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Why Should Flavoring Be 100% Natural in E-Juices?

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When’s the last time you stopped and thought about the ingredients that were in your vape juice?  Too many of us take this aspect for granted, assuming that companies know what’s best.  But you’d be surprised by how many vape juice brands, including well-known, top-selling ones, use low-quality ingredients in their formulas.

Natural flavoring refers to any flavoring extract that is derived from a natural source, rather than being chemically derived and therefore artificial.

Artificial vs. Natural Flavoring Debate 

This is nothing new.  It’s been a heated argument in the food industry for a long time, with many arguing that artificially flavored snacks and other prepared foods are simply not beneficial to our overall health.  Of course, vaping is different, because these flavoring ingredients don’t actually absorb into our digestive system or provide us with needed nutrients.

Key Advantages

Natural flavoring still has many advantages over artificial ingredients.  Let’s break down those advantages now, so that you can understand why it’s worth it to seek out companies that do use natural flavoring in their e-juices.

Advantage #1: Natural Flavoring Tastes More Like the Real Thing

It’s not surprising that natural flavoring tastes more like the “real thing.”  That’s because e-liquids with natural flavors are giving you the real, true taste of that which you crave.  For instance, there are a lot of grape flavors out there, and a lot of them don’t actually taste like real grapes when you think about it.  This is because the company is using a synthetic flavoring extract made from chemicals, which is carefully mixed to mimic the taste of grapes.  But, at the end of the day, the taste buds know the difference.

Meanwhile, a vape juice company that flavors their grape flavor with a real grape-derived extract is going to give you the ability to enjoy that true grape taste all day long, and this results in a more satisfying vape juice experience overall.

Advantage #2: Natural Flavoring Tends to be Better for You

It’s very easy, not to mention cheap, to produce chemically derived flavors.  The problem is that most vapers don’t know what the chemicals are in the formula, which were used to produce these flavors.  Therefore, you’ll never know which chemicals you’re putting into your body each time you vape an artificially flavored e-liquid, and whether or not those chemicals are good for you in the long-run.

Natural flavors make us feel more comfortable with our vaping hobbies, because we know exactly what it is that we are inhaling into our lungs throughout the day.

Advantage #3: Natural Flavoring is Usually Smoother

Natural flavoring tends to be smoother, meaning that it feels less harsh as it goes down the throat.  This is because a lot of artificial flavoring contains chemicals that are known irritants, and so heating them up in a vaporizer and drawing them into the lungs can cause irritating sensations.

Advantage #4: Natural Flavoring is a Sign of Overall Quality

Natural flavoring is going to cost a brand more than artificial alternatives.  Synthetic flavors are cheap to make, as the chemicals used to produce them are very inexpensive.  Natural flavoring, meanwhile, requires making an extract derived from an abundant amount of the real, natural source.

A company that is committed to using natural flavoring is a company that’s more likely to prioritize quality overall.  If they’re unwilling to rely on cheap, fake flavors to cut costs, this indicates that quality comes first to them.

Advantage #5: Natural Flavoring Produces Better All-Day Vapes

Another thing about artificial flavors is that they tend to get cloying after a while.  They tend to be extremely strong and sweet, and so it doesn’t take long before the palate feels overwhelmed.  Natural flavors are softer and gentler, and therefore easier to vape throughout the day.  

Advantage #6: Natural Flavoring Often Requires Less Sweetener

Often, companies use a lot of sweetener to mask the less-than-appetizing notes of chemically derived flavoring, and so you end up with an e-juice that’s way too sugary, and is so filled with sweetener that the coils get gunked up in your tank.  Natural flavoring allows the true flavor that you know and love to shine, and so it doesn’t need to be masked with extremely sweet ingredients just to be palatable.

Natural Flavoring is Ultimately Superior to Artificial Flavoring

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why it’s worth it to stick to a brand that prioritizes natural ingredients.  At Highbrow Vapor, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering some of the most authentic and clean-tasting e-juices in the world, and most of that comes from our use of natural flavoring.

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