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When Should a Vaper Increase, Decrease or Stick to the Same Nicotine Milligram Strength in their Freebase E-Liquids?

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As any experienced vaper will tell you, the key to having a happy vaping lifestyle is the willingness to experiment.  With so many different kinds of devices, e-liquid flavors, VG/PG ratios and more to choose from, most of us tend to go through a period of trial and error before finding our sweet spot at last.  This is especially true when it comes to the nicotine strength of the e-liquid you’re vaping, as a key appeal of vaping is its ability to supply users with the nicotine that they’re used to getting from cigarettes.

Many new vapers find that there comes a time when they wonder if they should switch their nicotine strength.  Today, we’ll be talking about whether or not this is the right choice, and if you should go up or down with your milligram strength, or simply stick to the one that you’re already vaping at.

Increase your Nicotine Strength if…

…You’re Chain-Vaping 

If you’re chain-vaping, that may be a sign that the nicotine strength is too low to satisfy your needs.  It often means that you’re not satisfying your nicotine cravings with just a few hits, and so it requires many, many puffs in order to get the right nicotine amount in your system.

…You’re Craving Cigarettes

If you find yourself still yearning for cigarettes, chances are that you’re not vaping at a high enough level of nicotine.  The right nicotine strength will satisfy your cravings so that you don’t desire cigarettes any longer.

Decrease Your Nicotine Strength if…

…You’re Feeling Dizzy or Unwell After Vaping

You might want to decrease your nicotine strength if you feel dizzy, wired, nauseous, anxious or shaky after vaping several puffs of e-liquid.  These symptoms often indicate that you’re taking in more nicotine than your body is used to, and so you’re experiencing the effects of nicotine poisoning, which is not dangerous but unpleasant for a brief period of time.  

…You’re More Interested in Cloud-Chasing than Nicotine Intake

Many new vapers don’t know this, but the higher the nicotine strength, the thinner your clouds will be.  If you’re not primarily focused on nicotine, but prefer to blow big clouds, than you can lower the amount of nicotine that you vape.

Stick to the Same Nicotine Milligram Strength if…

…You’re Satisfied with Your Vapes Overall

If you’re happy with your vaping experience, there’s no need to adjust the nicotine strength in your vapes.  Clearly, you’ve already found your sweet spot, so there’s no need to mess with it and risk having an unpleasant vaping session.  

…You’re Still Getting the Hang of Your Setup

Another reason to stick to your nicotine strength is because you’re just starting to get used to your new vaping setup.  There are many factors that can determine how satisfied we feel when we vape, with the nicotine strength being just one of them.  Get used to your setup and all of its various settings before deciding if the nicotine strength is the culprit.


If you’re a vaper who is unsure as to whether or not they’re vaping at the right milligram strength for their needs, use this guide to figure it out.  After all, if you want to continue to enjoy your vaping hobby, finding the right nicotine strength is paramount.

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