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Top 5 Vanilla-Flavored E-Juices from Highbrow Vapor

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Nothing hits the spot like warm, rich, creamy, and sweet vanilla, whether we’re indulging in a tasty snack or vaping some luscious, thick clouds.  At Highbrow Vapor, we’re renowned for our vanilla flavor which we have infused into various dessert, beverage and other types of e-liquids, as it’s one of the most natural-tasting vanillas on the market today.

Vanilla-Flavored E-Juice #5: Cappuccino Diablo

Cappuccino Diablo is one of our most exceptional flavors that we offer, being the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want something a bit richer than a basic brew.  It consists of bold espresso that is smothered in frothy vanilla-flavored cream and sweetened to perfection with just a pinch of pure sugar.

When inhaling Cappuccino Diablo, become amazed away by the robust, nutty espresso taste that instantly captivates the palate.  Following the coffee drenching is a velvety-rich vanilla cream that settles into the taste buds, and the flavor gets sweeter and sweeter until the exhale.

Vanilla-Flavored E-Juice #4: Crème Brulee 

What’s not to love about crème brulee?  This French classic allows us to indulge in something ridiculously decadent, which is why we had to make it part of our repertoire.  Our Crème Brulee flavor has everything you could ask for, all in one delicious little vape juice bottle.

The inhale supplies your taste buds with that intensely rich and thick custard with a strong vanilla bean flavor, offering creaminess that drenches the palate.  Pure sweetness becomes stronger until it turns caramelized just before the exhale.

Vanilla-Flavored E-Juice #3: Coffee - Bavarian Hazelnut Cream

Yet another stellar coffee offering on our list is Coffee - Bavarian Hazelnut Cream, which is just as decadent as the other vapes on our list.  It starts out with bold, freshly brewed coffee that has been infused with buttery hazelnuts, and the vanilla flavored Bavarian cream makes this part dessert so that you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Enticing coffee flavor offers its rich nuttiness, followed by the hazelnuts that are roasted to perfection.  You then finally get treated to sweet n’ silky Bavarian cream with the perfect touch of vanilla.

Vanilla-Flavored E-Juice #2: Vanilla Bourbon Bean

Vanilla Bourbon Bean is what happens when you infuse the finest Kentucky bourbon with carefully sourced vanilla beans, resulting in a dazzling flavor profile rich in nuance, complexity, and layers upon layers of decadence.

As you inhale, that spicy, aromatic bourbon comes to life on the tongue with its warmth and richness.  The exhale takes things a step further with creamy-smooth vanilla, sweetened beautifully to a tee.

Vanilla-Flavored E-Juice #1: Vanilla Bean Decadence

For the ultimate vanilla fanatic, there’s Vanilla Bean Decadence.  It is a rich, buttery and creamy vanilla custard that offers a truly luxurious experience for the taste buds.

Begins with the fresh, natural taste of vanilla bean, as notes of richness and creaminess build and build beneath.  The custard becomes extremely authentic, followed by a nice touch of extra sweetness.

Experience Vanilla Vape Juices at Their Finest!

If there’s one flavor vapers can never have too much of, it would certainly be vanilla.  At Highbrow Vapor, our vanilla-flavored e-liquids are as decadent as can be, offering dreamy levels of richness and creaminess that leave your palate feeling deeply satiated after each draw.  

Go ahead and check out these e-juices to explore vanilla euphoria in all kinds of tantalizing ways.

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