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When’s It Time to Put a New Battery in Your Vaping Device: Before or After?

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No matter how well we maintain our vaping systems, there comes a time when we need to replace our batteries.  Even the most advanced and well-built vaping setups cannot prevent a battery from eventually dying, as no battery is made to last forever.  What’s important is that vapers know when their battery needs to be replaced, so that they don’t run into issues that can lead to damaged equipment.

But, is it better to install that brand-new, perfectly fresh battery before or after your vape session?

Knowing When It’s Time to Put a New Battery in Your Device

First, let’s talk about when you should replace your vape battery.

Case #1: Device is Acting Up

Often, a dying battery will cause problems within your device, because it simply cannot supply enough power to the device to ensure that it acts efficiently.  You may find that your hits are weak, you’re getting error messages, or your device simply can’t read the battery that’s installed.

Case #2: Battery is Dying Way Too Quickly

Another sure sign that your battery is on its way out is that it’s dying very quickly, rather than holding a charge for the amount of time that you’re used to.  This means that its capacity is getting depleted, and it no longer has the power to give you long-lasting vaping sessions.

Case #3: Battery is Leaking 

The most urgent sign of all that your battery needs to be replaced is that it’s leaking battery acid.  This isn’t just annoying – it can be dangerous if left unchecked.  If this is happening with your battery, replace it immediately, and handle it with care.

Putting a Fresh Battery into Your Device: Should You Wait Until After Your Vaping Session, or Install it Before?

Now, we’ll be answering that question.

If You’re Using a Box Mod Setup

If you’re using a box mod setup, you’ll want to put a fresh new battery in prior to having a vaping session.  Box mods require a lot of power to operate, being the most high-output devices of all.  A fresh battery allows you to enjoy the high output levels that you need to enjoy your vaping session. 

If You’re Using a Pod Mod System

If you’re using a pod mod, you’ll also want to change the battery prior to vaping.  While pod mods don’t use nearly as much power as box mods, a weak battery can still prevent you from taking in enough vapor, and being able to enjoy a vaping session over a long period of time.  Note that most pod mods use integrated batteries, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to how to replace the battery.

If You’re Using a Portable Vaporizer

The same is true for portable vaporizers, regardless of their output levels.  Portable vaporizers need a healthy battery to properly vaporize the product and supply enough vapor per puff.  This means that if the battery is dead or dying, you’ll want to replace it before enjoying your next vaping session.

The One Exception

There’s one instance in which you should wait until after you’re done vaping to install your new battery, and it’s if you’re still not sure whether or not the battery truly needs to be replaced in the first place.  Many times, we tend to run out and buy a new battery because our device is acting a little funny, and we don’t actually wait it out to see if the battery is in fact the problem.  If your device is behaving strangely, turn off your device and come back to it an hour later to see if the problem is resolved.  Sometimes, a device can become overheated, or a connection can be loose, which will create symptoms similar to that of a dying battery.

Your Battery When Vaping Should Always Be at Its Best 

As you can see, it’s almost always better to install a fresh battery before you begin your next vaping session, rather than after.  This is especially the case if your vape battery is flat-out dead, or, even worse, leaking.  Staying on top of your battery, and installing it at the appropriate time, is key to maintaining a healthy vaping setup.

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