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National East Meets West Day

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April 25th is the National East Meets West day, a day set aside to commemorate Elbe day and the spirit of the Elbe. It's a day when the Soviets, advancing from the East and the American troops, advancing from the West met at the Elbe River, making a significant step towards the end of World War II in Europe. The allied forces were able to effectively cut Germany in two with a handshake that made history. A bridge of friendship was created between the American and Soviet soldiers, where they swore an oath in memory of those who had not made it thus far.

The spirit of Elbe lives on and conquers even as we mark the anniversary of the allies' meeting by holding a wreath-laying ceremony every year with military bands playing the national anthems of Russia and the United States. It is a time to preserve the recollections of that profound meeting by having a fulfilling vaping experience with friends, family and veteran buddies. How nice it would be to celebrate National East Meets West by thanking a WWII veteran or any veteran with their favorite vape flavors from Highbrow Vapor for the sacrifices made to protect our country and the freedom given to our great nation. Highbrow Vapors offers refreshing e-liquid flavors fused to your liking for a perfect throat hit. You can invite all your vaping friends and set off a joyous celebration as you share your family history during World War II. Enjoy a Cappuccino Diablo, a delightful representation of your favorite coffee drink, crafted to bring out stimulating aromas of the finest Columbian espresso beans as you play R.U.S.E, a wargame set during World War II for an intriguing war experience.

It's evident that many sports team hold annual East vs. West games around this time of the year. We have such a history battling it out, and it's a great rival! But best of luck! The games would be much more enjoyable if we could enjoy a simple vape while attending one of these games. It does not have to be limited to sports teams only as clubs, organizations and groups that hold competitions can be geographically separated into west and east blocks and take the fun a notch higher.

There is nothing as incredible as relaxing with a bottle of excellent wine with a tray of assorted fruits on your table during a spring afternoon with friends. Well, there is an e-juice like that to be exact. You can decide to engage in a vaping competition by sampling out our variety of e-juices and vape the hell out of your e-cig. Load up some Chai Tea for a balanced blend of sweetness and a little bit of spice from the east and some more flavors from the west like the Cheesecake Torte mix and get to cloud chasing. You are free to base the entire affair on how big, thick and dense you can get your vape cloud. Must be fun! Let's celebrate the memory of that powerful moment on the Elbe while vaping away.

Leonardo DiCaprio Stirs up ALA and AVA


Just when I think that Leonardo Dicaprio had an easier life than I do in just about every way, I heard the news about the actor coming under fire for deciding to vape in public. Actor Leonardo Dicaprio, making the switch from cigarettes to vaping, didn't get the any praise. Rather, he gets the American Lung Association telling us all about how his actions are "deeply troubling." Talk about a tough crowd.

Now I have never vaped at an important event, but I can appreciate the need for a nicotine fix during a long presentation. Apparently no one at the ALA can relate to the issue, so the outrage isn't so surprising. However, I have to give the ALA some credit. Seeing the photo of Leo in his classic tuxedo at the at the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards definitely made me want to go buy a new MVP 2.0. Leo is a certified menace to society.

Perhaps what got the ALA so upset is the fact that Los Angeles now has a law prohibiting the use of vapes indoors. Or maybe it is that Leo has gone out of his way to advocate on behalf of the environment, while at the same time carelessly filling up our atmosphere with his degenerate second-hand vapor that smells like pineapples. However, TMZ reports may be correct in saying that he may not be breaking the law after all. They point out that the ban does not include so called "theatrical production sites," and the venue of the SAG award just so happens to be one.

Now I am not attacking Leo myself, but the guy had to have known that he would get caught. TMZ probably hires a guy full-time job is to take photos of him doing scandalous things while he is at home.

This is not the first time the actor has been caught in the act. The actor was seen using his e-cigarette throughout the 2014 US open. However, he reportedly took measures to go unnoticed by wearing sunglasses, growing out his beard and using his hat as a mask. At some point I suppose he could no longer find his shame..

