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It is the season of politics again, and the primaries are getting near. There are presidential candidates that you adore so much and wish to see them carry the party ticket. Your support towards their campaigns does not stop at attending political rallies or volunteering in their campaign efforts, but goes to purchase even some of their merchandises to raise funds for their race. Wouldn't it be nice if you shared in the glory of their victories in with the Presidential Vapes that they use? Worry no more, because Highbrow Vapor has you covered.

Hillary Clinton is the favorite with Democrats

If you share in the political ideologies of the Democratic Party, then you would want to experience the Cappuccino Diablo. It is a flavor made to be enjoyed most in the mornings and evenings with its creamy, smooth and never bitter state. With Hillary's slogan of "Every day, America needs a champion; I want to be that champion," you can be sure that by selecting this product, you will be a champion in your own right. What's more, Highbrow Vapor allows you to customize the product to your specifications just like real champions do, with no extra cost!

Bernie Sanders is a strong contender

Being a democrat does not mean you cannot have differing interests in the same party, Bernie Sanders is bringing a political revolution to America. He is stirring interest according to the recent polls and as such, it is good to have a strong product that hits you at the right place to share in his political successes. The Highbrowbacco Menthol flavor is a strong flavor that is not artificial or chemical-tasting and can be ramped up or down to just your liking! Just as many people would wish their politicians to deliver on their promises, you can be certain the products from Highbrow will deliver you a 100% naturally flavored package.

Republican House seeks to sort itself out

The Republican Party has fielded the highest number of candidates in the GOP primaries in the run-up to the 2016 presidential race. From renowned retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson to the most absurd (according to The Washington Post) Donald Trump. This crowded field should not worry you though; after all, think of all the good that comes from very crowded blueberry bushes!  Highbrow took extra care with our  Blueberries flavor, infusing it with vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.  A potent product, not for the faint at heart. 

The Tea Party

For the more leftist and non-affiliated, we have Chai Tea flavor that is in sync with the views of the Tea Party. Give yourself a treat of the increasingly popular beverage that is blended with varying flavors to meet the wide array of tastes and preferences of our customers.

Whether you want to declare your independence or support for the opinions of any of the runners in the two strong political parties, you can do it all while enjoying the vapes whose tastes are guaranteed to satisfy. 

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope is tasked with finding exoplanets though it is claimed to detect more than the usual natural phenomena. Kepler can also indicate the signature of artificial structures orbiting other stars. It detects an exoplanet by sensing any slight dimming of the starlight. Normally, the shape of an exoplanet is round, so it can get a little bizarre when Kepler detects something that isn't round.

This is the prevailing situation with a star called KIC 8462852, which is reported to be emitting a strange light pattern that has puzzled many for a while now. The light pattern emitted by the star doesn't follow the normal model and scientists have come up with various theories to explain this phenomenon. While some astronomers suggest that the phenomenon is a scientific scenario, some others are compelled that the answer to the strange pattern may be the presence of extraterrestrial life. Aliens that's what I mean!! Calls for a dramatic vape to keep away from the craziness.

Call it crazy, science-fiction or whatever, but what if aliens exist in space? If you are struggling to come to terms with this thought, you might want to get a good hold of your favorite e-cig from Highbrow Vapor. Experience a fresh and crisp treat with Eve's Delight from Highbrow. This apple-flavored e-liquid offers a taste and smell that is oh so natural. It's like a bite out of a ripe and fresh apple every time you vape. It leaves you feeling like you are floating in the clouds, perhaps set out for a trip to space!

Thinking about it though, an alien civilization that can build mega structures around the star blotting a sizable fraction of starlight as they pass in front isn't such a long stretch of the imagination. Our galaxy has existed well over 13 billion years, so it's possible that there might be something out there. When crazy and hot topics such as this surge, it only makes sense to sit back, relax and enjoy the gift of life with a Heavenly Macaroon. You would rather imagine magical, starry nights and a glimpse of heaven. This delicious flavor gives you just that feeling. The perfect combination of coconut, chocolate and almond will give you a mind-blowing good vape.

The mystery persists, and more work need to be done to prove the existence of alien civilization. But truth be told, the human race could be devastated if aliens learned of our existence and invaded the earth. Is there something we would do to protect ourselves? It sounds so crazy, but the situation is similar to Halloween tradition.

