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Why are Pyrex Tanks the Main Choice Amongst Cloud Chasers?

Pyrex Tanks Vape Vaping

If you’re using a sub-ohm vaping setup, then chances are that your tank is made from Pyrex material.  This material has become something of a gold standard when it comes to the way in which vape tanks are constructed.  But why is this the case, especially among cloud chasers?  What’s so unique about this material that makes it practically an essential if you’re vaping at high temps?

What is a Pyrex Tank?

A Pyrex tank refers to a tank that uses Pyrex as the material that encompasses the juice well.  Pyrex was developed in 1915 as a heat-resistant and uniquely sturdy form of glass.  It’s produced by using materials such as boric acid and silica, which are heated for long periods of time to produce a molten material which can then be molded as needed.

Pyrex is known for being extremely difficult to break compared to other glass materials, which is why it’s become so widely used throughout society.  Pyrex is perhaps mostly known as a material for cookware, which allows us to heat food in a glass container.  But now, it’s entered the world of vape hardware, and vapers couldn’t be more grateful.

It’s important to note that sub-ohm tanks are not made solely from Pyrex.  Typically, a tank will utilize stainless steel as a secondary material.

Different Kinds of Pyrex Tanks

As you know by now, the vape hardware market offers loads and loads of vape tanks that are made with Pyrex material.  So, clearly, they each have something unique about them, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a vast variety out there.  

Pyrex tanks can vary in a number of ways: 

  • Size & Shape: We know that different vape tanks have different juice capacities, and this largely has to do with the size of the actual Pyrex piece.  
  • Capacity: Seen with bubble-shaped attachment pieces that come with many of today’s vaping systems.

Also, the vape tanks themselves can be different in several ways: 

  • Many utilize different methods of airflow control
  • Different avenues for refilling the e-liquid
  • Unique mechanisms for installing coils
  • All types of coil compatibility levels

Choosing the right tank for you, therefore, requires vapers to fully understand the design elements and features that you’re looking for.

Why Pyrex Tanks are Particularly Popular Among Cloud Chasers

Pyrex tanks remain an extremely popular choice among cloud chasers mainly for one simple reason: they can handle the high temps that are reached when this type of vaping style is utilized.  Cloud chasing requires that the wattage or temperature level is set very high, as this produces as much vapor as possible per puff.  This method produces a lot of heat, and only a very sturdy, almost unbreakable material can handle the job.

It’s not just that some materials can melt when exposed to these high temperatures.  It’s also that certain materials can give off a harsh flavor if heated too high, which will interfere with the flavor of the vapes.  Therefore, Pyrex really is the only material that can be used if one wishes to chase clouds with as much vapor as possible, as plastics and thinner glasses won’t do the trick.

So, if you plan to vape at high temperatures in order to produce those thick, massive clouds, then only a material sturdy enough to handle the heat will do.  

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