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What Can Cause an ELiquid to Become Overly Sweet?

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Have you ever been dying to try a new e-liquid, only to find that as soon as you take in a nice cloud, it’s overly sweet to the point of being unpleasant?  Unfortunately, this is not an unusual complaint among a lot of the vaping community. Overly sweet vapes are definitely out there, and it always has to do with the way in which the e-liquid was made.

E-Juice Sweetness Factors

Today, we’ll be talking about why some e-liquids can be overly sweet while others have the perfect balance.  While it’s extremely hard to know beforehand whether or not a vape will be too sweet for your liking, what we can say is that the key to avoiding this issue is to go with premium e-liquid brands known for using high-quality ingredients.

Reason #1: Sweetener That Was Used

One crucial factor in determining the sweetness level of an e-liquid is the type of sweetener that was used.  A lot of companies use an additional sweetener ingredient on top of the flavoring extracts, and the quality of the sweetener can make a very big difference.  Cheaper sweeteners tend to be too sweet and can have an artificial taste that certainly doesn’t help matters.

Reason #2 Sweetness of Each Ingredient

Another factor is the sweetness level of each individual flavoring ingredient.  Making an e-liquid flavor is all about balance, and some companies ignore this rule of thumb by throwing in a number of different flavoring extracts that are all extremely sweet on their own.  The result? A vape juice that’s so sweet, you can’t even taste the individual flavoring extracts. Making matters worse, some companies use a bunch of extremely sweet flavoring extracts and add more sweetener on top of it.

Reason #3: VG Content

Vegetable glycerin is naturally sweet, and many vapers report that high VG vape juices have a higher sweetness level than e-liquids with a more balanced ratio.  Now, we understand that a lot of our customers choose high VG options because they are cloud-chasers. Therefore, rather than sacrificing that VG content, you can simply opt for e-liquids that have flavor profiles that are less sweet than others.  You can also consider bringing that VG level down in increments until you end up with the best of both worlds: a flavor profile that isn’t too sweet, and the right amount of thick vapor to satisfy your cloud-chasing goals.

A Sweet Balance is Key

Overly sweet vapes are rarely enjoyable and getting through them can be nothing short of laborious.  If you don’t want to waste money on e-juices that are overly sweetened, try to stick to brands that have a reputation for producing high-quality flavors using the best ingredients.  At Highbrow Vapor, you can bet on well-balanced flavors that never taste overly sweet.

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