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Ways to Properly Troubleshoot an Open Draw-Activated Pod Mod

Draw-Activated E-Liquid Pod Mod Pod System Troubleshooting

The trend of draw-activated pod mods has attracted even more people to vaping than ever before, because this type of system is designed to be extremely easy to use, simple to maintain and capable of delivering high-impact hits of nicotine throughout the day with just about no effort whatsoever.  

Draw-activated pod systems allow us to simply pull on a mouthpiece to get in the right amount of vapor, rather than having to deal with a firing button.  And, the technology behind them is relatively simple compared to more advanced box mod setups, making them a more enticing choice to those who don’t consider themselves to be tech-savvy.

However, even top-quality draw-activated pod devices from highly reputable companies can give you some problems now and again.  After all, technology is technology, and sometimes there is an error that needs to be addressed.  The good news is that because these pod systems are so simple, they are usually quite simple to fix when a problem does arise. 

Troubleshooting A Leaking Pod

The most common complaint when it comes to using this type of system is that the pod is leaking.  The pod can leak through the mouthpiece, causing e-liquid to end up in the user’s mouth, or it can leak through the sides, making a mess.  E-liquid can also leak through the bottom of the pod, which can interrupt its connection to the battery.

#1: Charge Your Battery

Many people are surprised to learn that a lot of times, a leaking pod is caused by a low battery.  It makes sense though, when you consider the relationship between the battery and the pod.  The lower your battery, the harder it is for the battery to enable the vaporization process.  This means that each pull isn’t fully converting into vapor, and instead comes out of the mouthpiece in the form of liquid.

#2: Handle the Pod Properly 

Many of us get into the habit of squeezing our pods when there is an air bubble that’s blocking airflow.  However, squeezing your pod can force e-liquid out of it and all over your hands if you’re not careful.  If you can see an air bubble in your pod, then consider tapping or flicking it gently instead of squeezing it.

#3: Take Smaller and Less Frequent Pulls 

Perhaps the biggest culprit behind a leaky pod is the way in which you hit it.  Pulling too hard can bring up more liquid than can vaporize before it enters through the mouthpiece.  Further, chain-vaping can cause your pod to leak because it’s preventing the coil from cooling down between each puff, causing the coil to fail to properly vaporize each hit.

#4: Check the Coil  to Make Sure That It’s Not Dying

Some pod systems use interchangeable coils, while others have coils built into the pod.  This means that depending on the setup you have, either the pod itself or the coil needs to be switched out pretty regularly.  If your coil is dead, its wick can no longer properly absorb e-liquid, and it will end up flooding as a result.  Other signs that your coil is dying include poor flavor, dry hits and spitting or gurgling when you inhale.

Troubleshooting a Pod that Just isn’t Hitting

Sometimes, we go to take a hit and nothing happens.  We get no airflow whatsoever, and certainly no vapor or flavor.  The good news is usually, this is a simple issue to fix.

#1: Make Sure There is a Strong Connection

It’s possible that your pod and battery aren’t thoroughly connected.  If your pod connects to the battery magnetically, make sure that you feel that magnetic attachment actually secure, as sometimes simply slipping the pod into place is not enough.  If you have one that snaps into place, then you’ll need to make sure that the metal components are actually touching one another.  Look at the bottom of the pod and find the metal connectors, and make sure they aren’t pushed in toward the pod.  If they are, gently pull them out slightly so that they can make physical contact with the metal connection of your pod mod. 

#2: Check for a Clog

If that doesn’t work, investigate the mouthpiece.  Sometimes, a piece of debris or juice gunk can get into the airhole and prevent the pod from hitting.  Grab a toothpick and gently try to dislodge anything that’s stuck in there.  Or, even try blowing into the mouthpiece to break up something that’s causing a clog.

Don’t Just Toss Away that Pod Mod: Try to Fix It Instead 

Draw-activated pod systems tend to cause less errors than more advanced setups, but sometimes things happen.  Luckily, pod systems are easy to fix, especially when they are draw-activated, because there just isn’t much too them technologically speaking.  If experiencing any of the above issues, the solutions are extremely easy so that you can get back to vaping in no time.

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