The ALA may be pleased to know that shortly after the photo was released, reports spread that e-cigarettes would not be tolerated at this year's Oscars. Rest assured that if Leo needed a fix while at the Oscars he would need to go outside like all the rest of them, and take his fancy new award with him.

Despite the major public outcry, Dicaprio still somehow manages to have some loyal fans. It's just that his biggest fans are now part of the American Vaping Association (AVA). As a former smoker and vape convert, I guess I just found one more reason to admire my favorite actor.

Sanders and Cruz in Wisconsin


It might be time to tear up your political brackets. With all eyes on Wisconsin, the political race is surely heating up. Maybe you're still reeling from the Villanova upset over UNC to even notice, or you're enjoying a good vape as you placed your bets on who would win in Wisconsin. The polls show wins for Cruz and Sanders tonight. Sanders came in with 56.0% of the votes over Hillary Clinton's 43.7% for the 86 delegate votes in Wisconsin. For Bernie Sanders, this will be his sixth win over Hillary Clinton based on votes in the last seven states. The next test will come on April 19th. For now, all eyes in Wisconsin are on Trump.

Trump's Loss to Cruz

Despite having one of his worst weeks on record and his campaign manager recently charged with battery, Trump came out smiling with his wife who backed him in her first public display of support for him. Despite this, Cruz went into Wisconsin having a 10 point lead on Trump and it was a win that Cruz needed. The two have been waging a state by state fight for the upcoming GOP nomination. As it stands, Cruz has won with 49.6% of the votes while Trump was left with 33.4% and 14.5% going to John Kasich.

Sanders Gaining Momentum

The surprising news was that Sanders won in Wisconsin. Having won 5 out of 6 states, Sanders and Clinton are making their way to New York. While Sanders road to the Democratic nomination is tight, we can only speculate what will happen next. As Sanders is gaining momentum, all eyes will be on New York, April 19th, as polls show Sanders is doing better with young voters over Clinton, but Clinton is reaching more women voters. Tonight's win is great for Sanders, but he's still lagging behind Clinton in the polls and will still need about 67% of delegate votes to secure the Democratic nomination.

For Trump fans, this may mean that he's going to have to dig deep to come back from this loss as it will make it harder for him to secure the nomination prior to the summer convention. With his rally in Long Island and other upcoming dates, time will tell just how heated the debates will get for the billionaire. As it stands, despite Trump still leading on the Republican side, anti Trump campaigns are already reeling from this loss. It may be an uphill battle at this point to win the convention as delegate support is needed and Trump has already managed to ruffle a few feathers, but just like Villanova at the last second, it ain't over until it's over!

With all of the election talk and political rallies, it's always time for a good vape. Shop with High Brow Vapor for the finest vape flavors including customized blends, Cheesecake Tort, Belgian Waffle, Highbrowbacco for the best in e-liquid and Strawberry Lemonade. As the race turns to New York and the summer convention, it's going to get hot in the city!

Batman v Superman: A Vape for Justice


The new Batman v Superman movie has been called the most anticipated superhero film of all time. With all this anticipation comes anxiety. What better way to curb that anxiety than to vape it all away. If you've seen the trailer, you know to expect a good amount of tension between our two favorite heroes, so chances are that they have taken similar heroic measures. After all, it is the people that these heroes claim to be concerned with right, so they should advocate for such a great alternative to the old fashioned cigarette.

We don't know what is compelling us to vape more, our excitement at the film's release, or the worry that actor Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman will screw up this opportunity. The film has all of the of right ingredients to be a hit, and yet for the same reason has all of the right components to be a disaster, a bit like a traditional cigarette. Batman and Superman going at it wearing tight outfits could either be really entertaining or just plain laughable. Either way, I'm going to give it a chance.

Unlike Superman, Batman has remained above the law, and out of the hands of the government. With vapes we can all be like our favorite character. Feel above law as you casually hit a vape in the back of the movie theater, depending on which state you live in that is. If you live in Los Angeles you will have to hang up your Batman suit at home along with your new vape, because it is now illegal to use in doors there. But even Batman needs to take a break and step outside sometimes, so bring it along.

