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Cigarettes were associated with romance for a good portion of the twentieth century. Couples would frequently share a smoke with one another after a romantic evening together. Many of the most famous relationships in cinematic history began with couples offering one another a smoke or a light. Smoking used to be a huge part of bonding in general, and it still is in many circles. Smoking is a quiet activity that demands some attention but not too much, so it is fairly conducive to a romantic conversation or date.

It is the twenty-first century now, and people now have access to electronic cigarettes. Vaping can be just as romantic as traditional smoking, if not more romantic. Flavoring traditional cigarettes was always tricky. Vaping, especially vaping with Highbrow Vapor products, is an experience that is all about the flavor. Certain tastes have been perceived as romantic seemingly since the beginning of time. People can incorporate those tastes into the vaping experience in order to incorporate more romance into an experience that can already be related to romance easily.

Romantic Highbrow Vapor Flavors

Chocolate has been associated with romance for a long time. It provides a flavor experience that is both sweet and rich, and sharing chocolate with a lover is just another way of pleasing him or her. Chocolate has been a notoriously difficult type of e-juice to create, but Highbrow Vapor has managed to rise to the challenge. Customers can get chocolate e-juice, but they can also get a dark chocolate version and a dark mint chocolate version. All three of these flavors are going to be more than sweet enough for anyone's Valentine's Day. The dark chocolate mint flavor is going to be particularly effective since it can freshen a person's breath while giving him or her a burst of chocolate flavoring, which is only going to make the experience better.

Certain fruit flavors are nearly as romantic as chocolate. Raspberries have been romantic fruits for a while, partly as a result of their passionate reddish pink color, and partly because of their sharp yet sweet taste. Highbrow Vapor has a raspberry flavor for the people who are looking for a particularly romantic vaping experience.

Of course, it is important to remember that the concept of what is and is not a romantic scent is going to vary from person to person. When it comes to memory, scents are extremely powerful. The right scent can more or less act as a time machine, sending people right back to a particular moment. A romantic scent can be anything that brings back a romantic memory, so scents like these are going to be particularly subjective.

Some people might find the strawberry lemonade flavor from Highbrow Vapor romantic, for instance, because it reminds them of their first date together. Other people might think that the coffee cake flavor from Highbrow Vapor is just as romantic because it reminds them of a particularly great morning where they really stayed in and enjoyed each other's company.

People should try to make their Valentine's Day experience their own. Given the wide range of flavors available at Highbrow Vapor, people really can tailor their Valentine's Day vaping experiences to their own unique relationships with their partners. There is no correct way to experience moments like these.


Groundhog Day is the sort of tongue-in-cheek holiday that has inspired a great deal of sentimentality over the years. Most people don't take it especially seriously, but they still manage to have a lot of fun with it. Essentially, on Groundhog Day, the groundhog of Punxsutawney is brought out to make a forecast regarding whether or not people can expect an early spring. If he sees his shadow, according to the local legend, people can expect another six weeks of winter. If he does not see his shadow, the people of the United States can expect a relatively early spring. Naturally, spring isn't going to come early enough for a lot of people, but the groundhog can still offer them some hope.

The Groundhog Day Tradition

When many people refer to Groundhog Day, they are probably talking about the classic 1993 film starring Bill Murray, which has managed to promote the holiday and overshadow it at the same time. This film does portray the Groundhog Day tradition accurately, right down to the way that it captures the enthusiasm that the people of Punxsutawney tend to feel towards the holiday that helped put them on the map in the first place. The groundhog is really called Punxsutawney Phil, and he does allegedly read out his prediction in the language 'Groundhogese.' The creators of the film did not make up all these parts of the folklore.

Groundhog Day traces its roots to the nineteenth century. However, the legend that inspired the modern version of the holiday goes back even further than that. The original German settlers who came to Pennsylvania-based this legend on some of their own folklore. Theirs was the legend of Candlemas Day, and it also involved predicting when spring would arrive based on how sunny it was in winter. Given the high population of groundhogs at the time and the perception that they were relatively intelligent, they became associated with the legend of Candlemas Day. The idea that groundhogs are wise carries on, since groundhogs are the forecasters in today's Groundhog Day celebration.

Naturally, some people are very disappointed to hear about Punxsutawney Phil predicting that there will, in fact, be six more weeks of winter. Many of these people are going to be the sorts of individuals who enjoy the types of outdoor activities that can really only be enjoyed during the spring or the summer, which will never last long enough for them.