Different cultures combine their beliefs and idea of wearing a costume during Halloween so that the vengeful souls of the dead will not recognize you and claim revenge. So even as you ponder of whether to hang on to your Halloween costume, it isn't such a bad idea to integrate an exciting vape with the fall tradition. The Dark Chocolate Mint flavored e-juice from Highbrows takes the Halloween tradition to the next level. The richness and quality of the tobacco gives a delightful vape and the addition of the hazelnut and cream add impeccable depth and an excellent throat hit. This flavor sets you on fire and might just scare off the aliens, just in case they decide to invade our planet this fall season.

Halloween is especially fun for kids, but who said that they get to enjoy all the fun while you idle around? Need a reminder that Halloween can be fun for you too? As children dress up in costumes, have their own parties or trick or treat for candy; adults can dress up in costumes, visit a Haunted House, attend parties, or - better still - plan one of their own.

Decorating your home in Halloween-themed schemes is usually one of the best ways to have fun on this most awaited day. You can get a little bit more creative by either designing personalized scary scenes or schemes or by stopping by any party store and picking up ready to display decorations and lights. Smoke and mirrors are great elements to use to make any scene more realistic and ghoulish! You could also cut figures like witches, vampire bats, skeletons and frightened cats out of cardboard material. Place your cut-outs over the windows on the inside and use streak-free window glass wax on them to get a little freaky.

Haunted Houses attractions are a great way to add to adult Halloween fun. If you can't plan it yourself, there are numerous local organizations that use Haunted Houses as means of raising funds for various reasons. Well, for just a bit of cash, you can walk through a scare fest of ghouls, vampires, ghosts and monsters.

Halloween parties can be lots of fun as you are free to fully experiment. And remember, just about anything goes. You can opt to go with funny scary or even video game or cartoon character party schemes and gradually build from there. Don't forget to have for yourself lots of Halloween music mixes and dancing costumes too. What better day to try out some new vape flavors than the eeriest day of the year?  You are sure to share the "scariest" flavors with friends and ghouls alike!

The reason as to why e-cigs don't produce smoke like their traditional counterparts is because there's no combustion taking place, so e-cigs are a great way to add a fun and fresh element to a costume. If you plan to attend a party or even plan your very own event this Halloween, take your costume a notch closer to realistic by incorporating an e-cig and smoke! Check out this ensemble of e-liquid favorites http://highbrowvapor.com/collections/our-favorites for this Halloween.

Johnny Carson Did you know that 23rd of every October has been set aside to pay tribute to TV talk show hosts in appreciation for the fantastic job they do in all of their puns, interviews, stories and even those hilarious monologues. It is known countrywide as the National TV Talk Show Host Day. It is technically an unofficial celebration of The King of Late Night Television's birthday, the late great John William 'Johnny' Carson. He was born on the same day in the year 1925. He hosted the show for a reputable thirty years. He was a host, writer, comedian, actor, musician, and producer.

Among his many awards and memorable events on television, Carson was a very private individual socially. He had a reputation of smoking for years and even did it on camera on his early days in 'Tonight'. He was not too fond of cigarettes, quoted in the mid-70s repeatedly referring to them as 'things that will kill me'. His younger brother even recalled during their last conversation Carson kept referring to 'Those damn cigarettes.' On January 23, 2005, Carson died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from emphysema that caused respiratory failure. For smokers, we all know too well, how challenging it is to drop the cigarette habit.  

Highbrow Vapor takes great pride in taking your smoking experience to a completely new level, by bringing together the most flavorful American-made ingredients. We wish Carson had met us sooner, as we have the perfect flavors for such an influential American icon that filled our lives with laughter and our nights with entertainment.

Judging from his birthday, Carson would have loved our strawberry lemonade, limoncello e-juice flavors. It is a delicious citrus-inspired and fruit vape with a flavor that is fun, scintillating and ideal for festivities. It is a huge favorite in the Oktoberfest Carnival held at the Munich fairgrounds. It is the perfect flavor to commemorate TV Talk show Host Day.

Tobacco and cigar enthusiasts, like Carson, would have loved our Clove Vape Flavor. It is a special clove-infused tobacco blend with a distinct smooth taste. It is quite effective in small quantities, with the flavoring being of the optimum caliber so that consumers can really enjoy its mild almond cigar-like essence.

Carson would have loved our perfect Exotic blend, High browbacco. Vape enthusiasts love a medium bodied, finely toasted flavor that can be mixed with fruity options for an organic element or can be vaped individually. A lot of professionalism has gone to in the creation of such a sweet cigarette flavored blend. Gentle and smooth on the throat, this blend is an accumulation of our most exquisite blends of tobaccos into a single entity. The throat hit is one to write home even in low concentrations.

