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When to Add and Not Add Flavor Concentrate to an E-Liquid

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Flavor concentrate is a great way to give your e-liquid a bold and rich taste with minimal effort.  Available in small bottles, flavor concentrate is exactly what it sounds like – very concentrated flavoring ingredients, in which a little bit goes a long way.

When most vapers discover flavor concentrate, they get excited and want to add it to every e-liquid that is already in their stash.  But the reality is that in some cases, adding more flavoring to an existing vape juice can do more harm than good.  

As you will see, there are basic rules that are, in fact, easy to follow.  And bear in mind that if you do choose to use flavor concentrate, you should choose one that is made with high-quality ingredients by a trusted brand.  Even if your culinary skills are unmatched, adding a low-quality flavor concentrate to a vape juice won’t help you in any way.  It will just leave you with a disappointing taste that will likely lead to wasted vape juice.

Do Add Flavor Concentrate if…

#1: Your Flavor is Weak

If your e-liquid’s flavor is so weak that it’s hard to detect each note, some flavor concentrate may be just what you need to enjoy it more.  A couple of drops of a flavor that is agreeable with the one in your e-liquid bottle can give you a bolder, more complex taste that instantly takes care of the problem. 

#2: Your Flavor is One-Dimensional

Similarly, if your e-liquid flavor is one-dimensional, some flavor concentrate can add the complexity that you’re looking for.  For instance, if you have a fruit flavor that gives you only a singular tart note, you’ll want to throw in something that’s sweet to balance things out while adding more dimension to the flavor profile.  This is a great use for flavor concentrate.

#3: You’re Feeling Creative

Sometimes, you don’t need to have something wrong with an e-liquid, but you’re just feeling creative and want to experiment.  In this case, by all means, add flavor concentrate and see what happens.  If it doesn’t work out according to plan, bear in mind that you may have wasted e-liquid.

Don’t Add Flavor Concentrate if…

#1: Your Flavor is Bad

If the flavor profile you have is simply unappealing, then flavor concentrate will probably not make things better, so it’s not worth wasting your energy.  It is hard to mask a flavor that is so unappetizing it repulses you, and even after adding flavor concentrate, the taste notes that you do not like will still be there in the final product.

#2: Your Flavor is Too Sweet

Sometimes, an e-liquid would be so much better if it didn’t have so much sweetener in it.  Some companies tend to overdo it with the sweetener, and we all have a different tolerance for sugar.  If your e-liquid flavor is too sugary sweet, adding flavor concentrate likely won’t help, because most concentrates also have some inherent sweetness, even if they’re not notably sweet flavors in general.  

So, if a flavor is too sweet, it’s better to consider it a loss than waste concentrate.

#3: The E-Liquid Already Has a Strong Flavor

If the e-liquid already has a nice, bold flavor, you might want to avoid adding flavor concentrate.  Doing so can make the flavor taste muddy, which is what happens when too many flavor notes are trying to get your palate’s attention at once.  It can also lead to vaper’s tongue, which is when the flavor sensors in your body get so overwhelmed that they cannot taste anything.  

While you may be tempted to try out a flavor concentrate on a flavor profile that you already love, this will more than likely not benefit you in any way.

Flavor Concentrate Comes in Handy in a Vaper’s Life

Overall, it’s not always necessary to add a flavor concentrate to an e-liquid, and sometimes, it can make matters worse.  By knowing when you should and shouldn’t add it to your vape juice, you’ll be able to maintain consistently satisfying flavor as you go from one e-juice to the next.

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