer days or warmer temps - we're talking St. Patty's Day!

If you're a fan of the celebratory green beer, corned beef and cabbage or a sturdy slab of rib-stickin' Irish soda bread, March 17th is the day to break out your finest green shirt, don a funky little leprechaun hat and enjoy a smooth dark chocolate and mint-flavored vape with friends and strangers alike! And even if you don't partake in off-colored adult bevvies or Irish cuisine, you can still get in on the fun that makes this end-of-winter holiday wildly popular with folks from every corner of the world!

After all, you don't need to be Irish to enjoy the spirit of St. Patrick's Day - all you need is a love of good music, good company and of course, a good laugh!

Here's a quick primer to help you make the most of this year's holiday:

St. Patrick's Day 101

Way back in the 400's (yes, the 400's - we didn't forget the extra digit...) a young man by the name of Maewyn Succat was kidnapped into slavery by the Romans and brought to Ireland. He managed to escape his captors and sought refuge in a Christian monastery in France, where he was re-named Patrick.

Maewyn, a.k.a. Patrick, then returned to Ireland when he became a Christian missionary, convincing then-Pagans to abandon their sinful ways, earning him a coveted seat in the bishop's chair.

And that's where the story gets a bit fuzzy.....

Some say that Patrick abolished all the snakes from Ireland with a passionate, serpent-repelling sermon; others claim that he used the four-leaf clover to teach would-be Christians about the faith, while other stories make St. Patty out to be responsible for resurrecting 33 people from the dead.

And to be honest, we're not really sure where the little dude in the weird leather getup carrying that pot of gold fits in to the story.....let alone that whole "

Regardless of where the truth lies, what we know for a fact is that St. Patrick's day celebrations are named after a Roman-British guy (not an Irishman), and we've never attended a St. Patty's Day event that had anything to do with religion (or saintly behavior)!

Parades, Pub Craws & House Parties For St. Patty's Day

This March 17th, why not make the most of this mid-week party day by checking out some of the St. Patrick's Day events in your 'hood? Even if there isn't an Irish pub within 3 counties, you can be sure that every roadhouse, restaurant and bar will be serving up their own brand of Irish fun!

St. Patty's day is also the perfect time to indulge in one of our signature Highbrowbacco e-juice flavors - choose from classics like our French Pipe and Cigar e-juice blends - they go great with green beer!

And on March 18th, remember the old Irish saying, ""A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures!"

Soon it will be time to move those clocks forward one hour in response to daylight's saving time, and that's pretty good news if you love the springtime. Every time it rains, the world is a little more vibrant and green. When the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, life just seems a little bit better, doesn't it?

You'll have more time in the afternoons to put your feet up and relax on the front porch as you enjoy vaping with your e-cigarette filled with all of your favorite springtime flavors. Now you have the opportunity to spend time with friends or family and make plans for the best summer vacation ever.

Whatever you decide to do with that extra hour each day, here are some great flavors to make this time even more relaxing and satisfying. If you don't see your favorite flavor of e-liquid, e-juice, nicotine liquid (or whatever you call it) below, or if you have combined some great flavors to make a delectable combination, be sure to let us know in the comments section.

Best Flavors for Spring Vaping

Nothing says spring like great tasting fruity citrus and cocktail flavors, and yummy tasting desserts that are common this time of year. However, you need more than just great flavor; you need an e-juice that satisfies your craving for nicotine.

Fruity and Citrus E-liquids:

It stands to reason that great spring flavors would include such favorites as raspberry, black cherry dulcet, apricot, and blueberry, to name a few. Mixing and matching these delectable e-juices may result in a combination you'll turn to, time and again. With summer just around the corner, these flavors will remain popular and easy to locate when shopping online.

Cool Desserts in E-Juices:

You know the ones! These are the e-cig flavors that are impossible to pass up such as cheesecake torte, creme brulee, tiramisu, caramel, chocolate and other refreshing summer desserts. There are numerous other e-liquids inspired by spring and summer desserts that you're sure to love!