So, hat's off to Johnny Carson and enjoy a good vape in his honor!

There are lots of big topics in the news today, reminding everyone that the world is getting crazier and crazier by the moment. These hot topics make it more tempting than ever to kick back in your favorite armchair and forget about the world outside your front door. It makes more sense to chill with your favorite flavors and a trusty vape pen, letting all that drama pass you by.

Headline News: Top Reasons You'd Rather Be Vaping

You can easily predict the headlines without having someone on the inside or a degree in Journalism. There will be stories of heartache and great accomplishments, political promises and world events, celebrity gossip and criminal acts. Here are today's reasons you would be better off vaping than watching the news, straight from Hollywood insiders.

Divorce Looming for Actress Kaley Cuoco and husband, Ryan Sweeting

Tennis pro Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco, listed in Forbe's line-up of highest paid actresses due to her role as 'Penny' on the CBS hit show 'The Big Bang Theory', are announcing their decision to file for a divorce after less than two years of marriage. While they have requested privacy in the matter, America wonders if this divorce is because they only dated three months before announcing an engagement, tying the knot in 2013.

While there is no specific e-liquid named after the sweet, sweet freedom brought on by divorce, there are some great flavors available to commemorate Cuoco and Sweeting's love gone bad. While it sounds so so wrong to kick back and contemplate these Hollywood hotties' next top prospects, you will find great enjoyment in speculating when you check out such e-liquid best sellers as Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean Decadence and Cappuccino Diablo.

Tom Cruise Sells Real Estate, Back to Court with Katie over Child Support

While the source may be inaccurate, Hollywood and the rest of the Unites States is abuzz due to recent events in 'Mission:Impossible' actor Tom Cruise's life. After he and wife Katie Holmes decided to split, Cruise was hit with an annual child support payment of $400,000 but now, an insider reveals that isn't enough for daughter Suri's personal needs and pursuit of the arts. While Cruise reports being unable to see Suri for nearly two years, even though he reportedly agreed to leave Scientology behind in lieu of a relationship with his little girl.

One might feel sorry for Cruise having to fork over more than $400,000 per year in child support if he had not just sold some prime real estate in Los Angeles. His two-and-a-half acres in Laurel Canyon included a lavish European-style estate sold for $11.4 million dollars - wow! The word is that Cruise has recently listed property in Beverly Hills also, a $30.5 million dollar estate purchased when he and wife Katie were still calling each other honey and babe.

You can choose to celebrate Cruise's financial success with such e-liquid flavors as Cuban cigar or Butter Rum. Or, you might find yourself sympathizing with Katie, cheering her on in her quest for more child support with popular e-liquids for women such as Peach Thymba, Cheesecake Torte, and Raspberry.

So whatever the news and the flavor you choose, kick back and escape the crazy realities of the world with a good vape!


Fall or Autumnal Equinox as it is referred in astronomical term marks the transition from summer to winter that is a cold climate. This weather changes our normal lifestyle, and we find ourselves close by the fireplaces at home, drinking a lot of hot coffee or tea, wearing heavy clothes as well as adjusting our AC after the sunshine. Additionally, it's the time we observe the deciduous trees shedding their leaves that naturally change their colors as they completely become extinct because their shades are no longer required. That is because, during the fall, the sun is less intense compared to other weather conditions. The first day of the fall usually occurs on 23th September

We get ready and warm up for the fall…

Before fall ends on December 21st, different creatures act differently over this period; it is the reproduction period for some animals while other birds store their meals in their nests. Days are cold, and the sun is rare over this time. However, the nights are the great time to look forward to, and we fabulously enjoy it with marvelous football moments and a good vape.

Splendid football moments…

This period is also the time where football fraternity gets to enjoy fabulous football moments, be lively and light up Highbrowbacco Cigar that is a great fall vape flavor during that magnificent football game. Did you know American football date of birth is on November 6th, 1869? Interestingly it was over the fall season when Rutgers and Princeton universities were playing in an intercollegiate football game for the first time. Enjoy this great game with this heartier flavor and a little cognac and have a magnificent fall night and an enjoyable game right before you, what a splendid night!

Fantasy football has as well given the fans another joyful way to spend their time with this beautiful game. That provides an opportunity for one to enjoy a spur of fabulous moments with an excellent taste of High Brow Vapor Amaretto Amore while you take pleasure in an online fantasy football with your friends.

