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School's Out....Summer's In!

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Summer Craziness!

Summer is here and most everyone is planning to go for a road trip. Nothing beats a road trip like a good vape, whether you are struck in traffic or already at your destination. The sun and longer days provide dreamy ways and places to enjoy your favorite vaporizer. In fact, the beauty of vaping is the freedom to enjoy on the go, and the excessive comfort to relax in your favorite spot with friends without looking for the nearest charge point.

Hit the summer in full throttle

With school out, you can finally feel the sense of freedom and relief. After all, nothing feel an amazing as being out of school and ready to hit the summer in full throttle. Remember, a quality vape allows you to get over the stress of school and enjoy your time in style! Some vapes are spectacularly private, while others are truly extraordinary. For most people when the summer comes out, vaping become part of the ritual. Unwind your summer activities with a good vape.

The plans for your summer

After all the serious business in schools, teaching, reading, and handling exam materials, you may need a little rest to remember your effort in the society. A good vape experience can provide you with the best opportunity just to do that. You have to think about what makes your greatest kickback spot. So, where do you want to vape this summer? Here are some of the few recommendations you can consider during your summer holiday.

  • Hustle

While you might like your own space, you can explore vaping and kicking back in the sidewalk cafe or a busy city park. Just watching many people caught up in the bustle and commotion of busy life will encourage you to relax even more, while enjoying your e-juice. Be sure to get yourself the best vape to reward your hard work, or relieve yourself of the student's stress and the school routines.

  • Water and natural beauty

Whenever summer comes, everyone is craving for the outdoors. With the ocean sounds, flow of a river, or in a beautiful landscape, escaping the busy city lifestyle, there is nothing more pleasing than taking your electronic cigarette with you. It will keep your mind relaxed, and reflects the true meaning of school's summer holiday: your vape, your choice!

  • Festivals

Summer means entertainment! Can you think of the best way to enjoy your favorite concerts, music and tweaks with friends? Well, summer entertainment is full of a variety and electric mix. So, whatever the brand you choose, the vaping experience remains the same. Enjoy your summer holiday moments, while listening to your favorite songs or watching new movies with your friend. Instead of waving to to your favorite songs or best character, you could wave your vape, very interesting.

  • Sports

Speaking of outdoor activities, what better ways to enjoy a summer holiday than taking part in extreme sports! It is the competitive edge that pushes everyone to the limit. So, after that extreme activities, enjoy the coolest vaping as you relax your mind.

Don't worry about the vape flavor, you will easily create a customized flavor that matches your taste and preference. Remember, a good vape is the best treat you can give yourself after that school busy schedule.

Back Around Again

e cig juice vaping

What Used to Be Popular . . . Can Become Popular Once Again     Popularity can be a rather fickle thing. As a result, what used to be popular can become unpopular, much as how what has become unpopular can become popular once again. Here are some examples of trending items that are making a big comeback:

Movie Franchises

Whether it is because Hollywood is risk-averse or because Hollywood is responding to the nostalgia of their fans, a lot of movie franchises have seen revivals in recent years. For example, The Force Awakens brought back the Star Wars franchise in a big way, starring fresh faces while also bringing back some old favorites to reassure those who responded negatively to the prequels. However, it was far from being the sole franchise to be revived in recent years, not when everything from Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible to Terminator and Mad Max have received recent entries. Never mind other movie franchises that will be receiving the same treatment relatively soon, including but not limited to Ghostbusters, Top Gun, and even Conan. While many of these movies have managed to hold onto much of their original charm, they have also been updated for modern tastes, thus entrenching them in the imaginations of both the original fans and whole new generations of movie-goers.

Rubik's Cube

Although the Rubik's Cube reached the height of its popularity in the 1980s, it has seen surges time and time again, with recent times being one such example. After all, its colored blocks are as charming now as they were then, while its wonderful concept remains a fascinating challenge for those who love puzzles. As a result, it is no coincidence that there are all sorts of competitions involving all sorts of conditions, thus maximizing the appeal of the Rubik's Cube to the maximum number of people possible. Common examples range from the unsurprising such as solving the cube in the fewest possible moves to rarer and more unusual competitions such as solving the cube with one hand, solving the cube with one's feet, and even solving the cube while blindfolded, which sounds all but impossible.


