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Sugar Spice and Every Cigs Nice

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Cold weather hits, and suddenly there’s a change in the air. More than the holiday music (or muzac, if you’re at the grocery store), more than Halloween then Thanksgiving then Christmas decorations everywhere you turn, suddenly with autumn and then winter comes the strange cultural clamoring for spice. We might as well dub October “National Pumpkin Spice Month” for all the flavored lattes and teas and cookies and cakes that appear—by popular demand—in cafes and restaurants, just as naturally and expectedly as the leaves changing colors on the trees.

We the people love our seasonal flavors, and who can blame us? The world grows steadily more chilly and grey, and we seek to warm ourselves from the inside out with sumptuous, spicy sweet sensory experiences. The taste and scent of warm, exotic flavors like cinnamon and hazelnut combined with the soothing sweet decadence of vanilla and cream is truly an experience worth savoring during these bleak wintry months.

E-cigarettes are certainly no exception to this simple sensual luxury. At Highbrow Vapor, we’ve custom-blended our world-class flavors to create one-of-a-kind cig juice experiences. What could be better on a rainy day than Chai Tea, with its bitter, earthy black tea flavors mellowed by vanilla and enlivened by cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg? Or there’s the Christmas party staple—Eggnog, packing a festive punch with the perfect blend of creaminess and spice. Or why not try the simple yet sensational Dark Chocolate Mint—deep, dark chocolate meets sultry crème de menthe, with just a touch of vanilla to finish. We can even make blend it to be a darker chocolate or a more invigorating mint sensation, just ask!

Have Your Cake And Smoke It Too


The drawbacks to smoking are well-known to everyone: harmful to your health, bad breath, unpleasant smelling clothes, the attendant social stigma. If you smoke, there is a steep trade off. You can either have your cake (not smoke, not smell, not be unhealthy) or you can eat it (enjoy smoking with its consequences), but you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Or can you?

E-cigarettes provide a way for you to enjoy the benefits of smoking without suffering any of its consequences. Although the experience of vaping is very close to that of traditional smoking (they look, feel and taste much like analog cigarettes), e-cigarettes work very differently. Instead of burning tobacco, e-cigarettes release a water vapor containing nicotine, propylene glycol, and, in the case of Highbrow Vapor, a flavor experience simply not possible with tobacco. All of which means that electronic cigarettes allow you to get your nicotine fix while avoiding all of the unhealthy agents found in traditional cigarettes, such as glue, tar, hydrocarbons and the literally hundreds of carcinogenic additives put into the tobacco. 

Whether you smoke and are looking for a healthier, odorless alternative to replace your current habit, or simply looking to add vaping to your nicotine experience, Highbrow Vapor is the place for you. At High Brow vapor our number one concern is that you have an incredible flavor experience while indulging in the benefits of smoking without suffering from its consequences. So, whether its our Buttered Rum and then Some, or our Cheesecake Torte, with e-juice from Highbrow Vapor, you can truly have your cake and smoke it, too!

The Geography of Bliss

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If you’ve read Eric Weiner’s account of the happiest countries on Earth, you were probably as surprised as I was to learn that one of the ten countries he visits has completely banned smoking. No smoking anywhere, anytime, anyhow, in Bhutan; the first country in the world to restrict smoking entirely. And although many of us have never heard of Bhutan or have the slightest idea where to find it on a map, the ever encroaching restrictions on smoking give us a better sense each day of what living in such a place is like ( If you are a smoker, it seems, the geography in which it is allowed is an ever-shrinking patch of earth. One pushed further and further into the shadowy recesses of human social activity. Want to smoke? Try that dark alley over there, pal.

But! The geography of vaping is a much more blissful geography.  Since e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, you can smoke them anywhere (legally) that traditional cigarettes are prohibited, including; bars, restaurants, your job, sporting events, cars, even airplanes. No more long smokeless flights to smokeless Bhutan. Now you can vape your way there, and then vape your way around one of the happiest countries on Earth, only you’ll be slightly happier than everyone else. And since e-cigarettes only release a harmless, odorless vapor that quickly disappears, nobody else’s happiness will be disturbed as you journey along in your vaping bliss. Happy vaping travels!

Site Enhancements and 30ml Glass Bottles Coming Soon!

September 27th, 2012 - 

Good eve fellow vapers and vaperettes! We have adjusted the product page to allow you to customize your flavors before placing them in the shopping cart. These customizations will show throughout the shopping process removing the level of confusion previously experienced on the site.  This was a long time coming and I hope this makes your experience with us a more enjoyable one.  The "customize this flavor" text field can be found next to the "add to cart" button on each product page. 

Emails will now also show you the customizations you make.

Coming soon - 

30ml glass bottle with rubber/glass dripper (Amber) as a $1 extra for those of you who must have glass.

If you find yourself in need of some Highbrow in the far away exotic Philippines, look no further because Vapers Point Manilla has you covered.  Check out their Facebook page if you have a moment and give them a like:

Happy Vaping!

