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Highbrowbacco - Cigar

Highbrowbacco - Cigar

Although there are virtually limitless taste nuances associated with the cigar we feel we have created a flavor that emulates the finer qualities of this timeless treasure.  This rich and powerful blend of cocoa, pepper, spice with heavy earthy undertones is certain to please the most discriminating aficionado and can be equated to a drier light leafed Claro wrapper type flavor.  Like a fine cigar, Highbrow Vapor has created a juice lacking in smoke flavor which feels like rolled tobacco leaves with mild overtones of aforementioned taste notes.  This juice comes standard with heavy flavor notes.  If you would like a milder blend let us know in the "customize this flavor" box on the cart page.    

This product  -   

  •   100% natural flavors. 0% artificial flavors.
  •   99.9% pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
  •   100% USP Kosher food grade PG/VG.         
  •   No dilution unless requested.   
    •   Come with childproof caps and warning label.
      •   Manufactured in the USA with products made in the USA.         

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          Highbrow Vapor endeavors to create E liquids that improve upon the real thing.  Our promise to you is this: You will not receive an overly sweet, bland, artificial or chemically tasting product.  
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            *Please be aware that as a general rule 100% PG tends to have less vapor, more throat hit, and more flavor. 100% VG tends to have more vapor, less throat hit, and less flavor.  VG is thicker than PG which can under certain circumstances degrade your atomizer or cartomizer at a quicker rate.  We therefore recommend a (70PG/30VG) mix which we feel provides the perfect amount of all 3 juice qualities.  However, you may chose any VG/PG percentage you wish at checkout under "customize this product".

            All products are customizable on the checkout page. Examples - "Add double flavoring", "Not too sweet", "Add a bit of hazelnut", "Extra throat hit", etc... We encourage creativity.

            This product is a potent dark tobacco flavor right out of the bottle.  We recommend allowing it to steep for up to three weeks to allow its strong flavors to settle.





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