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What Makes a Vaper Gravitate Toward a Specific E-Liquid Flavor?

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One of our favorite things about vaping by far is that it allows us to choose from a huge selection of e-liquid flavors.  This is, in fact, what entices most people away from smoking and toward vaping.  There are literally thousands of unique flavors on the market, and many love trying as many as possible in order to enjoy some variety.

But then, there are vapers who simply prefer one type of e-juice profile, and they stick to it throughout their vaping career.  Most often, there’s a very good reason for this. 

Types of Flavors

Let’s examine each type of vape juice flavor, and determine why a person may choose to stick with this type of flavor without any deviation.

Tobacco Flavors

It’s easy to understand why so many people stick to tobacco flavors.  Most vapers start with tobacco flavors, because they just quit smoking and trying to recreate the experience of using tobacco as closely as possible.  They find that a tobacco flavor truly keeps away real tobacco cravings as they continue to experience their vaping hobby.

Fruit Flavors

Fruit flavors come in all varieties, offering everything from lush berry blends to tropical fusions that tantalize and titillate.  Fruit flavors appeal to those who like fresh, natural-tasting e-liquids, and don’t desire something that’s overly sweet.  Many fruity vapes truly invigorate and rejuvenate the senses, while giving the illusion of something quenching the thirst.  Therefore, sticking with fruit flavors makes perfect sense.

Candy Flavors

Ah, candy flavors.  Who can deny that they are one of the best things about vaping?  So many of us once indulged away in sugary candies, until we realized that our dental bills were getting more and more expensive, and our waistlines weren’t exactly pleased.  By vaping a candy flavor, we can experience all of that wonderful sweetness without the calories or cavity-inducing sugar content.  And, so many candy flavors out there are inspired by real candies that we once ate by the bagful, which makes us feel like we’re savoring the real thing.

Dessert Flavors

Like candy flavors, dessert flavors allow us to indulge in the taste of something exquisite and decadent without the guilt.  So many of us have a nagging sweet tooth, and if we were to indulge it whenever a craving began calling, then we would have some serious health issues.  Therefore, it makes sense that so many people prefer to stick with dessert flavors, as they double as a way to manage those pesky cravings that can lead to serious calorie intake.  

Menthol Flavors

If someone once vaped menthol cigarettes, then they’re very likely to want menthol vapes.  That sensation is nothing short of exhilarating, and so many people become hooked on it.  Menthol vapes offer a guiltless way to experience that chilly sensation without having to rely on real tobacco.  Even non-menthol smokers love menthol flavors because that cooling feeling along the throat is really unique and pleasurable, not to mention deeply refreshing.

Cream Flavors

Cream flavors are beloved by many, with many people choosing them exclusively.  It’s easy to understand why – creamy vapes offer an added layer of luxury as the cream feels like it’s actually soaking into the tongue.  

True One-Track Flavorful Desires

As you can see, it’s far from unusual to gravitate toward and stick to a particular vape flavor.  That’s just one of the many wonderful things about vaping – it allows us to satisfy our cravings in a uniquely guilt-free way.  If you love one of the flavors above, then there’s no shame in committing to it and exploring the many exciting ways to enjoy it.

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