Whether the film is a flunk or a success, it sure would be nice to let the cinematic event sink in over a vape session with your buddies. For instance if the film is great you'll be pumped up and ready to kick some ass, and in need of nicotine to calm yourself down. However, if it turns out that Batman and Superman manages to disappoint, you will need twice as much nicotine to deal with the emotions.

The moral of the story is that being a superhero comes with its ups and downs. In contrast, vaping comes with no downs, and only ups. Anyone can be a hero by telling their friends to pack a vape with them for the theater this summer. If they don't already have one, start pushing them to make the move from cigarettes to vaping. Once they begin they will be anticipating the latest model more than they anticipated Batman v Superman.

More Harry Potter Mischief

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Who would have thought that we would all be presented with more Harry Potter mischief in that JK Rowling is bringing out the eighth story - The Cursed Child?  Then again, would you have you ever thought that vaping would be something devoted fans of Harry Potter would consider?  Especially if you are now a grown male aged 25 and older. Hardcore fans of the Harry Potter series may want to follow the latest antiques of Harry himself while vaping away.

After all, in the past smoking was considered a useful bonding exercise, and it is still the case to this day.  Vaping, on the other hand, is not quite as demanding as smoking. The switch from standard cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is effortless to the point where your friend will hardly notice the transition as some of the latest vaping brands look like any normal cigarette pack would.

It is easy to relate to how Harry Potter must feel, now that is is an overworked employee at the Ministry of Magic. On top of that, he has three school-aged children he has to educate on how life works while having to cope with a dreadful past that somehow haunts him on a daily basis.

Poor old Harry has to grapple with the past while his son Albus feels weighed down by a family legacy he did not ask for. As past and present times merge together, both Albus and Harry have to come to grips with the uncomfortable truth, which seem to come from the most unusual places.

The same fate seems to be in the cards for men who may have chosen to remain a bachelor but reach a point in their lives where they have to untie themselves from their mother's apron strings. At which point, they would welcome an escape from it all in the form of vaping, which holds out numerous benefits. In this regard, e-cigarettes have risen to the challenge as you get to experiment with some fine flavors such as Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush, and more.

How nice it would be to join other smokers within a pub environment and relate your viewpoint on the latest Harry Potter Saga. Most of your friends are eager to draw your attention to the fact that poor old Harry faced one of the saddest moments in his life as he had to wave off his two eldest children: James and Albus.

Albeit, you now have the opportunity to convince your buddies about making the switch from standard cigarettes to the electronic version. One being, that they will realize massive savings in constantly having to buy another pack of cigarettes as opposed to vaping with a cartridge that will last you just about forever. Also, that the new vaping habit is almost as contagious as keeping up with JK Rowling.

If Pets Had Thumbs...


If pets had thumbs, what a wonderful world it would be! Not only could your dog, cat or other pet take care of a lot of the day to day chores around the house and clean up after their own parties, but you might be surprised to learn that they could be pretty self-reliant and entertain themselves while you are away at work all day. Celebrate If Pets Had Thumbs Day March 3rd and consider a few great things about what pets could do if they had their own thumbs...

Opening Doors and Dining a la Cat…

Your dog, cat or other pet could open/close and lock/unlock the doors instead of embarrassingly having to climb out the window like Bandit… Not only with your dog, cat, snake, or other animal friend be able to open and close the door for you each day, but they could lock you out of the house, whenever they got good and ready. Maybe they weren't happy with the food that you made or they're just not satisfied with the attire that you had on which brings us to our next point…

Another great things pets can do with their own thumbs is they can open their own food. Of course they can open dry dog food or cat food – anyone can do that! No, they're going to open the canned stuff, and if that's not good enough, they might even just go in the fridge and make their own food. What you didn't think that your cat or dog could saute?
Yes, your pets can open their own cans of food…Watch cats use the can opener here… And just where is that dog with your beer?

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down…

Your pet could also could give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down on your outfit, your hair, or your breath…See this cat give its owner a thumbs up here… Thought you had a great outfit on this morning? Maybe not, if your dog or cat is not impressed. Your pet might be able to pick out a nice outfit, help style your hair and brush it for you and help you with your nasty morning breath that just smells like, well dog….