Some minor changes for August...good changes of course!

Good day fellow vapers!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Starting August 27th we will be shipping your juices on a Monday through Thursday as opposed to our current Wednesday through Saturday schedule.  Thank you for bearing with us as we make this transition. More details to come but you can expect a 3 business day or less order to shipment timeframe. 

Sunday - Ship Tuesday
Monday - Ship Wednesday
Tuesday - Ship Wednesday
Wednesday - Ship next day Thursday
Thursday -  Ship the following Monday
Friday - Ship the following Monday
Saturday - Ship the following Tuesday

We have finalized a Cinnamon Red Hot flavor which can be requested when ordering the Cinnamon flavor.  Just mention it in the "customize this flavor" text box at checkout.

BANANAS!  You have spoken and we are attempting to answer.  The hard work is over and all that is left is to add the Banana flavor to the site.  The formula is finalized and can be make for you just order another flavor and request the Banana.  Yay~!


Cool Vaping Blog Posts And Forum Threads

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I was surfing around the internet and thought you would really enjoy some of my favorite blog posts about vaping. Here are some interesting blog articles and forum threads for the passionate vaporer at heart. I hope you can relate to these stories and possibly find some inspiration or new ideas on vaping from them. Keyzgirls comments on the most popular vaporizers being used today Keyzgirl always makes a presence on tha vaping scene wherever she goes. Popular in the forums, she always brings a good conversations. Here’s a blog post where she’s talking about the latest and most popular vaporizers e-juice fans are using. 


What Are You Vaping On Today? | Keyzygirls Vape Blog


What is your favorite vape combo? I asked this question the other day in the Vapors Lounge and got 40-50 different answers. I love that everyone is so different. I find it very interesting how no 2 answers are exactly the same.


Landon on shares his experience vaping in public I really liked Landon’s story and could definitely relate. He’s vaping it up at the ball game and bar when a bouncer comes to check him out. After playing it real cool, the bouncer walks away without a hitch, but should we all be cautious of people who aren’t “in-the-know”? Jump on and join the discussion:

Vaping Indoors - General e Smoking Discussion - Vapor Talk E Cig ...


Vaping Indoors - posted in General e Smoking Discussion: So now that baseball season is here - I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the city (Chicago). The neighborhoods surrounding Wrigley Field have dozens of bars and ...


Brendan from BigVapors gives his opinion on what vaping kit a noobie should start with Brandon is passionate about vaping because it helped him quit smoking. He wants his blog to inspire others to do the same. In this blog post he talks about the learning curve he faced when he first started vaping, and how his experience can help you.

The Next Vaping Step « Big Vapers


Like most rookies to vaping I was a smoker at the time and wanted to use an e-cig to quit. I wanted something that was “cigarette style” to help me make the transition, so I purchased a Joye 510 T. It has served me well and ...


Brian from Invape is smokig out of coke can! Brian hosts an honest, straightforward blog about vaping. In this article he shares his experience using a custom coke can mod which he found to be very convenient for vaping around the house.

Have a Coke and a Vape | InVape


Introducing the Coke Can Mod, from Karen of Sin City Mods… a custom coke can outfitted to vape from! The can mods are constructed from an aluminum drink can in 8, 12, or 16 oz, or a can of your choice that isn't offered at ...


Photo_Bug from Vapor4life ask her fellow vapors what they love most about vaping I enjoyed the question Photo_Bug prompted on this forum. She no longer has to fight the outside weather when she wants to smoke because now that she vapes she gets to be inside. Other people on this thread agreed with her, while others had their own reasons on why they love vaping!

What do you love MOST about vaping????


Just looking at the rain and it prompted me to start this thread....I LOVE that I don't have to go outside in this weather......among other things.....


Hope you enjoyed these vaping blogs and forums as much as I do. Leave a comment below with your favorite vaping blog posts! Let others know what you think! As always happy vaping!!!

Did you switch from cigarettes to Vaping? What got you into Vaping?

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I’m not going to get up and preach or anything like that.  If you smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes in addition to vaping, no problem.  But I’ve found that a lot of people have switched to vaping from smoking cigarettes .  If you did, what made you want to do it?

Was it:

  • Health concerns?
  • Smell?
  • Flavor?
  • Family?
  • Or something else?

If you’ve made the change, help a friend or family member by telling them your reasons and why you choose vaping over smoking.  You get all the nicotine (even customizing it to your liking), plus far more flavor and fun.  We even took the liberty of leaving out all of the nasty cigarette additives from our e-juices.

One of my favorite things about vaping, as you know for sure, is the flavor.  I’m all about the flavor and really pushing the extreme to get the most incredible flavor experience possible.  I mean, you’ll never find a cigarette that will give you the delight of Buttered Rum & then Some, Cheesecake Torte, or English Malt Toffee??  Haha, not how we make it! 

Comment below and tell me your story, did you switch to vaping from cigarettes?  If not, what got you into vaping?