One of the great things about vaping as a hobby is the simple fact that it is a hobby that people can enjoy all year. They're not going to have to wait six weeks to try a new flavor among the Highbrow Vapor line. Vaping isn't any more enjoyable in certain seasons compared to others. People really can love it just as much in the winter, summer, fall, and spring. In that regard, vaping is a hobby that seems to transcend the purpose of the Groundhog Day celebration.

People everywhere are all abuzz because of the gigantic sum of the jackpot in the latest Powerball lottery. Worth over a billion dollars the imagination can only run wild imagining what one would do with such a large sum of money. People are also abuzz about vaping with e-liquids from Highbrow Vapor. While it's becoming increasingly taboo to smoke cigarettes publicly, flavored electric cigarettes are a publicly acceptable alternative. If you can taste the money you can taste the buzz of naturally flavored e-cigarettes.

No gambling is involved when purchasing from Highbrow Vapor. Your money is well spent on a quality product that offers a wide variety of flavored e-liquids. Chances are slim that one will win a Powerball lottery, yet many are willing to give their money away knowing they likely won't receive anything in return. Buying a tactile product that tastes good seems to be a much better way to spend your well-earned funds.

Trendy flavors of e-liquids that are available from Highbrow Vapor online includes scrumptious Belgian waffles, cheesecake torte, dark chocolate mint and many more. Cigarettes have never tasted so good! Vaping these e-liquids leaves a better taste in your mouth than does the disappointment of not winning the Powerball lottery. Flavors are sectioned like Powerball numbers. They are categorized in flavored sections including dessert, drink, fruit, Highbrowbacco, newest/products and favorites.

A sophisticated and inviting look of the brand is enough to help you understand why people are gathering together to vape together. This family owned business shows their hard work and dedication to providing a high-quality product by their visible high standards and creativity. The family creates products that they themselves enjoy using. Most e-liquid flavors are created on-site yet they are savvy enough to know there is another world out there. Only the highest quality flavors from reputable sources from around the world make it to Highbrow Vapor's list of e-liquid flavors for sale.

When purchasing a Powerball ticket, it's a mystery as to what will happen before and after it's purchased. To vape using fine quality products from Highbrow Vapor the quality of service and the product is made known. The customer knows exactly what to expect and can experience the anticipation of trying new and favorite e-liquid flavors.

The juice is made to order in a sterile environment using the highest production standards. When you purchase their e-liquid you know that your VG and PG are proven 100% USP food grade kosher. The nicotine is 99.9% pharmaceutical grade. The family encourages that the customer customizes their flavors the way you can choose your Powerball numbers. Any questions you need to be answered are available in the FAQ section or directly from the owners. Contact with the owners is encouraged to each inquiring customer.

Powered by Shopify, your purchases are securely transmitted. The option to create a personal account offers you convenience whereas with a Powerball ticket there isn't a personal account and there is no guarantee if you lose your ticket!

All around the world, people have adopted some hobbies that might surprise you. In the case of some of these hobbies, the people who are trying them are probably going to be trendsetters who will be viewed as normal retroactively. Their hobbies will eventually become broad cultural pastimes. Some of these hobbies are always going to be viewed as niche activities. However, these hobbies all mean a lot to the people who are practicing them.

Ant colony art

This activity involves pouring molten metal down ant holes so the metal fills all of the various tunnels in the colony. When the metal hardens, it creates a strange but compelling piece that could be used as a sculpture. These sculptures serve as models for what ant colonies look like while also having an interesting asymmetry and shape in their own right.

Collecting cigar bands

The bands of cigars have a lot of interesting history behind them that is tied up in America's complicated relationship with Cuba, the Cold War, and the changing state of the tobacco industry in the world. Lots of cigar bands are surprisingly decorative, and many of them make interesting historical artifacts. They're also easy to store, so it isn't surprising that cigar bands have become popular collection items.

Duct tape construction

For some people, duct tape can accomplish anything. There are hobbyists who now enjoying making clothing, shoes, and wallets out of duct tape. Some people are even trying to get away with using duct tape in construction projects where people would traditionally use nails and other fasteners. Duct tape is cheap and plentiful, so its use as a crafting medium is not surprising.

