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Vapes for Your Seasonal Mood

Winter DepressionFall is in full swing, and along with it come darker mornings and cooler temperatures at night. Beyond just the shorter days and cooler temperatures, people also have to deal with busier schedules and the upcoming hustle and bustle of the three big holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Often, your whole schedule and routine changes. Your expectations are altered. Many find themselves feeling more depressed, withdrawn, socially isolated and angry. 

Spring is often considered a season of new beginnings for some. It's a time when many feel happy, alive, invigorated and hopeful about the new beginnings around them. Yet, many consider fall to be their new beginning. Fall allows you to reflect on the summer and everything you got to do with your loved ones. It's also a time where you need to prepare for the impending winter and everything that lies ahead. Fall also tends to be a time when you might find yourself being more depressed, isolated and alone because there isn't as much going on around you.

You probably don't even realize how much of an impact temperature and light have on your body. Everyone needs warmth and light for their bodies to thrive and survive. Higher temperatures can make someone who suffers with depression feel alive and invigorated. However, there are also negative effects of the changing temperatures as well. When the weather gets warmer outside, there is a 4% increase in violence and a 14% increase in inter-group conflicts. Rain tends to make people more aggressive and makes them lash out more for no reason.

Take a step back and think about the amount of light you desire and what your ideal temperature is. While some might love the hot weather and bright sun, others prefer less intense sun and cooler temperatures outside. Some find themselves to be more physically active during the winter, while others tend to stay inside until spring and summer roll back around. It doesn't matter what your individual preference is.

The key is knowing how the changing seasons are going to affect you and what you can do about it. For those who prefer to stay inside during the fall and winter, consider trying an e-liquid that correlates with the changing seasons. A pumpkin or latte vape might be delicious around October, while an apple or berry vape would go great during the holidays in November and December.

Instead of struggling through the changing seasons and allowing your mood to get the best of you, there are things that you can do to enjoy the different seasons and embrace them for what they are. If you start feeling moody, struggle to sleep, lack energy, feel hopeless or generally feel depressed, you need to start focusing on the things that you can do to turn things around for the better. Fighting the winter blues is simple when you have your favorite e-liquid by your side. There is no time like the present to check out some of the awesome new flavors out there. You can warm yourself and relax your mind while hanging out with your loved ones.

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