Get your moment and relax in the fall weather…

In this fall that has not so warm and colder as the night surge, get a hold of your e-cigs and a fantastic good vape over this season. Saturday mornings are great to start the day with High Brow Belgian Waffles, which are cool without calories. Blueberries can be mixed as well, and the taste is excellent, you will have a superb time with your e-cig.

Fabulous happenings follow…

The approaching holidays will make you more jubilant as coffee, and other hot drinks are added sweet flavors. Apple vape is as well great and enjoyable at this time of the year and your football moments will be more exciting with the addition to a fantastic Caramel Cake. Light up your mood over this period with vanilla or caramel sweet cakes while watching your favorite team win.

For fabulous great vape flavors, enjoy the football game with e-cigs that has taste palette and check out High Brow Vapor that has excellent vape flavors.

Every September, approximately six million people travel to Munich to participate in Oktoberfest, the absolute largest beer festival in all of the world. Wow, right? The name of this event could be considered somewhat misleading, as Oktoberfest festivities actually begin in the previous month, September, due to the extremely pleasant Bavarian weather.

Every September, approximately six million people travel to Munich to participate in Oktoberfest, the absolute largest beer festival in all of the world. Wow, right? The name of this event could be considered somewhat misleading, as Oktoberfest festivities actually begin in the previous month, September, due to the extremely pleasant Bavarian weather.

Oktoberfest, Biggest Party in the World

You might believe this festival was always about drinking beer but the original Oktoberfest, called Wies'n by locals due to the festival's location, was a five day wedding celebration for the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, which took place on October 12, 1810. Horse races provided entertainment for the masses until 1819, replaced by agricultural shows until six local breweries came up with Oktoberfestbier.

What's so Special about Oktoberfestbier?

Only available during Oktoberfest, these 6% ABV German beer varieties are served in one liter beer steins which hold roughly 33 ounces each and run approximately $13 each, depending on which tent you are in. Per the rules of this festival, only beer that has been brewed within the city limits of Munich can be served at the Oktoberfest celebration. Each year, more than 1.8 million gallons of beer are consumed at this notorious event, which is enough to overfill an Olympic sized swimming pool.

All about Oktoberfest Today

Through the years, Oktoberfest has seen many changes as it morphed into the massive beer drinking festival it is today. The event has now grown into a sixteen day folk festival that runs from mid-September when the mayor cracks the first barrel of beer open, and ending on the first Sunday in October when twelve riflemen sound a salute at the steps of the Bavaria Statue.

While Munich is home to this special event, Oktoberfest celebrations are held all over the United States, including Seattle, Washington, New York City, New York, Cincinnati, Ohio (the largest in North America), Helen, Georgia, Frederick, Maryland and Fredericksburg, Texas as well as several other American cities.

Celebrate Oktoberfest with a Good Vape

If you cannot partake in the exciting venues and delectable flavors of Oktoberfest in Munich or any of the above named American cities, why not enjoy this event from the comfort of your home or backyard? Below you will find a list of today's most popular Oktoberfest attractions, along with several e-juice suggestions to help you celebrate this festival with your favorite vape.

Strawberry Lemonade, Limoncello E-Juice Flavors

Held at the Munich fairgrounds, the Oktoberfest carnival is much like any other kid-friendly carnival event. Festival goers are met with a mixture of attractions including amusement rides, side stalls and carnival games. Have a delicious fruit and citrus inspired vape that's as fruity and fun as a carnival slushee with Strawberry Lemonade and Limoncello e-liquid flavors.

Cigar, Tobacco and Menthol Highbrowbacco Vape Flavors

The issue of smoking is a delicate one in the tents of Oktoberfest. Tobacco sales are legal at this event but also discouraged, and those seen smoking inside any of the tents will not be served. However, you can always enjoy your favorite cigar or cigarette flavor when you vape, regardless of the rules. Some of the best include Highbrowbacco Clove, French Pipe and Exotic Blend.

E-Juice Dessert Flavors

Did you know that Paris Hilton is forever and permanently banned from Munich's Oktoberfest? She reportedly showed up at this world renowned event to peddle some canned wine, without obtaining permission from Oktoberfest officials who were trying to spotlight their own wicked German brews. Celebrate Paris getting her 'just desserts' with Caramel Cake or Cheesecake Torte e-liquids.

Which e-liquids will help you celebrate Oktoberfest?


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