Beetle fighting

Organized matches between animals are often scorned. However, fewer people might object to fights between large Hercules beetles and similar creatures. These beetles are large and aggressive enough to make the fight interesting, but there's still enough of a degree of separation between beetles and humans that these fights remain entertaining for a lot of people.

Decorating old toys

Lots of people get nostalgic for the toys that they enjoyed as kids. Of course, for some people, that nostalgia can lead them down odd directions. They might get interested in modifying used toys, even if they are mint toys. Plenty of people paint them, rearrange their different parts, and otherwise transform old toys into something new.


Cigarette smoking has been mainstream for a long time. Today, people are experimenting with electronic cigarettes. It's possible to get more variety with electronic cigarettes compared to the old-fashioned variety, as many vapers know. They are experimenting with lots of different flavors to create a diverse experience every time they smoke.

Many vapers shop around for the best vaping equipment in order to fully realize the  joys of their vaping hobby, complimenting the experience by socializing with other vapers. Vaping with electronic cigarettes is quickly attracting a subculture. Many electronic cigarette users are trying the products that are available at Highbrow Vapor in order to ensure that they get purer and more flavorful vaping juices. Even a slight improvement in the flavor of e-liquid can make all the difference, which is what people can rely on in Highbrow Vapor products. Shop today and support your vaping hobby!

While most of the world is united in merry making, many have been swept up in the power of the force.  The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has brought a whole new level of gift options and collectibles to the marketplace.  Just as the forces rise against the threat posed by the evil Lord Kylo Ren and the First Order (descendants from the Galactic Empire), allow the vaping force within you rise to the occasion and let your taste buds be tantalized!

Vaping, like Star Wars, is fast-becoming a force that everyone has heard of.  And while everyone hasn't heard of Highbrow Vapor, we hope our customers are as faithful as those that frequent the Mos Eisley Cantina.  Come back to our website again and again and try something different!

Our Yoda-like team utilizes only the highest quality ingredients to make the best e-juice because we believe you deserve to have only the best flavors.  We use only components that are crafted in the US, where we are sure the ingredients and production standards are not compromised in one way or the other (like the questionable resources on Jakkar). 

We utilize only 100% USP decent food grade PG or VG and the nicotine we use is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade. Our e-juices are produced using the aseptic technique by well trained and qualified Jedi Knights using only ingredients considered safe for human consumption by the FDA. 

Transparency in the operations of keeping the universe safe is essential; we embrace the idea of being open, so we display a complete ingredients list for every product.  You don't have to wonder if your e-juice is a product of the dark side.  We always aim to please by offering several options for each e-juice - double flavor, PG or VG or Mix percentage, extra throat hit or additional flavors.   Place your personalized order today, and may the vapors be with you.

Since its early days, vaping has seen a revolution regarding practice and execution. Times have seen the invention of new unique flavors that suit different tastes. As we usher in the New Year 2016, which is just around the corner, it is safe to say that 2015 was great to all vapers. So what defined the 2015 vaping environment?

Factors that defined vaping in 2015

  • Increased vaping popularity; vaping became more popular this year as witnessed by the increasing number of vape competitions. 2015 saw an upsurge in the number of vape competitions held worldwide. The year also recorded the highest number of cloud gazer turn up for the competition. Vaping competitions went further and became a viable source of income to the participants. If vaping competitions continue this track, then it would not be a surprise to see the vaping a sport in the future Olympics.
  • Flavor Frenzy; 2015 saw increased innovation in e-juice flavors. This was catalyzed by the increasing diversity of individual preference. Some of the flavors that gained wide acknowledgment from users include the Chai tea and amaretto amore. E-juice manufacturers worked around the clock to ensure they appeal to the needs of vapers

What to expect in 2016
2016 holds great promise for vaping. With increased technology and innovation, we are bound to see mind-boggling flavors coupled with a series of other innovations in vaping. However, what should we tentatively expect from vaping in the New Year? Here's what to expect.

