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Advanced Guide to Increasing and Decreasing Your Nicotine Strengths

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Advanced Guide to Increasing and Decreasing Your Nicotine Strengths

Determining the best vaping setup for your needs can be a tricky business.  From choosing the right vaping device to figuring out which flavors tantalize you the most, there are a lot of decisions that the vaper has to make.


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Tobacco Flavors: Is There a Difference When It Comes to Nicotine Content?

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Tobacco Flavors: Is There a Difference When It Comes to Nicotine Content?

If you’re a vaper whose main priority is replicating the experience of smoking a cigarette as closely as possible, you’re probably a fan of tobacco flavors.  And, you’ve probably been considering grabbing a pod mod system so that you can enjoy the effects of salt-based nicotine. As you probably know, nicotine salts give you a stronger throat hit and a more potent nicotine experience, meaning that you’ll likely find that your cravings are perfectly satisfied whenever you hit your mod.

But, if you’re a tobacco flavor connoisseur, you might be wondering how the taste of your e-liquid will differ whether you’re using a pod mod system or the box mod setup that you’ve been using.  As you’ll see, the answer is a little, well, complicated.

Freebase vs. Salt-Based Nicotine: Do They Taste Different from Each Other?

First, let’s get one thing straight: both salt-based and freebase nicotine are flavorless and odorless.  Therefore, if your e-liquid tastes different since you made the switch, it’s not because of the flavor of the nicotine itself.  Neither of these types of nicotine have an effect on the flavor of your juice.

Pod Mod Systems Do, in Fact, Affect Your Flavor Experience

However, the fact that you’re using a pod system may be the culprit.  If you’re used to using a box mod kit, you’ve been enjoying your vape juice at a high wattage with a low-resistance coil, not to mention other unique output attributes.  Now that you’ve switched to a pod kit, you’re using a low-wattage device with a high-resistance coil. The output settings and the resistance level of your coil can most definitely alter the taste of your e-liquid.

This is because of how heat affects flavor.  Different output settings heat your e-liquid to different temperatures.  And, different temperatures bring out unique flavor notes in your liquid.

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping Creates a Stronger Flavor

There’s also the fact that pod mods are MTL devices.  When you’re using this type of device, you’re inhaling differently.  With box mods, you’re sucking the vapor straight into your lungs without giving it much of a chance to sit on the palate.  Meanwhile, with pod systems, you’re inhaling the e-liquid vapor into your mouth, letting it sit on the taste buds for a moment, then drawing it into your lungs.  Believe it or not, those few seconds during which the vapor is still in your mouth can give you a much stronger flavor experience overall. Luckily, most vapers view this as a good thing.

Throat Hit Changes Everything

The throat hit that nicotine salts provide can definitely influence the taste experience that you’re having while you vape.  That hit to the back of the throat provides you with a much stronger flavor simply because of the potency of the pull.

The E-Liquid Brand May be to Blame

Another factor to consider is the brand that made your tobacco-flavored e-juice.  If you only vaped one brand’s tobacco flavor when you were using a box mod, and now that you’ve switched to pod vaping, you’re trying a new brand, the flavor will be different.  After all, no two juice companies use the same recipe.

Bottom Line…Find Your Taste

If you’ve been thinking that your tobacco flavor tastes a bit different since switching to a pod mod system, you’re probably not imagining it.  As you can see, there are a few reasons why this may be the case. The good news is that your tobacco flavor shouldn’t taste unpleasant in any way.  So, you can continue to enjoy that rich, smoky taste while you enjoy the many benefits of salt-based nicotine and pod mods.

Technology Taking the Vaping Industry to New Heights

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Technology Taking the Vaping Industry to New Heights

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when vaping was nothing more than a low-wattage e-cigarette that you could get at the gas station?  It’s hard to believe how incredibly far the industry has come in just over a decade. These days, those who wish to ditch their cigarettes in favor of vaping have a massive selection of products from which they can choose.  But, as you know, it wasn’t always like that.

So, how has the vaping industry become so advanced and diverse in its short life span?  Well, the answer, of course, is technology. As technology continues to evolve, those who lead the vaping industry are able to finetune their products to satisfy the needs of former smokers like never before.

If you’re fascinated by the technology that’s behind vaping, this article is for you.  We’ll be explaining the crucial role that up-to-date technology plays in the development of vaping products that hit the market.

How Technology has Allowed the Vaping Industry to Thrive

To the surprise of many, e-cigarettes have been around for several decades.  Even as far back as the sixties, innovators were developing “smokeless” cigarettes that were simply portable vaporizers.  These products never really took off, however, because they lacked the advanced technology that we have today, making them highly unreliable and possibly dangerous.

