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What is E-Liquid Dilution?

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Today’s vapers are far more particular than those of ten years ago, when the vaping industry was first getting started, and for good reason.  As the vaping industry has advanced over the years, we’ve come up with a wider variety of e-juice formulas, offering different VG/PG ratios, nicotine levels, flavor combinations and more.  With such a huge array on the market, it’s natural that vapers have found that some types of formulas are better suited to their tastes and preferences than others.

A new trend in the vaping market is e-liquid dilution, and while it’s not something that every vaper desires, it does have benefits that appeal to specific types of vape enthusiasts.  In short, e-liquid dilution is simply diluting a vape juice formula with more VG or PG, or both, depending on the vaper’s preferences.  The main objective with this practice is to dilute the nicotine that’s in the vape juice, but it also dilutes the flavor, which is what some people desire as there are vapers out there who like a more mellow taste, especially if they are uniquely sensitive to sweetness.

What’s the Purpose of E-Liquid Dilution?

Every vaper has their own tastes when it comes to their vaping experience.  Some vapers desire high levels of nicotine while others find that even average amounts are simply too much for them.  Some vapers want a super strong and rich flavor, while others are sensitive to the sweetness that most e-juices are made with.  

E-liquid dilution allows a vaper to take any existing vape juice and dilute it to weaken the nicotine and flavor components.  Let’s say there’s a flavor profile that a company makes that a vaper absolutely adores.  But they find that after a couple of hits, those sugary notes are just too much for their taste buds to handle.  E-liquid dilution mellows out that flavor so that the vaper can still enjoy the unique flavor profile created by the company, but in a way that doesn’t quickly overwhelm their palate.

The same concept applies to the nicotine content.  Most e-juice brands produce their liquids in a variety of nicotine levels, if they’re freebase nic vape juices.  Salt nic e-juices typically come in just one or a couple of different milligram strengths.  But, with e-liquid dilution, those who are particularly sensitive to nicotine can continue to enjoy their favorite flavor profile with a weaker nicotine hit per puff.

How is E-Liquid Diluted?

E-liquid is diluted with its base ingredients, which are PG and VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin).  These two ingredients make up the base of any vape juice, being flavorless and odorless.  Most vape juice formulas contain about 10 percent flavoring, and the nicotine strength varies.  Adding more VG and/or PG to the formula dilutes this flavoring level, along with the nicotine that’s in the e-juice.

Can a Vaper Request a Diluted E-Liquid from a Brand or Store?

Some companies and vape shops will dilute the e-liquid for you upon request.  But, you should never expect that any business is willing to do this for you.  It is something that you can try asking, as most of these businesses do keep VG and PG around. 

Can a Vaper Dilute the E-Liquid Themselves?

You can certainly dilute the e-liquid yourself.  This gives you more control over the end product, as you can tweak it meticulously until it’s just right.  But know that there’s room for error if you go the DIY route.

First, you need to make sure you have the highest-quality VG and PG possible.  Go with food or pharmaceutical grade options from a trusted source.  Remember that VG and PG should never have a flavor, color or odor.

Now, you can experiment with different dilutions.  The reason why we say “experiment” is because it’s hard to know the exact dilution formula that will suit your preferences until you try different formulas and test each one.  

Keep in mind that VG and PG serve different purposes, with the former thickening up e-juice and making it more friendly to high wattages, with PG doing the opposite.  So, keep this information in mind when adding these ingredients to your vape juice.  We do recommend starting out with a small dilution batch of just a few milliliters before diluting a larger amount, just in case you’re not happy with the initial results.

E-liquid Dilution is a Practice that’s Growing Exponentially

Vapers are discovering that there are various easy ways to improve their vaping experiences based on their preferences.  If you’re interested in e-liquid dilution because of how it changes the vape juice’s formula, you can seek out a company that will do it for you, or try doing it yourself with high-quality VG and PG if you’re feeling adventurous.

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