The moment that compact discs hit the music market, consumer interest in vinyl fell like a stone in water. However, it is interesting to note that vinyl is starting to make a comeback with millions and millions of sale, which is rather curious considering that even compact discs have fallen out of favor in preference for digital storage as well as streaming music over the Internet. Some people suggest that this is because vinyl provides their owners with something tangible to hold onto, which can make for a refreshing contrast to the intangibility of its modern successors. However, whatever the reason, it is hard to doubt that vinyl is something that fell out of favor but has since started making a comeback, however limited it might be.

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Even though e-cigs are still on an upward moving trend, the theory is they, too, will wane and taper and become less of a hot topic. But like all really good things, they'll be sure to come back around. For now, check out all our trending e-juice flavors and and enjoy some nostalgia.

Graduate Gift Giving

e cig juice vaping

Graduation is here, meaning that it is time to celebrate. Of course, there are a number of ways that you can express your happiness for the graduate in your life, but one of the best is presenting them with a graduation gift that has chosen for a perfect fit to their hobbies and interests. Naturally, since you know them so well, you should have no problems coming up with some graduation gift ideas on your own, but if you are still undecided, there is no shame in seeking out some inspiration as well.

4 Graduation Gift Ideas

Here are some graduation gift ideas:

  • Jewelry is a popular choice for graduation gifts, as shown by the existence of class rings as well as similar items. After all, not only is jewelry a lasting reminder of a joyous occasion, but it is also something that pleases the senses. However, if you are going to use jewelry, make sure to choose something that either symbolizes the occasion or has been customized to outright state it since that will make the connection between the two that much stronger.
  • Something simpler can suffice as well. For example, even something as simple as a customized mug can do a great deal to remind the graduate of the occasion, thus making their memories as fresh as possible for as long as possible. This is particularly true if you choose something that the graduate is more likely to use, with the perfect example being a customized coffee mug for someone who likes to savor their coffee in the morning.
  • What matters most is the feeling behind the graduation gift rather than the economic value of the graduation gift, so consider making something special for the graduate. For example, if you like to bake, now is the time to show off your baking skills by making something special for them to show your love and affection.
  • Of course, if you know that the graduate vapes now and then, you should consider getting one of our great e-liquid flavors. After all, we have a vast and wide-ranging selection that encompasses everything from fruits and desserts to more classical flavors such as cigar tobacco, meaning that we are sure to have something that appeals to them. For more examples of what we can do when it comes to e-liquid flavors, check out our Belgian waffle, chai tea, and strawberry lemonade blends.

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If you are interested in seeing more of what we have to offer, be sure to browse our selection of e-liquids as well as other e-cigarette products at your leisure. Similarly, if you have questions about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Leave Your Taxes Behind with a Good Vape

Now that tax day has come and gone, you may finally feel a sense of relief and freedom. After all, nothing feels better than being as far away from another interaction with the IRS as possible. However, you may wonder what you can do now that the dreaded April 15th has passed to celebrate and enjoy your life again. A good vape can help you to get over your taxes and enjoy your time. In fact, there are many ways that a good vape can make it so you can leave your taxes behind, at least for the time being. Get to know more about how a great vape will benefit you and those around you post-taxes.

A Good Vape Is The Perfect Gift For Your Hardworking Accountant

When you have relied on your accountant for months on end to protect your assets and help you get through the pain and drudgery that is tax season, you may want to get them a little gift to say thank you. A good vape can be just the ticket to do just that. The stress that your accountant is under to properly process your paperwork, find you the best possible deductions, and get you the highest refund possible can send them off in need of a nice vape experience.

Be sure to get them a few delicious vape flavors to choose from so that no matter what their mood, whether it be relief, worry, or some combination of the two, you have them covered at the end of tax season. Delicious vape flavors cannot be beat as the ultimate gift for your hardworking accountant.

Reward Yourself for Getting Done on Time

Getting your taxes done and submitted to the IRS on time is an achievement in and of itself. Whether you did your taxes yourself or you worked with an accountant, being on the ball and meeting your April deadline is enough for celebration. And even if you filed for an extension for some reason, you still got your request in on time and that is an achievement as well.