  • Aggressive vaping Growth; we expect to see increased growth in vaping in the New Year. The major growth aspect is the possibility of vaping rivaling cigarette smoking. Research has indicated that a gradual number of cigarette smokers are slowly giving up the cigarette for the e-cigarette. This trend is set to increase this coming year as the vaping culture breaks ground into new territory.
  • Increased adoption of more natural ingredients; in the year 2015, vapers preferred the use of natural ingredients in vaping as opposed to the artificial ingredients. This preference is set to be more pronounced as we move to the New Year. Vapers believe that natural ingredients have better flavors than artificial ingredients.
  • Cutting edge technology; you might think that the vaping technology we have today is top notch, but 2016 promises even better innovations. From the atomizer to the e-cigarettes every component of vaping is set for a revolution
  • Increased vapers and cloud gazer (cloud gazers); vaping is gaining popularity across the planet. This is because of its ability to harmonize one's cloud swirl creativity with his/her favorite flavor. Also, if you go online today, you will notice lots of blogs and companies sharing information about vaping. Banking on this publicity aspect there is bound to be more and more people engaging in vaping in the New Year.

The New Year promises a lot of positives in as much a vaping is concerned; there will be more vapers in the New Year. Cloud gazers will be on the rise too thanks to the growing popularity of vaping. Happy New vaping Year

Unless you're a holiday scrooge or grinch, it's easy to get caught up in the spirit of the season. And once you catch the spirit, you find yourself motivated to get out the boxes-upon-boxes of holiday lights and decorations that you've stored away, motivated to do the things that you were dreading the month before.

Some people start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but would you believe that some are out there stringing up lights and festive light-up characters before Halloween? Halloween's a bit early to decorate for the December holidays, but we're guessing those folks just want to avoid the cold and who can blame 'em.

Before you know it you've got the entire interior and exterior of your home filled with holiday joy. You're getting out all of your favorite holiday movies – all of the classics and if you don't' have all of your favorites, you're searching in the local stores for the movies you don't have so you can add them to your collection. You're buying hot cocoa, holiday e-liquids, candy canes, eggnog, chocolates, and planning the day when you'll bake holiday cookies with loved ones.

Maybe you're gearing up for some extreme holiday baking so you can hand out goodies to friends and loved ones because homemade goodies are some of the best to give. You're filling out holiday cards to put in the mail and shopping for the perfect gifts. Perhaps you've waited until the last minute to shop, so you've got that extra adrenaline rush when you head on out to your favorite stores (the least favorite this time of year with congested crowds and zoo-like scenarios no matter how early you arrive).

You spend a day or evening out in the cold searching for the perfect tree (unless you prefer artificial) and then cart it home on the roof of your car anxiously waiting to get home and decorate it while listening to holiday music. If you have little ones, maybe you're planning a special visit to see Santa so he can tell your little one(s) to get to bed early on Christmas night or Santa simply can't come. His magic won't work.

If you're a parent, then you'll probably be up well past midnight waiting for the kids to fall asleep so "Santa" can arrive praying they don't hear you when you sneak everything under the tree. Then before you know it, the holiday has arrived. Everyone wakes up excited to see if Santa came. You sit around in your PJ's, your robes, and your snuggliest slippers as everyone opens and exchanges gifts with excitement.

You put on your best and spend the day at home waiting for family and friends to arrive or you head on out to the homes of loved ones. You finish the day with pie, cookies, eggnog and dark chocolate mint e-liquid. And then before you know it it's the day after Christmas. Oh, no...

You wake up with the biggest letdown in your life. You find yourself succumbing to the realization that it's all "over." All of the fun, all of the warm fuzzy feelings that come with the holiday season everywhere you go, and all of the holiday magic is just gone.

But it's not gone for good, you tell yourself, sort of like Santa tells Karen that Frosty's not gone forever. Reminding yourself of this helps you to gradually move on from the letdown... There'll be other holidays, you say. Before you know it, it'll be here again and then you'll be wondering where the year went because it flew by so fast. We do this as humans – it's just human nature and sometimes cyclical.

It'll be back again next year, so in the meantime...sit back, relax and enjoy a good vape. Kick off the end of the season and beginning of a new year with one of Highbrow Vapor's flavorful holiday e-liquids like our holiday eggnog, dark chocolate, hazelnut and dark chocolate mint.

Hold onto that magic just a little bit longer. Enjoy that tree as the needles collect more-and-more each day around your living room floor and you find yourself discovering pine needles in places you'd never imagined or dreamed.

Enjoy the decorations that you likely can't wait to remove at this point, but so eagerly strung up a month or so ago. Keep them up till New Year and then make it a day of putting all of the x-mas decorations away as you begin another year of holidays and memories with friends and family.

Till next year…enjoy and Happy Holidays from Highbrow Vapor!

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