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Vape Coil Longevity

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Vaping, as we know, is just as much about maintenance as it is about achieving flawless flavor, smooth vapor and that perfect amount of nicotine.  Anyone who is a regular vaper is aware of the fact that they must put time, effort and money into maintaining their setup so that their vaping sessions can continue to satisfy their needs.  

One of the most important components of any vaping setup is the coil.  Coils, unfortunately, aren’t made to last forever. They must be regularly switched out as once they’re starting to die, the user will experience poor flavor, weak vapor production and not enough nicotine to take care of their cravings.

So, how long are coils supposed to last, anyway?  Well, the answer is a bit complicated. For one thing, every type of vaping system utilizes a different type of coil, and each type of coil has a different lifespan.  And, to make things a bit more complicated, there are several factors that can cause your coil to last longer or to die prematurely.

Luckily, we’ve created a simple guide so that you can have a strong understanding of how long each type of coil is supposed to last.  

How to Know When Your Coil is Dying

First, let’s breakdown the key signs that your coil is on its way out and needs to be replaced.  There are several symptoms of a dying coil, including a burnt or weak flavor, poor vapor production, spitback, leakage and a disappointing amount of nicotine.  If any of these things are happening to you, ask yourself when the last time you replaced your coil was.

Factors that Determine Your Coil’s Longevity

Now, let’s get into some of the factors that determine how long your coil will last.  There are several things that can cause a coil to die long before it’s supposed to. One of the easiest ways to shorten your coil’s lifespan is to fail to prime it properly.  Priming a coil allows the wick to be saturated with vape juice, which prevents it from burning when a hit is fired. Once that wick is burnt, the coil is not going to be able to do its job adequately.

Also, if you’re trying to use cheap knockoff coils in order to save money, it’s very likely that your coils won’t last very long at all.  Cheap coils are made with cheap materials that can barely withstand the demands of your vaping device.

Lastly, how long it takes for you to go through a coil has everything to do with how much you vape.  Heavier vapers, understandably, will need to replace their coils much more frequently than people who are light vapers.

Sub-Ohm Coil

A sub-ohm coil is a coil that has a resistance level below one ohm.  It’s primarily used among vapers who want to blow huge clouds, because this resistance level allows the vapor to be quite thick and abundant.  It’s used with a high wattage level, and the cotton wick inside is extremely large so that it can contain a lot of vape juice at one time.

Sub-ohm coils tend to last for a shorter period of time than coils with resistance levels above one ohm that are used with conventional mods.  This is because the high wattage levels and the abundance of e-liquid that goes into producing a single hit wears down the wick quickly.  Regular vapers will likely replace their coil between once every nine and fourteen days.

Standard Coil

Standard coils are vape coils that are used with conventional mod systems and have resistance levels above one ohm.  These are typically used by vapers who want a nice balance between cloud production, flavor and throat hit. They work with mid-range wattage levels, and they also contain cotton wicks.

Standard coils are more likely to last for about two weeks or so.  This is because they aren’t exposed to such high amounts of power as sub-ohm coils.

Pod Mod Coil

Pod mod coils are extremely small coils that have much smaller wicks.  They can be this small because they don’t need to absorb as much e-liquid.  The wattage levels of pod mods are very low, so not as much e-juice needs to be utilized to fire a hit.

On average, pod mod coils last for four to seven days, depending on how much you vape throughout the day.  This is because the wicks are so small that they can only withstand so much power from the battery.

It’s Easy to See How the Longevity of a Coil can Vary Considerably

Many factors determine how long a coil will last before it needs to be replaced.  Use this guide to make sure that you always stay on top of your coils so that your vapes can satisfy you consistently.

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