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Vapers Voting Guide

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Election DayIt seems like all anyone has been talking about for months is the upcoming presidential election. While you will be voting for a new president of the country, there is much more going on than just that. There are a number of other initiatives that are going to be on the ballot this November.  Whether you typically vote on election day or not, it's important to get to the polls this year and make your vote count.

Going to the polls this year could affect the way you vape. If you haven't heard about the initiatives, there is no time like the present to get informed to make sure you don't vote for something you wish you hadn't. You also don't want to sit idly by and watch as you get hit with even higher prices because you didn't know how to vote.

There is an initiative that you are going to see on the ballot this November 8th that is aimed at raising the tax on a pack of cigarettes in in California by $2 per pack. While that might be the price in California, each state will have their own set of rules and pricing guidelines for how it is going to affect those individuals in the area. This is just the start of another expensive battle between the public health advocates and the tobacco industry.

While you might be thinking, "This law is about the price of cigarettes.  Why should I care since I only purchase vaping products?"  That isn't exactly the extent of it. The initiative also affects vaping products. So, regardless of whether you smoke a traditional cigarette or you prefer vaping, the law could change the amount you are going to pay for your products. So, come this November when you go to vote for the president, you might want to make sure you know how to vote on the tobacco initiative.

There are already enough signatures to put the initiative on the ballot, so there is no question that it is going to loom over voters this November. The only question is how are you going to vote?  Back in 2006, California voters were asked about whether they would vote to increase the tax on cigarettes. The tobacco industry was able to defeat the initiative, but not without spending $66.6M in the process. Right now, people in California are paying $0.87 per pack of cigarettes. When you think about the $4.35 per pack that people in New York pay, the $0.87 seems pretty small. Still, that doesn't mean you want the price to go up and have to spend even more.

If you want to save yourself some money and prevent the initiative from going through, you need to make your voice heard. Don't let them step in and prevent you from being able to enjoy the things you love in life. By speaking out and voting against the initiative, you can make sure the the ballot doesn't go through. It's up to you to do something about it on November 8th, 2016.  But no matter how you choose to vote, just DO IT!

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