The first modern vaping device, which served as the predecessor to the abundance of products that we have access to now, came out in 2007.  Hon Lik was a doctor who developed this unique product after watching his father pass away from lung cancer caused by years of smoking cigarettes.  Quickly, the product took off, leading to a wide range of copycats.

Since that first e-cigarette hit convenience stores around the world, more and more hardware companies have been trying their hand at producing vaping systems that are intended to help people quit smoking.  And, as you know, these devices have evolved tremendously over the last decade and change. The first e-cigarettes were extremely weak in terms of power. Now, the market is full of massively powerful devices ranging in size, shape and output capabilities.

Getting Better and Better at Satisfying Vapers’ Needs Everywhere

Of course, as the original intention of e-cigarettes was to help people quit smoking, more and more companies have used technology to deliver profound satisfaction to former smokers.  Long gone are the days of low-power e-cigarettes. Only a few years after they hit the market, companies started developing extremely advanced box mod systems that allow the user to exercise complete control over their vaping experience.  These high-performance devices can reach extremely high wattage levels while offering a wide range of output modes and the ability to try out different coils for different effects.

And, now we have the pod mod system.  The pod mod uses salt-based nicotine e-liquids to provide users with an experience that’s incredibly similar to that of smoking a cigarette.  Thanks to the brilliant technology behind these devices, smokers have a higher chance of staying off of tobacco for good. And, as you know, these devices have become so massively popular that more smokers than ever before have finally made the switch to vaping.

Vaping is now a massive market, which means that we’re seeing more new products appearing than ever before.  As the industry becomes more successful, we’re watching more vaping innovations develop before our very eyes.  Now, product developers have managed to integrate extremely advanced features like temperature control into tiny pod systems that are small enough to fit into the pocket of a user’s jeans.  

Therefore, we can assume that the industry will only continue to advance over the next few years.  We anticipate seeing a wider range of devices from which users can choose, with each type of device boasting extremely innovative features that help users finetune their experiences like never before.  

Exciting New Research

Another benefit of evolving technology in terms of the vaping industry is the ability to do extremely detailed research regarding vaping’s effects on the body. Because the industry has become so popular, more and more medical researchers are studying the ways in which the effects of vaping compare to the effects of smoking.  These studies are extremely important as they can seriously influence current smokers who are on the fence about making the switch.

Such studies are also important to the survival of the industry.  As you probably know, the FDA has been cracking down on vaping over recent years, mainly because they believe that the market is appealing to minors.  As more positive studies regarding vaping are released, the community hopes that the FDA will be more friendly toward vaping.

In just the last twelve months, a large number of studies have shown the ways in which vaping compares to smoking in terms of its effects on one’s health.  These studies have allowed vapers to feel more confident about their decision to switch from smoking to e-cigarette use. And, currently, there are a number of more studies underway that will further challenge the FDA’s disapproval of the industry.

Technology Really is Key

Vaping completely relies on dependable, advanced technology in order to serve the needs of former smokers.  To be honest, our industry wouldn’t have been nearly as successful twenty years ago as technology was far more limited back then.  And, as time goes on, the vaping industry will only continue to evolve in order to satisfy former smokers in ways they never thought possible.

Keeping Your Outdoor Allergies Under Control While Vaping

allergies allergy season vapers vaping

Keeping Your Outdoor Allergies Under Control While Vaping

We’re deep into the heart of allergy season, which means that millions of sufferers are dreading going outside.  Pollen is everywhere right now, causing allergy sufferers to experience symptoms like scratchy throats, itchy eyes and runny noses.  

If you’re a vaper who tends to enjoy their hobby outside, this time of year can be a serious nightmare.  Luckily, we’re here to help. We’re gonna provide you with some tips that can help you get through this season relatively unscathed.

Consider Vaping Indoors

First of all, you probably know that during allergy season, it’s best to stay indoors as much as possible if you get symptoms.  So, if you can, try to vape inside. Many vapers are hesitant to do this because they don’t want their house to be filled with vapor.  But, unlike cigarette smoke, vapor doesn’t linger in the air, nor does it cling to clothes and upholstery.

If you really don’t want vapor in your home, you can always blow into a thick piece of fabric like a sweater, your pillowcase or a towel.  The vapor will simply absorb into the material rather than getting dispersed into the air.

Consider Keeping the Windows Closed

It’s also wise to keep your windows closed as pollen can easily travel from the outdoors into your home through those screens.  If you tend to vape out the window, follow the advice above to keep vapor from filling up your room.

Take Those Allergy Meds

Of course, the most important thing to do if you suffer from allergies is to take an allergy medication.  There are plenty of over-the-counter options available, but if you feel like they don’t work, consider seeing an allergist for a stronger prescription medication.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during allergy season is incredibly important as your immune system strongly relies on your body having enough water.  Some particularly heavy vapers find that their habit can make them feel a little dehydrated from time to time, so consider drinking more water than usual during these spring months.