E-cig Refills Named after Vacation Escapes and Cocktail Drinks:

If you love Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.... no seriously, there are great cocktail and vacation inspired e-liquids for your e-cigarettes and vapers. You might want to try one of these best sellers: Amaretto Amore, Chai Tea, Eggnog, Buttered Rum and Then some and others! Not a big fan of alcohol? That's okay - you can purchase e-juice inspired by your favorite soda or ade!

If you enjoy vaping, it may be because of the amazing number of flavor combinations that are possible, giving you the freedom to experiment and have fun as you vape. The many different levels of nicotine can easily be enjoyed, depending on your personal mood.

If you are normally a heavy smoker, you may want more flavor while those who normally smoke light cigarettes will enjoy a decreased flavor strength. Springtime is a great time of year to experiment and have fun with flavors!

There is one somewhat tangible thing about the "sphere of a Peach Blossom" - the very thought of a Peach blossom might bring the memory of its essence back to mind in a way that you actually experience it. Suddenly, from memory, one is able to recall this magnificent state, as you draw in a light and soothing breath - its enjoyable fragrance; similar to when your mouth waters at the thought of some fresh and delicious fruit, like an orange for example.

The smell of a peach blossom could be thought of as ENJOYABLE as opposed to perpetually ALLURING or MYSTERIOUS since, after smelling this wonderful scent, you might decide that you want more. You have pulled back your nostrils from its petals and anthers; your hand then moves to reach out and grab the branch to take the peach blossom home with you. As your fingers touch the wooden texture of the tree branches, the back of your hand grazes quite a different sensation altogether, discovering instead, the very soft texture of what you know to be a juicy, delicious, and very edible fruit!

March 3rd

In the Untied States the beautiful and blooming peach tree is plentiful in the states of South Carolina and Georgia. Moving northward through the country is the domain of the renowned cherry blossoms of Washington D.C.. Peach Blossom tradition indicates that upon the day of the blossom, that the fruit of the tree is to be enjoyed in every way possible. Peach blossom martinis, peach blossom desserts, or perhaps a delicious Peach Blossom Vape.  Like the crisp and clean pleasure of the Peach Thybra, this ejuice is created naturally from the reduction of fresh peaches. Or perhaps you would like to remain more neighborly in your celebratory pursuits, and would opt for instead the juicy full-bodied flavor of the Black Cherry Dulcet. For those who enjoy Black Cherries in particular, the Amaretto Amore, a distinctive cherry/ almond flavor without tart, is also recommended.

What if it were possible to celebrate the beauty of flowers and the blooming season of spring by creating a city- landmark-sized shrine of flowers? Something large enough to place thousands of flowers inside. What if you owned a small building made completely of glass that was positioned in the middle of a bifurcated road? It could have a square cottage-style shingle roof, or even a sod roof of lushly green grass; and it would be filled completely with peach blossoms or with all assortments of beautiful flowers in colors like cherry red and tangerine. The flower shrine would look like an enormous vase of flowers for everyone that people would stop and look at from their cars and in the streets.   Happy day…

In Japan, Peach Blossom Day refers to the Japanese Doll Festival Momo no sekku, a very important event, which is a day of praying for a young girl's well-being and happiness. In Hunan China is the Peach Festival celebrating the annual blossom. The peach tree itself is native to China and South Asia. It is a deciduous tree which produces flowers in the early spring. Next come its leaves of green, and finally, the velvety pastel, juicy and magnificent peach fruit. What a dream!

Winter got you down? Now that the fun and festivities of December are over, it's back to the same old grind again (unless of course you're lucky enough to have a mid-winter tropical vacation booked)!

Yup, it's that dreaded time of year when the real holiday hangover sets in - credit card bills have arrived, and you might be sporting a few additional, unwanted pounds courtesy of all those irresistible holiday sweets and adult beverages! Even if you managed to make it to the New Year without any extra belly baggage by sticking to your workout routine, the usual January overcrowding at the gym makes it tough to get buff in peace (let alone actually score a parking spot at your favorite fitness facility)!

