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Why Do Some Vapers Choose to Vape Without Nicotine?

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You may have noticed that practically every juice brand creates e-liquids that have absolutely no nicotine in them. If you're someone who switched to vaping after smoking analogs, you may wonder why a juice without nicotine would be appealing. 

However, there are several advantages to vaping an e-liquid that contains no nicotine. In fact, it's becoming increasingly popular for vapers to ditch nicotine once and for all. Below, you'll find out some of the reasons why.

Thicker, Larger Vape Clouds

If you're someone who wants to exhale those huge, puffy vape clouds, an e-juice that's made without nicotine is the way to go. Nicotine can reduce the viscosity of an e-liquid, making the vapor thinner and sparser. Therefore, if you want to chase clouds, go for an e-juice that doesn't have any nicotine in it. You'll be amazed by the impressive clouds that escape your lips each time you exhale. 

Smoother Vape Sessions

Nicotine can be harsh when vaped at high output levels. For vapers who enjoy vaping at a high wattage or temperature, nicotine can seriously take away from the pleasurable aspects of vaping. It can cause a burning sensation along the throat as well as a deeply unpleasant taste. An e-liquid that contains no nicotine is great for high output settings. The nicotine won't burn or feel harsh going down. Instead, each puff will be as smooth as can be. 

Kicking the Habit

Of course, many vapers who choose to ditch nicotine because they want to kick the habit once and for all. We all know that nicotine is an addictive substance. Vaping allows a person to enjoy the pleasurable sensation of inhaling and exhaling vapor without consuming any tobacco. By dropping the nicotine, vaping can be enjoyed without becoming addictive. Many people who start vaping to once again break their smoking habit find that it's easy to slowly reduce nicotine levels over time. Eventually, they can enjoy serious satisfaction when vaping an e-liquid that doesn't contain nicotine. 

The Benefits Are There

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to vaping an e-juice that's made without nicotine. Whether you're trying to get rid of an addiction or simply want to enjoy puffier clouds, a nicotine-free e-liquid may be what's best for your needs and preferences.

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