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Which E-Liquid Flavor Combinations Should You Think Twice About Combining?

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One thing we love about vaping is the endless variety of flavor combinations that are available on the market.  We have everything from unique blends of exotic fruits to enticing layered desserts that are as decadent as they are calorie-free.  However, not all e-liquid flavors are meant to be enjoyed together, which is as true as it is for cooking as it is for vaping.

So, are there certain flavors that you should never combine together?  Well, that’s ultimately a subjective question, but there are some general rules that you’ll want to stick to if you want to avoid an absolute disaster when it comes to combining flavor.

Everyone’s Palate is Different

Everyone has a unique palate, so it’s not abnormal for a flavor combination that makes one person queasy to absolutely delight someone else’s taste buds.  Therefore, take the list below as a general guideline rather than hard and fast rules.  This information applies to those who make their own e-liquid, as well as those who engage in flavor-blending, which is the act of combining two different pre-made vape juices together for a more complex taste.

Flavor Combinations That Don’t Usually Work Well

Now, let’s discuss the flavor combinations that are best left in your imagination.

#1: Cream/Custard and Menthol

Generally, custards and creams do not mix well with menthol.  This is because the cooling menthol interacts strangely with the richness of the creams and custards, managing to take away some of that richness in a way that makes you feel like you’re vaping skim milk that’s been chilled in the fridge.  

#2: Citrus and Chocolate

Citrus and chocolate usually don’t go well together, because sour chocolate just isn’t something that appeals to most people’s taste buds.  We know that there is that iconic orange-chocolate dessert that everyone gets around the holidays, which tells us that orange is probably the least offensive chocolate pairing, but still, usually this combo falls flat.  If you must have both, consider vaping two different flavors in different tanks: one that has citrusy notes, and one that satisfies your chocolate cravings.

#3: Coffee and Tropical Fruit

Coffee and tropical fruit definitely do not make for a tasty match.  Just imagine pouring pineapple juice into your morning cup.  Sounds gross, right?  We can say with certainty that almost no vaper would want to attempt this, even if you are a diehard lover of pineapple, mango or some other luscious fruit that grows in the islands.  It is just not a good blend, period.

#4: Caramel and Mint

Caramel and mint may sound nice at first, but when you really think about it, it just does not work.  The combination of these two makes for a very strange taste that is simply unappetizing.  The caramel flavor needs to maintain its sweetness to hit the spot, and the mint tends to take away that sweetness along with the richness.  Meanwhile, the caramel stops the mint from being refreshing.

#5: Candy and Coffee

Candy and coffee are another blend that does not work.  After all, when was the last time you got a candy-flavored espresso drink at the local brewery?  Candy and coffee should stay far away from each other, as they combine to create a strange taste that’s not going to satisfy either your sugar cravings or your coffee-related desires.

#6: Sour Candy and Chocolate

Chocolate just doesn’t work with sour candy, for the same reason it doesn’t work with citrus.  Sour chocolate instantly makes the palate think that the milk in the chocolate has gone rancid, which can lead to a very unappetizing experience, to say the least.

#7: Pastry and Candy

While pastry and fruit go wonderfully together, the same can’t be said for pastry and candy, except in rare cases where you end up with a fluke.

#8: Butter and Most Fruit

The rich and buttery flavor that’s usually added to popcorn or cookies isn’t great with most fruits, like apples, pears and tropical fruits.  It makes the fruit weirdly savory in a way that is unnatural.

Quick Flavorful Thoughts

Yes, vapers are free to explore any flavor combinations they desire, because vaping is all about experimenting to see what satisfies your palate.  But most people will agree that the flavor combinations above simply are not worth even trying.  Stick to flavors that are known to complement each other, as they are already present in our favorite treats.

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