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What Happens if Your E-Liquid Freezes in Your Vape Tank?

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As we are still in the depth of the cold winter months, many of us are forced to vape outdoors, enduring freezing temperatures so that we can enjoy some blissful clouds.  While vaping outdoors is perfectly fine, sometimes we accidentally leave our device outside for too long, during which time freezing temperatures may potentially take their toll on our hardware.

Why E-Liquid May Freeze in a Tank

E-liquid is made up of these main ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring and nicotine (unless the juice is nicotine-free).  Because of these ingredients, vape juice does have a freezing point, and its exact freezing point depends on the configuration of these ingredients.  Most vape juice will freeze somewhere around 10 degrees, but some can freeze a bit above that.

If you leave your vape tank outdoors while it has e-juice in it when the weather is below freezing, it’s just a matter of time before it freezes if it reaches too low of a temperature.  This can include leaving your vaping setup in your car, inside a shed or an unheated garage.

Is Frozen E-Liquid Bad, or Dangerous?

While frozen e-liquid cannot be vaped, it’s not dangerous or “bad” in the sense that the e-liquid will now be ruined.  Do not even both trying to vape frozen e-juice, however, because as long as the juice is a solid, it cannot saturate the coil, and if the coil isn’t saturated, firing your device will just burn your coil out, causing it to waste a perfectly good one.  While it may seem like firing a device is the best way to heat up the frozen liquid, that simply is not the case.

The jury is still out as to whether or not frozen vape juice can expand in a way that damages your tank.  Some say that this can only happen if the tank is completely full, and some say that it cannot happen at all.  Either way, you should, understandably, avoid leaving your vaping system outdoors in the cold overnight.  Besides its effects on your vape juice, it can also damage the internals of the device itself.

What You Should Do if You Have Frozen Vape Juice in Your Tank

If you somehow forgot to bring in your vape tank and allowed the juice to freeze, the best thing that you can do is wait.  Typical thawing methods used for other items are not going to be good for your vaping system, such as microwaving it, which is downright dangerous due to its battery and metal parts, as well as submerging it in cool water, for obvious reasons.  

The good news is that the e-liquid in your tank is only a couple of milliliters, and so it won’t take that long to thaw.  The warmer the ambient temperature of your home, the faster it will thaw, so if you really need to vape again, consider putting your home’s heater at a warmer temperature for a while to speed up the process.  Similarly, leaving the device nearby, but not adjacent to a heating vent can accelerate the thawing period.  

Frozen E-Liquid Inside a Tank is Not a Danger, But It’s an Annoyance  

So, the best way to avoid this issue is to pay extra attention to where your vape setup is during the cold months of the winter.  The worse-case scenario could be a damaged tank, but the most likely issue is that you will not be able to vape for a couple of hours. 

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