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What Our Kids Will Say About Our Pop Culture

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Cool DadDo you remember your parents saying something along the lines of back in my day we didn't do things like that? At some point in time or another, everyone has heard about what things were like when their parents were growing up. Things aren't going to be much different for your children. You will find yourself talking about all of the things that you grew up with when you were a kid and what the times were like. Then, you will notice your children making the same faces you made when your parents talked about things back in the good old days.

Sure, times are changing and what might be cool now isn't going to be so cool when your kids are in their late teens and early twenties. You can almost guarantee they are going to look at you like you are some type of a looney bird. After all, how could the cha-cha slide ever be cool? No one possibly dances like that anymore. Today, it's all about twerking and throwing your body around in such a way it looks like you are going to break your back.

Then there are the television shows that you grew to know and love. If you were to ask your kids what they know about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, they are going to say who are you talking about? While Will Smith was widely known for his role in the show, that isn't what your kids are going to remember him for. They are going to remember him for any one of the countless movies he did today. Kids today aren't watching the same type of television you watched growing up. Just like you didn't watch the shows your parents did. The values and lessons behind the shows are constantly changing and evolving, but not necessarily in a good way.

Oh, and we can't forget about the music industry. While Mariah Carey was a beloved pop icon for so long, she has dwindled to the back pages in comparison to the music gurus that are entering the music scene today. Your kids aren't going to want to listen to your slow, easy-listening music. They want music that is loud, full of bass and words that you can't understand half the time. Well, most of them anyway.

However, there is one thing from culture today that is going to remain a time-honored tradition: vaping. Your children will enjoy being able to sit outside on the back porch and gaze up at the stars as you enjoy a vape together. Who knows? You might even find a flavor that you both love. Vaping is a great way to unwind from the stress of the day and it gives you something that you can both enjoy. While some things are destined to go out of style and grow old, there will always be those things that will continue being loved and cherished for years to come. Vaping just happens to be one of the things that your children will be able to appreciate years from now and even when they have their own children.

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