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Vaping with your Best Bud


Your times with your best friend are probably some of the most precious in your life because you've got a mate who understands everything about you. In fact, you'd probably agree that your best friend is more like family. So, what better way to celebrate your precious moments together than a special day with your best friend? After all, there's Valentine's Day, Parent's Day and Mother's Day –– so why not a special Best Friend's Day? Come August 15th, you'll have a special day to celebrate with your best friend. And here are some ultra cool ways to spend it together.

Take A Trip To Your Happiest Spots Together

You'll probably have a couple of happy spots where you'll have carved special memories together and turned ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. So, why not walk down memory lane at some of your favorite hotspots? Start at your favorite college haunt or favored pub. Perhaps spend some time in the park where you two jogged together every morning before class. You and your best friend know best what spots are special to your friendship. Re-live them this Best Friend's Day!

Go To A Sports Game Together

Spent many days cheering for your school's baseball or basketball team together? Bring those memories back with a visit to a local sports game and turn into cheering fans –– whether you know who's playing or not. The idea is to spend the day with your best friend by your side. If you don't want to watch the game, why not head out to a golf course or swimming pool to unwind and make new memories?

Stay Indoors And Rent A Great Feel-Good Movie Together

If you both aren't in the mood to go out, why not consider staying indoors and enjoying a great feel-good movie? Order a delicious dinner and stay glued to the television as you both enjoy an old Western classic or a hilarious slapstick comedy. You can even get a board game out after the movie to bring back some of that old and healthy rivalry.

Plan A Barbecue Together

Who doesn't love a good barbecue session with good company? Even the simplest one will make you smile when you have your best mate around. You can either get marinated meats from the supermarket or you can prepare them on your own. Simply take off to a nearby park or spend some time with beers in your backyard.

Once you've enjoyed these ultra cool ways to spend time with your best mate on Best Friend's Day, the icing on your cake is the opportunity to unwind with some fabulous vapes available. If you enjoy fruit flavors, try some enthralling flavors like pure pear, raspberry and blueberry. If you're a coffee junkie, you can try the Cappuccino Diablo. Love desserts? Try the caramel cake, caramel or cheesecake torte.

Best Friend's Day is a truly special day, so celebrate your special friendship with some delightful vapes that you both can enjoy together. Visit our store and choose from the innumerable e-liquids available to you – as you enjoy a fabulous end to a perfect day together.

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