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Why are Some E-Liquids Harder to Clean Out of a Vape Tank Than Others?

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If you’re serious about your vaping hobby, you know that a key to maintaining a healthy setup and enjoyable vaping experience is cleaning out your tank regularly.  Ideally, a sub-ohm vape tank should be cleaned out each time you’re about to refill it with a new flavor.  This way, the e-liquid has a fresh taste as it’s free of old juice gunk, and it doesn’t have trace amounts of the old flavor mixed in.

What Happens When You’ve an E-Juice that’s Hard to Clean Out of Your Tank?

Well, that’s when you need to take cleaning a step further, using some sort of cotton swab or similar material to gently break up the debris.  The best way to deal with this annoyance, however, is to avoid e-liquids that are prone to being difficult to clean out.  Let’s talk about the reasons why some vape juices are harder to clean out of tanks than others.

Reason #1: The Amount of Sweetener

One big culprit of stubborn e-liquid in a tank is a high amount of sweetener.  Sweetener is sort of a blanket term that refers to any vape juice ingredient that does nothing but add a sugarier taste to your vapes.  Most sweeteners are low in quality and are used excessively by cheap e-juice brands to make up for a lack of nuance in the flavor profile.  Sweeteners tend to be stickier and thicker than other flavoring ingredients, and so they are more likely to gunk up within your tank.

Reason #2: VG/PG Ratio

The higher the VG level in your e-liquid, the more likely it is that you’ll have some trouble cleaning out your tank.  VG is thicker than PG, and thicker e-liquids are less easy to rinse out, and more likely to turn into juice gunk.

Reason #3: Output Level of Your Mod

Sometimes, it’s not the fault of the e-liquid, but the settings of your device.  Vaping certain e-liquids at output levels that are too high can burn ingredients in the formula, causing the buildup of gunk that coats the inside of the tank.  Generally, e-liquids with more PG content should be vaped at lower output settings than high VG juices.  

Reason #4:  Quality of the Vape Juice

Then, there’s the overall quality of your e-liquid.  Low-quality ingredients are more likely to contain traces of impurities that can burn inside your tank and be difficult to wash out.  That’s why you should always stick with high-quality e-juices from trusted brands.  These formulas are more likely to withstand the high output levels of your vaping system.

Don’t Let Cleaning Your Vape Tank Become a Difficult Chore

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why a particular e-juice might be difficult to clean out of your vape tank.  By knowing what can cause this issue to occur, you can easily prevent it from happening.  Use this guide to know what you should do when it comes to buying your e-juice and maintaining your device.

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