Sure, the days are starting to get a bit longer, but if you live anywhere North of the equator, you'll be spending more time in the dark than the daylight for a few more months. Cabin fever can strike even the heartiest among us; it's seriously tough to get excited about being stuck inside the house for days on end, and when you do step out to brave the elements, chances are good you're spending your hard-earned 'leisure' time chipping ice of the sidewalk, boosting dead car batteries or cleaning up the yard after yet another mid-winter storm.....

Battle Those Mid-Winter Blues With A Satisfying Vape!

It's weird how the shortest of all the seasons can feel like the longest - after all, on paper winter is the shortest of the four seasons! While we can't rush the arrival of spring (trust us, we've tried...) we can help you survive these long, cold and dark months by offering you the best e-juice on the market!

Here at Highbrow Vapor, we fight back against ole' man winter by indulging in the smoothest, most satisfying e-juices on the planet - ours!

Around here, we love to kick back and remember those long, lazy days of summer with a satisfying summer-inspired vape like our smooth, sweet and lemon-y Limoncello, our field-fresh Blueberry e-juice or our juicy Watermelon! These premium e-juices literally taste like summer - seriously!

So instead of stressing about when the next storm is going to arrive, why not tune out the weatherman (seriously, that guy is wrong most of the time anyhow....) and browse our awesome selection of premium-quality e-juices and vaping supplies. We're sure you'll find some great e-juices that you can use to fortify your winter survival vaping kit!

Ever had a craving for chocolate after eating a big plate of gumbo during Mardi Gras? All that salty pork sausage, shrimp, chicken and okra overloading your tastebuds with the sharp flavor of pure sodium?

Ever had a craving for chocolate after eating a big plate of gumbo during Mardi Gras? All that salty pork sausage, shrimp, chicken and okra overloading your tastebuds with the sharp flavor of pure sodium?

When you can't take a much-desired bite of chocolate fudge because you're are too full of Mardi Gras gumbo or feeling too corpulent to walk off those excess calories, just pull your e-cig out of your pocket and relax while you vape on sweet-tasting, chocolate-flavored ejuice.

Mardi Gras also offers delicious desserts that would break the resolve of any diabetic. Maybe after savoring a big piece of sugary King Cake (topped with confectioner's sugar icing), you want something else--well, something unsweet. Wouldn't an ecig containing cappuccino or rum-flavored ejuice provide the perfect complement to a Mardi Gras sweet-treat like King Cake?

With so many terrific ejuice flavors available, anything you eat at Mardi Gras would be enhanced by having just the right kind of ejuice flavor filling your vaping device. For example, Turkish Tobacco ejuice would taste great after relishing another Mardi Gras favorite, the ham-salami-and-olive relish Muffuletta sandwich. Dishes sprinkled with spicy Cajun seasonings almost demand the soothing aftertaste of fruit-flavored ejuices such as raspberry, black cherry or strawberry lemonade.

Mardi Gras is also renown for its variety of potent alcoholic cocktails capable of sending a rocket to the moon. Made with nutmeg, vanilla, sugar and lots of bourbon, Milk Punch is one such beverage, along with the New Orleans Hurricane ( passion fruit syrup, lemon-lime soda and 151-proof rum) and the Red Rooster, a drink containing vodka, rum and cranberry juice) that is sure to have your crowing at six o'clock in the morning.

What ejuice flavors would give you the most satisfaction while drinking at a boisturous Mardi Gras nightclub?  Tobacco-flavored ejuices are excellent for those new to vaping because it helps make the switch from cigaretters to ecigs easier and more satisfying.

Real tobacco smoke also interferes with your ability to enjoy the rich, rewarding flavor of tobacco. When you "smoke" an ecig, however, you can take deep pleasure in the delightful taste of tobacco ejuice without the acrid bitterness of smoke burning your nostrils and throat.

If you plan on losing your mind at Mardi Gras, don't forget to pack your vaping accessories--including a variety of refreshing ejuices to enhance your dining experiences as well as providing you with perfect way to relax after a hard day of celebrating Mardi Gras in fascinating New Orleans.

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