To celebrate, get yourself some great and delectable vape flavors. Instead of indulging in a decadent dessert full of calories, grab a vape with flavors like tiramisu, chocolate cake, or bourbon vanilla bean. Or if you prefer, you can get yourself something fruit flavored like pear, blueberry, or watermelon. A good vape is the gift that keeps on giving.

Use Your Refund to Create a Custom Vape Flavor

If you are really feeling good about the fact that you got a sizable refund from your tax return this year, you may want to treat yourself to what could possibly be the best vape of your life. You can now create customized vape flavors suited precisely to your tastes and specifications. If you have a specific flavor or combination of flavors in mind but have not been able to find it available in stores, you can create your own and enjoy the fruits of your tax filing labors.

Oh Sweet Mom of Mine ...


In honor of Mother's Day, we're celebrating moms and strong, rocking women who vape! Take a look at these great celebrities who vape in Hollywood and you'll see how not only do moms and girls rock, but there are stunning celebrity actresses and models who vape, too!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is a celebration that honors moms all over the world and it's a way to say thank you to women who have been influential in our lives, as well as influential in society. Mother's Day falls on different dates in May throughout the world.

Celebrating Mother's Day dates as far back as the 20th Century and we started celebrating Mother's Day in church in 1908. For years mothers have been celebrated at church, they're taken to the movies, given gifts by their kids, sent shopping or for spa days, and given breakfast in bed. If you're thinking about great vape flavors for Mom, try our Belgian Waffle with hints of cinnamon and maple. When you're ready to spoil mom with tasty desserts, be sure to splurge on a great box of chocolates, a tasty cake, and for rich vape flavors, spoil your favorite lady with Cheesecake Torte and mix in a shot of raspberry or blueberry, she'll be sure to love.

Sexy Female Celebs, Moms and Models Who Vape

As we look at mothers and women all over the world who rock, we also turn our attention to great female actresses who vape and you can see these celebs on the stage, screen and at great party venues…

  • Paris Hilton: Never one to be shy, Paris isn't afraid to show her passions in public. She's been seen in pics vaping at night clubs, parties and on the road. A former smoker, she looks good vaping and we can totally see her in an all day fog! If we had to guess her flavor palette, we would see her as more of a buttered rum and then some!
  • Katherine Heigl: In 2010, Katherine Heigl was shown talking about e-cigarettes when she was on the David Letterman show. She says the e-cigs helped her quit her smoking habit. See her here vaping with David Letterman.
  • One of our favorite rockin' female celebs who totally emits girl power is Michelle Rodriguez. Known for the Fast and the Furious franchise, she's been spotted all over L. A. with her e-cigs. We know Michelle would totally rock Highbrowbacco mixed with a hint of rum while she shifts gears in a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – Go Letty!
  • A great mom and stunning actress, Sienna Miller was spotted a few years ago enjoying a great vape when she was filming the movie, Just Like a Woman. What is it about sexy moms and women who vape that we love so much? That's right; it's that rockin' girl power and Sienna's got it!
  • Vaping never looked so good especially when it's super sexy model and mom, Kate Moss with her e-cigs. She's one of the hottest super models in the world and you can check her out on Instagram here.

For great vaping products and vape gifts for moms, shop High Brow Vapor. With the best in e-cigarette flavors, you'll find great flavors you can mix and match in different strengths and they'll make the perfect gift for your vaping mom or that special lady in your life!

May the Fourth Be With You ...

Whether you're new to vaping or enjoying an all day fog right now, May has a lot of great dates that you need to know about, so may the force be with you…


May 1st - May Day

May 1st is often referred to as May Day, and with so many holidays celebrated on this day, there are a host of reasons why. May Day commemorates Spring, it's a day when there have been political protests, neo-pagan festivals, a saint's day, and a day that recognizes organized labor. In a few countries, it's also a national holiday.

Beltane is a Celtic holiday that officially starts summer. Commemorated with feasts and bonfires, it's the perfect time to vape and enjoy a feast of cake and rich foods. Try great vaping flavors like 5-Star Caramel Cake for your sweet tooth or an e-liquid favorite, Highbrowbacco with hints of caramel, vanilla and tobacco.