Clean Your Mouthpiece

As you know, pollen gets everywhere during the spring months, including the mouthpiece of your mod.  And, if your mouthpiece has particles of pollen inside of it, you’re going to be inhaling those when you go to take a hit, causing your symptoms to get worse.  So, each day, consider rinsing out your mouthpiece to avoid worsening your symptoms.

Don’t Leave Your Setup Outside

Again, because pollen can find its way into any crevice, leaving your setup outdoors during allergy season is a bad idea.  Small amounts of pollen can collect in your tank, meaning that you’re basically vaping pollen-infused vape juice. Needless to say, this won’t help your symptoms at all.  

Make a point to keep your kit inside as much as possible.  Even leaving it in the car can cause pollen to accumulate as pollen can find its way through the cracks of your car doors.

Allergy Vaping Sufferers, There’s Hope for You Yet!

For those who suffer from allergies, vaping outdoors during the springtime can lead to all kinds of unwanted symptoms.  Thankfully, there are some easy ways to ensure that you continue enjoying your vaping life without feeling overwhelmed by watery eyes and a stuffy nose.  Follow these tips for a glorious vaping experience all season long.

Dealing with E-Liquid Evaporation within a Vape Tank

e-juices e-liquids evaporation vape juices vape tank vapes vaping

Dealing with E-Liquid Evaporation within a Vape Tank

Have you ever left your tank somewhere for a few days, only to come back and find that it’s half empty?  If so, you probably allowed the e-liquid to evaporate.  Believe it or not, your juice can most definitely evaporate in your tank if it sits there long enough.  But, luckily, there are some things that you can do to prevent this from occurring so that you don’t end up wasting e-juice.

Why Does E-Juice Evaporate in a Tank?

E-juice is a liquid, and any liquid is prone to evaporation.  However, certain factors can make your e-liquid evaporate at a fairly rapid speed.

You’re Not Vaping Frequently Enough

One culprit is that you’re simply not vaping frequently enough.  If you fill your tank and then leave it for a few days before using it, you’re going to find that your e-liquid is evaporating simply because you’re not going through it quickly enough.  Once your vape juice is in a tank, it will begin to evaporate because a tank is exposed to a lot of oxygen.

Too Much Light or Heat Exposure

Another factor to consider is how much heat and light your tank is exposed to.  Both heat and light speed up the evaporation process.

How to Prevent Your E-Liquid from Evaporating in Your Tank

Now that you know why vape juice evaporates in a tank, it’s time to figure out how to prevent that from happening in the first place.

Pour Your E-Liquid Back into the Bottle

The best thing that you can do is pour the vape juice that’s in your tank back into your bottle when you’re not using your device.  Sure, this can be tedious, but your bottle is really the best place for it to be.

Finish Your Tank’s Worth Before Switching to Another Setup

If you’re prone to switching between different setups regularly, consider finishing the vape juice in your tank before putting it away for another mod system.  Otherwise, you’re just allowing that e-liquid to sit in the tank until you’re ready to use it again.

Leave Your Setup in a Cool, Dark Place

As we said, heat and light speed up the evaporation process.  So, when you’re not actively vaping, try putting your setup in a location that’s cool or dark such as a closet or a bag.

Keep These Tips Handy

While e-liquid is capable of evaporating more quickly when left in a tank, there are some easy steps that you can take to prevent losing too much.  After all, e-juice can get expensive. And, who wants to go to vape, only to find an empty tank? Follow these tips so that you can enjoy your juice purchases to their fullest.

Switching Out E-Liquids in Different Atomizers

atomizers cleaning e-juice e-liquid RBAs RDAs RTAs steps tips vaping vaping

Switching Out E-Liquids in Different Atomizers

Using a rebuildable atomizer comes with loads of advantages.  It allows you to save money by creating your own coils while enabling you to experiment with a wide range of unique coil configurations.  Plus, this type of atomizer allows you to understand vaping technology on a whole new level.

However, when it comes to changing your e-liquid, things aren’t quite as simple as they are when using a conventional sub-ohm tank.  While sub-ohm tanks allow you to simply throw out the coil, rinse out the glass and refill, rebuildable atomizers require a bit more care.

The good news is that it’s fairly easy to change your e-juice while using a rebuildable atomizer.  The key is eliminating any trace of liquid that’s left behind before you add your new flavor. As you’ll see, this process varies depending on whether you’re using an RDA, an RBA or an RTA.


An RDA is made for dripping, so it doesn’t require a ton of effort in order to try a new e-liquid flavor.  And because of the nature of RDAs, all that you have to do is simply remove the cotton wick as it’s saturated in the previous e-liquid.  This will ensure that you don’t taste any of the old e-liquid while trying to enjoy a new flavor.

