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Useful products to enhance your vaping experience!

Every so often we run into products we feel strongly about and want to share with others.  These products are both unique and unsurpassed in quality and workmanship.  By spreading the word about them to a larger audience it gives us an opportunity to make a difference in the level of pleasure our customers have with their vaping experiences as a whole.  We would like to share with you some of these products and hope that they might enhance your vaping experience as much as they have ours. 

Ecigworkshop LLC hand crafted wooden mods-

Paul & Patti at are doing something undeniably special with their hand crafted wood mods.  Not only are these conversation starting PV's fully functional but they are truly works of art to behold.  The time and attention to detail is evident in their craftsmanship and we could not be happier with the results.  We recently received a beautifuly crafted kingwood and walnut "Stick" mod and its performance and aesthetic appeal has left us impressed to say the very least.  The only question begs do we use it or put it with the rest of the valuables in the safe.

VapeLogic e-cigarette storage solutions


What a novel idea VapeLogic has come up with regarding this often overlooked aspect of vaping.  If you are like us then you have hassled with countless pieces of hardware and juice bottles scattered throughout the office and home.  We recently purchased one of their VapeCombo storage boxes and what a huge difference it has made in our lives.  This wonderful storage solution is not only easy on the eyes but extremely functional and made of high quality materials with a price tag that will surprise you if not make you squint your eyes in bewildered trepidation and sheer delight.