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Vaping News: What’s Going on in California and New Jersey

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By now, most of us are well aware of the current war on vaping.  Due to a string of respiratory illnesses over recent months, state legislators are proposing various ways to restrict the sales of vaping goods.  Of course, as we know, these illnesses have nothing to do with popular e-cigarette and commercial vaping products, as they’ve all been linked back to illegal, black-market THC vape cartridges, which have absolutely nothing to do with the vaping industry that we know and love.  

If you’ve been following recent developments, you know that both New Jersey and California are trying to pass new legislation that would restrict the sales of flavored vape cartridges.

New Jersey

New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy has been outspoken in regards to his disdain for vaping for some time now, claiming not too long ago that there’s no such thing as a safe vaping product.  Now, he aims to make it harder for vapers to continue their hobby. For one thing, he’s following in the footsteps of the federal government by enacting a flavor ban statewide. Additionally, he’s looking to limit the amount of nicotine that can legally be sold in the form of e-liquid products.  As of now, there’s no legal limit regarding how much nicotine can be in a vape cartridge. The new proposal, which experts expect to become law within a matter of days, would require that vape cartridges cannot contain more than 2 percent nicotine.


Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom is looking to make vaping products less accessible by subjecting them to a relatively high sales tax.  The motivation, according to his office, is to make it harder for young people to obtain vaping products. However, this would obviously hurt adult vapers who are legally allowed to vape as a way to stay off of cigarettes.

Supposedly, Governor Newsom aims to charge an additional two dollars for every 40mg of nicotine sold.  This would make vape cartridges cost about the same as a pack of cigarettes. It’s worth pointing out that this new bit of legislation would not go into effect until this time next year.

What Vapers Can Do

Both governors claim that their primary motivation behind making vaping less accessible is to curb vaping among minors, which both see as an epidemic.  However, as we know, the vaping industry targets adult cigarette smokers looking for an easy way to quit. Making vaping products less accessible to the general public hurts these responsible users, and probably increases the likelihood of them going back to cigarettes, which are known to claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

So, how can vapers fight back?  Well, the best way is to call your elected officials and demand that they reconsider their choices.  Many elected officials are relatively uninformed when it comes to the realities of vaping, and your eagerness to share facts about vaping can help sway their opinions in the favor of the vaping industry.  We also suggest searching for local vaping advocacy groups and joining in on their fight, as they’re highly organized and have the resources to change opinions regarding the industry.

We Must Make Our Voices Heard!

Both New Jersey and California have declared a war on vaping with new proposals that restrict sales.  As vapers, we need to speak out against legislation that hurts the industry that we know and love. If you live in one of these states, speak to your elected officials in order to share the truth about vaping.

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