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This Spring Give Yourself a Breath of Fresh....Vapor

So we've finally made it through the worst of winter, and spring is certainly in the air. February Blahs have given way to hints of sunshine and warm weather, and people are starting to crawl out of hibernation and back into full, springtime swing.

Unless, of course, it's still snowing where you live. Or raining. Or freezing. If March is roaring into your life like a lion, you may be just as weary of stepping outside for a smoke break as you were in January or February. But you, Savvy Smoker, aren't a slave to unusual weather patterns! You've chosen Highbrow Vapor, and that means you can "smoke" whenever, wherever.

So if it's drizzling and dreary out, you just enjoy your Orange de Sangre cig juice from the comfort of your own home. Working through your lunch hour at the office? Refresh with Hazelnut Cream, right there at your desk!

Of course, if March has tamed its roar to a gentle purr, you can still enjoy your E-Cigarettes anywhere--on your front porch, at the park, on a hiking trail. No smoke means no restrictions, so it's safe and acceptable for you to vape just about anywhere, whatever the weather.

Indoors or out, Highbrow Vapor is the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for in this new, sunny season. And while you're at it, why not heighten your vernal awakening with one of our refreshing, vibrant flavors, like Pure Pear, Strawberry Lemonade or Green Tea. It's a breath of fresh vapor.

This Valentines Day, Go Smoke Free for Romance

Let’s be honest—smoking can cause huge romantic barriers in a relationship, especially if one of the lovers is a non-smoker. Few people, even smokers, find the side effects of traditional tobacco alluring—stinky clothes, stained teeth and stale, smoky breath. And nonsmokers are even more finicky. If you don’t want the taste of cigarette smoke in your own mouth, why would you kiss somebody with it in theirs? Add to that the musty-smelling clothing and hair, yellow teeth, and the constant interruptions while you step outside for a smoke…it can be a real intimacy killer. Not to mention more serious concerns, like losing a loved one to cigarette-related cancers.

This Valentine’s day, why not show your love by going smoke-free with Highbrow Vapor e-cigarettes? There’s nothing more romantic than making a huge sacrifice for the one you love, and the secret is…you’re not really sacrificing anything! You’ll still enjoy that sweet nicotine hit, but with e-cigarettes you can enjoy it anywhere, without any smelly or scary side-affects. It’s a win-win.
For those of you in a relationship where both parties smoke, why not quit together? What a romantic and exciting endeavor, to change both your lives for the better, while still enjoying your daily “smoke breaks,” but now with a whole world of tantalizing flavors at your fingertips! Literally!

And if you’re single…well, think of vaping as another way to open up the dating field. Now when that hot young guy or girl asks if you are a smoker, you can confidently say, “No.” Just tell them you’re a vaper! Leave the lighters and matches out of it, so that real sparks can fly.

3 Unexpected Reasons to Switch to E-Cigs

 We’re sure you know by now that vaping is a much smoother way to soothe your nicotine cravings, that you’ll smell better, reduce your contribution to litter and landfills, and enjoy a wide variety of delectable flavors. But there’s even more to love about E-Cigarettes! Here are three benefits you might not have considered:

3 – Where There’s No Smoke, There’s No Fire
Oh, the anguish of realizing—after you’ve already put on your jacket and hat, laced up your shoes, and trotted out of your apartment building—that you have no lighter. Or matches. You have the cigarettes! You have the nicotine right there in your hand! But without a flame to spark your tobacco, your smoke break is a no-go. Avoid this bummer by switching to E-Cigarettes. No smoke means no need for a lighter or matches, so you’re always good to go.

2 – Choose the Buzz that Suits You Best
Unlike regular cigarettes, which have a factory-guaranteed, uniform amount of tobacco (and therefore nicotine) in each stick, E-Cigarettes are fueled by liquid nicotine, which means you can change the potency to suit your mood, your habits, and your needs. You can choose nicotine cartridges in a range of strengths comparable to standard cigarettes—including light and ultralight.

1 – Join the Club
If you’re the first of your friends of coworkers to make the shift from smoking to vaping, then you might feel like the odd man out. But you’re not alone! E-Cigs are gaining popularity and media attention all the time, even being used in Hollywood films. Johnny Depp represented the vapor revolution in “The Tourist,” and “Grey’s Anatomy” starlette Katherine Heigl did an impromptu vaping demo on David Letterman’s show, explaining to the audience how E-Cigs work and even sharing one with the famed talk-show host. So be proud to be part of the avant garde new way to enjoy nicotine.

Family Oriented February

Amid all the hooplah over Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to forget that there are other kinds of love besides romantic love. What about platonic love, friendship? What about the love you have for your children, or your parents? What about the love that you show for yourself?

Flowers and chocolates are nice, sure, but there are so many other ways to treat yourself and your nearest and dearest right, to show that you care. Switching to e-cigarettes is a great way to show your friends and family your love for them and your devotion to being a better person to be around.

It’s telling your coworkers “I’m not going to step outside every hour on the hour for a smoke break while you guys stay inside and work.”
It’s telling your family “When I hug you, I’m not going to stink like stale cigarette smoke.”

It’s telling your children “I’m going to set a good example by giving up smoky cigarettes while still treating myself to occasional, tasty nicotine vapor. I’m going to lead a balanced, happy life.”