Sometimes, little cotton fibers will be clinging to the coil after you’ve removed the wick.  These fibers will indeed affect the flavor of your new e-liquid. Luckily, getting rid of them simply requires that you fire your device a couple of times at a low wattage in order to burn them away.


Because an RTA has a juice well, you’re going to need to put just a little more effort into ridding it of traces of e-liquid.  This type of atomizer closely resembles a standard sub-ohm tank; hence the cleaning techniques aren’t that different.

  1. Just like you would with an RDA, completely remove the cotton from the atomizer.  The cotton is still saturated in your last e-liquid, meaning that it will affect the flavor of your new juice.  
  2. Then, burn off any remaining cotton fibers by firing your device at a low wattage a couple of times.
  3. Next, take apart the tank and gently run each piece under water for a few seconds.  To ensure that no traces of e-liquid are left behind, smell each piece of the tank in order to make sure that you can’t detect the scent of your last e-liquid’s flavor.
  4. Finally, carefully dry each piece off and reassemble your atomizer.


An RBA is unique in that it allows you to use conventional, pre-built coils while featuring a build deck so that you can make your own.  When it comes to changing e-liquid with an RBA, the process is exactly the same as cleaning an RTA.

  1. Remove the cotton piece
  2. Burn off excess cotton
  3. Give each component a good rinse.  
  4. Put your atomizer back together and you’re good to go.

Something to Keep in Mind

Many vapers experience some despair at the thought of throwing out a piece of cotton that they’ve only just installed.  If you hate the idea of wasting money, consider saving your cotton wicks for the next time that you will be using that same vape flavor.

Atomizer Cleanliness is Key

In order to truly enjoy the flavor of your new e-liquid, make sure that you thoroughly rid your atomizer of traces of old liquid.

Gentlemen Vapers: 4 Quick Golden Rules of Vaping

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Gentlemen Vapers: 4 Quick Golden Rules of Vaping

Vaping is one of the fastest growing pastimes and hobbies in the world.  As it continues to expand, more people are exploring what our industry has to offer.  With that said, there are certain unwritten rules one should follow in order to have some safe, fun and productive vape sessions.  This list will imbue you, regardless if you’re a novice or "professional" vaper, so let’s get right to it.

Rule #1: Safety

E-juices consist of 4 ingredients:


  • Flavoring
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Nicotine (though some juices contain 0%)  


For your own health and safety, seek out juice manufacturers that pledge to use only natural ingredients in their batches and make sure to figure out what ratio works best for you.  What we me mean is, for example, if you have a PG allergy, your best bet is to vape an e-liquid that is MAX VG.

Rule #2: Nicotine Strength
Nicotine levels in your e-liquid depend on your personal preference.  Heavy cigarette smokers trying to quit should start at the highest doses (typically 24/28g per hit) and wean themselves down as they see fit.  Nicotine can be toxic in high doses, so use these higher levels cautiously.

For very light-smoking users, vaping at a lower nicotine strength between 3mg-6mg is recommended.  Vaping at too high of a level that you’re not accustom to could have some negative effects. If you’re uncertain as to the nicotine content of your e-juice, for your safety, it is recommended you get new juice entirely.

Rule #3: Using Your Vaping Device
Read the manual that comes with your electronic cigarette, mod, vaporizer or even pod system!  There are so many means to vape today, that it can be difficult to gauge otherwise how to properly use your device.  In a unit that has modular temperature settings, the VV/VW applied are very important: too low, and you'll get no vapor.  Too high and the juice will burn, or worse, you'll blow out your coil.

Coils are replaceable, but coil blowouts can be a major frustration.  However, they can also be entirely avoidable, if you know how to properly use your device; meaning how far you can set the wattage level to and the kind of coil being used.  Also, the type of e-liquid being vaped with and the tank that it’s in make a difference. These are just some of the many factors that must be taken into consideration before vaping with a fresh new coil.

Rule #4: Being a Respectful Vaper
As we all know, vaping offers the user, and even the environment a better alternative to traditional cigarettes, but some people are still upset by vapers, especially from mods that billow out heavy clouds.  It’s always a good idea to ask those around you if they mind if you vape. If they do, or there are posted signs that unfortunately include no vaping in the establishment, you may need to step outside in order to vape. However, vapers aren’t confined to the length of a cigarette’s time when it comes to being outside, so you should be back indoors pretty quickly.

Also, always vape in a well-ventilated area and try and clear the air when you're done.  Be courteous and thankful when you’re allowed to vape indoors. Take note, do not vape near areas where it is restricted such as school zones.


Keep These Rules in Mind

By keeping these tips handy, you’re on your way to becoming the perfect and respectful gentleman vaper.