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Vaping and Weddings – The Next Big Trend

couples vaping wedding

Vaping is more popular than it ever has been, so it’s not surprising that we are seeing this hobby grow in the mainstream world.  One particular trend that we’re fascinated by is vaping being used as a component of a couple’s wedding. If both parties are avid vapers, it’s understandable that they wanna find a way to incorporate this activity into their big day.

So, is a tribute to a couple’s vaping hobby at a wedding cringeworthy or inspiring?  As you’ll discover, there may be a deeper meaning behind this trend than you might think.

Ways Couples are Flaunting Their Vaping Hobby During Their Big Day

If you don’t peruse wedding blogs on a regular basis, you may not know that a lot of couples are using their vaping hobby to enhance their big day.  In fact, couples are finding very creative ways to show off their mods and their cloud-chasing abilities.

One trend that we can’t get enough of is incorporating those cloud-chasing skills into wedding photos.  After all, no one can deny that clouds look cool. Brides and grooms are creating gorgeous patterns with their vapor that make those photos look incredibly unique and, quite simply, breathtaking.

Then, there are couples who are blowing clouds as they walk down the aisle, creating a gorgeous trail of fluffy vapor that follows them once they’ve completed their vows.  

There May Be More to this Trend Than Meets the Eye

If you’re thinking that this wedding vaping trend sounds a bit superficial, you might want to consider why couples may find this hobby so meaningful that they want to make it part of their day.  Remember that for many people, vaping represents the end of an era during which they were hopelessly addicted to cigarettes. Many people feel extremely proud of the fact that they were able to use this technology to ditch that smoking habit for good.

If a couple shares a mutual love for vaping, there’s a good chance that they picked up this hobby in an effort to quit smoking together.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that many couples find a lot of meaning behind incorporating this hobby into their wedding. It represents the fact that the couple managed to pull off an incredibly difficult feat, using each other as support.

Incorporating vaping into a couple’s wedding photos has extra significance.  Most couples hang their wedding portraits in their homes. If those wedding portraits feature a couple’s vaping hobby, they serve as constant reminders of the fact that the couple managed to quit smoking.  

How to Incorporate Vaping into Your Wedding

If you’re going to be getting married soon and want to show off your mutual vaping hobby on the big day, we first recommend searching the internet to see what other couples have done and using these images as sources of inspiration.  If you wish to feature your vaping skills in your wedding photos, make sure that you tell your photographer ahead of time as they will want to come up with the best way to capture your impressive clouds. And, don’t forget to get creative!

Walking Down that Vaping Aisle

With more people ditching their cigarettes in favor of vaping each year, we don’t see this vaping trend at weddings slowing down anytime soon.  If you and your soon-to-be spouse are both vapers, you can take inspiration from this article and find a creative way to incorporate your mutual hobby into your big day.  Remember that for many couples, vaping represents something much larger than cool-looking clouds.

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