And isn’t this kind of love and appreciation just as much worth celebrating as the heart-skipping, pulse-racing romantic variety?

At Highbrow Vapor, we value family. We’re a family owned and managed business committed to each other and to our customers. When you choose our e-cigarettes and one-of-a-kind vaping juices, you become a part of our family, and we want to show you the love! That’s why we’re absolutely committed to producing world-class e liquids and selling only the products that we ourselves use and enjoy.

What Does it Mean to be Eco Friendly?

We can’t all drive a Prius. We can’t all compost—especially those of us without backyards! We don’t all have the luxury of buying all organic, all the time, either.

BUT you can make a difference for the environment, and for yourself, by switching to smokeless electronic cigarettes.
E-cigarettes, by their very nature, leave a much lighter carbon footprint on our precious planet than their combustible counterparts. They are designed to be reusable and last a long time, changing only the juice cartridges—and even those don’t need to be changed each time. This all translates into much less waste going into landfills and a greatly reduced amount of cigarette butts littering our highways, walkways, and community spaces.

Cigarette butts pose a risk to wildlife, taking quite a while to biodegrade. What’s more, as they decompose, so do all of the harmful, yucky chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes. That means more toxins leaching into our soil and waterways. With e-cigarettes, you avoid any of these nasty chemicals in the first place while changing your life to appreciate a non-disposable form of tobacco enjoyment.

And besides saving our water and land, you’re saving the air we all breath, as well! With e-cigarettes, you’re not polluting the air around you that your friends, family, and coworkers must also breath, and though it may seem small, you’re doing that much less to release smoke into the atmosphere, while keeping it out of your own lungs. Everybody breathes easier when you make the choice to vape instead of smoke.

And with so many flavors to choose from, what’s not to love about cig juice? It’s good for you and better for the planet. E-cigarettes are the perfect way to keep doing what you love, only better.

Back to Basics - Highbrowbacco

So you’re interested in trying e-cigarettes, trading in your smelly, smoky, outdoors-only packs for a more refined, welcoming vapor experience. We think that’s great!

But for all the compelling reasons to make the switch—no more musty stale smoke smell, no more stepping outside no matter what the weather—one thing holds you back: the flavor issue. Of course, here at Highbrow Vapor, we’re proud as parents of our variety of distinct and exotic flavors—inspired by everything from desserts to drinks to fresh fruit, you name it!

But we understand that fancy flavors aren’t for everyone. So maybe you’ve decided to give your smoke-torn lungs a break, but your palate still craves the same ol’ simple tobacco flavors that you’ve known and loved for years. Well, never fear, because we’ve got you covered.

Our Highbrowbacco line of custom e-cigarette flavors is specifically formulated for the classic tobacco fan. One great flavor that we recommend is our “Cigar,” which strives to capture the seemingly limitless taste nuances associated with smoking cigars. It’s a rich, powerful and bold blend of earthy cocoa, pepper and spice that aficionados will recognize as reminiscent of a drier light leafed Claro wrapper cigar.  
For all you pipe puffers out there, we recommend French Pipe, our take on golden flue-cured and black Danish pipe tobacco, designed for decadence and distinction. This aromatic Cavendish flavor is sweet, with subtle hints of cherry and vanilla.

And for the faithful fans of must-have menthol, we’ve created a warm-yet-crisp Menthol flavor that’s such a successful stand-in for its standard cigarette counterpart that you’ll never know the difference. We take our Exotic Blend Tobacco flavor—a medium body with a smooth toasted taste—and add crushed menthol crystals. You can even customize your blend for a light, medium, or strong menthol mix.

So don’t let our fancy (and fantastic!) flavors turn you off of vaping, because we’ve got simple, straightforward, sweet tobacco blends designed to get you back to basics, but with a modern vapor twist.

All the Fun, None of the Hangover

 Is the bright shining light of another New Year making your temples throb? Does the thought of even one more boozy social hour or friendly get-together turn your stomach? In other words—are you partied out? We hear you. The holidays are a holly, jolly time, a festive frolic through excess and celebration, but thank goodness they’re over! One can only take so much frivolity, frosty brews and flirtatious cocktails without paying the price—headaches, hangovers, and the infamous words “I’m never drinking again.”

Oh, we’ve all said that, haven’t we? And yet…the lure of liquor is too strong to resist sometimes! But never fear! Here at Highbrow Vapor, we’ve crafted some spectacular and superb spirit-inspired juices, so you can enjoy a cold one or a cocktail without destroying your body and your blood sugar.
Our Vanilla Bourbon bean has just the right amount of boozy bliss, coupled with the velvety sweetness of vanilla and a creamy high note. It’s a subtle yet surprisingly smooth flavor.
For a more intense sweet treat, you could try Buttered Rum and Then Some—a buttery, boozy, spicy-sweet blend with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg on top of vanilla and hazelnut. It’s a complex mix of bold flavors that will warm your winter-weary soul and spice up your e-cigs.
Or why not end your day with our relaxing—but not liver taxing!—Amaretto Amore, a classic, bittersweet, liqueur-inspired juice with notes of apricot, almond, and burnt sugar. It’s the perfect nightcap to a smoke-free day, and just like all of our alcohol-inspired creations, it’s a guilt-free way to enjoy life’s little pleasures. You’re already giving your lungs a break with e-cigarettes, so why not let your liver rest, too?