And who wants a thumb's down in the middle of the night especially if there's a nasty smell that's coming from under your blanket. Maybe you need to go outside for a walk?

Who needs a Walk or a Toy Anymore…

Your pet can also hitchhike if they didn't want to ride with you…Check out this hitchhiking cat that went cross country here… Your cute pet could suck their own thumbs instead of their toys… and use their thumbs for other things like ordering toys you don't know about that they've hidden under their beds.…

Thumb Wrestling and Other Games…

Yup, you can teach your pet how to wrestle. They can thumb wrestle with you and you might let them win...See a praying mantis win a wrestling match… What you thought those thumbs were only for hitchhiking and open cans of food? Of course not! You could teach your pet how to thumb wrestle and you could actually have hours of enjoyment, or at least brief periods of you dominating them. Don't be surprised if you don't end up being served with papers over humiliating bouts of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Skyping, Streaming and Roomba…

If your pet is bored and you left them home all day, expect them to get on the Internet, watch TV, play with your XBox or Playstation, and do other fun things while you are away…

They could Skype you and text you when they're bored… They could also Skype and text their friends about you when they're bored…

They could not only control the remote, but put on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, the Pet Network or their other favorite shows… They could surf the net and order their favorite toys, treats and goodies online and have it delivered by drone while you're away…

They could Roomba through the house chasing smaller animals while you were at work…not to impress you, but to clean up the mess from the daytime Vape party they had…

When you're ready to shop for great vape flavors, be sure to check with High Brow Vapor. Top flavors to try include full vape flavors like Highbrowbacco, or the enjoyment of a good all day fog with Highbrowbacco Cigar. You can find tasty treats like these and more to celebrate March and enjoy your vaping while you have fun with your pets!

Vapes and Politics - a Great Combination

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The road to the United States' presidential election is long and often divisive. It's important for adults in the U.S. to remain engaged, though, so that they can be informed voters come November. After the recent debates and primaries in New Hampshire, vaping and candidates might seem to be unrelated. After all, the topic rarely, if ever, comes up in debates. If you enjoy vaping, however, you can bring the two together. By inviting friends over to vape during the presidential debates and primaries, you can diffuse the tension of the presidential race and help everyone become a more informed, friendlier voter.

Vaping Brings People Together

Like many activities, vaping brings people together. It's a pastime, a way to relax that many people enjoy -- and most people enjoy it more when they're with other people. If you vape, you likely know how people gather together to relax and enjoy e-cigarettes together. You might already vape with friends after school or work, or on the weekends. Why not vape with them during presidential debates and primary coverage?

Vaping Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere

Vaping isn't the only way to bring people together to watch candidates debate or campaign, but it's a particularly good one because the activity diffuses tension. People vape to relax, so they're more at ease when enjoying an e-cigarette.

If you invite people who different political views together, they may become passionate. Vaping together will reduce the likelihood that a true argument, from which no one benefits, will break out. People might still have disagreements, but they're more likely to listen to others' points of view and discuss their differences civilly.

Even if everyone at your gathering supports the same political candidate, vaping together could keep everyone's emotions and thoughts on an even keel. There will likely be comments made about other candidates, but the general tenor of the gathering will be more low-key and fun.

Vaping Changes the Nature of Political Discussions

By bringing people together to vape, you may be able to change the nature of political discussions among your friends and acquaintances. In fact, you might create an environment similar to Iowa's caucuses, which are unique. As friends and neighbors talk about politics with each other in a relaxed environment, they'll learn to appreciate others' views and explain theirs in a friendly way. Some may change their mind, and others may not. Either way, though, the political discussions you're involved with will become less divided.

The country today is deeply divided over politics, and many people are looking for the right candidate to unite people. Until such a presidential candidate is found, you can do your part by inviting people together to participate in political talks in a relaxed environment. All it requires is asking people to come over and vape with you during a debate or primary.

Perhaps what this country needs isn't the perfect presidential candidate but everyday people who will gather friends together to discuss political ideas in a non-threatening manner. That is something you, and anyone else who vapes, could do.