Celebrated on May 1st, St. Walburga helped the Heidenheim monastery bring Christianity to Germany. This date coincides with Walpurgisnacht which commemorates a pagan festival. Other festivals include the Celebration of Flora, a fertility goddess, as well it being a festive day of flowers in England to start spring there. That's where we get the may pole from with kids running with ribbons and flowers around a pole. It's also Labor Day in some countries, while other areas remember it as being a day of riots, strikes, demonstrations and parades.

May 4th - Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you. That's because May 4th celebrates the creation of Star Wars by George Lucas. Fans everywhere will celebrate the holiday on the Internet, throughout various clubs, social media and other organizations. To commemorate the day, contact someone on May 4th with #StarWarsDay.

On the same date, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took office in the UK and the headline for the London Evening News read, "May the Fourth be With You, Maggie."

May 5th - Revenge of the Fifth

That's right, May 5th has significance, too. Putting a pun on Revenge of the Sith, which was Star Wars: Episode III, fans enjoy celebrating the Sith Lords in the Star Wars series.

May 14th - Happy Birthday George Lucas

With May 14th, we celebrate the birthday of George Lucas and this is also the date that has been used for Star Wars Weekends to begin at the Walt Disney World Resort.

May 28th - Labor Day

While you're enjoying Labor Day off if you happen to live in the US, be sure to enjoy a good vape while you watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and get ready for Rogue One which will be out later this year as we see the period after the Clone Wars where Darth Vader sends Boba Fett to find and track down the last Jedi.

In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way – Yoda

When you're ready to light up, tap into great May vaping flavors. High Brow Vapor specializes in quality vape flavors with Dessert flavors, popular Drinks, Fruit flalvors and favorites like Highbrowbacco for the best in cigar, pipe and menthol flavors.



National East Meets West Day

e cig juice vaping

April 25th is the National East Meets West day, a day set aside to commemorate Elbe day and the spirit of the Elbe. It's a day when the Soviets, advancing from the East and the American troops, advancing from the West met at the Elbe River, making a significant step towards the end of World War II in Europe. The allied forces were able to effectively cut Germany in two with a handshake that made history. A bridge of friendship was created between the American and Soviet soldiers, where they swore an oath in memory of those who had not made it thus far.

The spirit of Elbe lives on and conquers even as we mark the anniversary of the allies' meeting by holding a wreath-laying ceremony every year with military bands playing the national anthems of Russia and the United States. It is a time to preserve the recollections of that profound meeting by having a fulfilling vaping experience with friends, family and veteran buddies. How nice it would be to celebrate National East Meets West by thanking a WWII veteran or any veteran with their favorite vape flavors from Highbrow Vapor for the sacrifices made to protect our country and the freedom given to our great nation. Highbrow Vapors offers refreshing e-liquid flavors fused to your liking for a perfect throat hit. You can invite all your vaping friends and set off a joyous celebration as you share your family history during World War II. Enjoy a Cappuccino Diablo, a delightful representation of your favorite coffee drink, crafted to bring out stimulating aromas of the finest Columbian espresso beans as you play R.U.S.E, a wargame set during World War II for an intriguing war experience.

It's evident that many sports team hold annual East vs. West games around this time of the year. We have such a history battling it out, and it's a great rival! But best of luck! The games would be much more enjoyable if we could enjoy a simple vape while attending one of these games. It does not have to be limited to sports teams only as clubs, organizations and groups that hold competitions can be geographically separated into west and east blocks and take the fun a notch higher.

There is nothing as incredible as relaxing with a bottle of excellent wine with a tray of assorted fruits on your table during a spring afternoon with friends. Well, there is an e-juice like that to be exact. You can decide to engage in a vaping competition by sampling out our variety of e-juices and vape the hell out of your e-cig. Load up some Chai Tea for a balanced blend of sweetness and a little bit of spice from the east and some more flavors from the west like the Cheesecake Torte mix and get to cloud chasing. You are free to base the entire affair on how big, thick and dense you can get your vape cloud. Must be fun! Let's celebrate the memory of that powerful moment on the Elbe while vaping away.