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Top 5 Drink-Flavored Vapes at Highbrow Vapor

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Without a doubt, one of the most appealing things about vaping is that it allows us to enjoy basically any flavor that tickles our fancy without involving lots of unwanted calories.  At Highbrow Vapor, we strive to produce the tastiest, freshest and most authentic flavors on the planet. One of our most popular categories of flavors is beverages, and today, we’ll be talking about our five most popular drink-flavored e-liquids.

Drink Flavor #5: Chai Tea

Are you looking for a beverage flavor that’s warm, comforting and invigorating, all at the same time?  If so, Chai Tea is the vape for you. This e-liquid is just as complex and layered as the real thing, and it’ll leave you feeling like you’ve indulged in an exotic beverage that’s flavored to perfection.

On the inhale, you’ll savor the earthy, slightly bitter black tea that’s perfumed with smooth vanilla bean.  Then, you’ll get a blast of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. When you exhale, hints of sweetness and creaminess linger.

Drink Flavor #4: Cappuccino Diablo

If you’re craving a smooth and satisfying coffee beverage but want to skip the caffeine jitters, we suggest grabbing Cappuccino Diablo.  This e-liquid is a spot-on replica of everyone’s favorite coffee house staple, and we know that each puff will warm your spirit and exhilarate your senses just like the real thing.

At first, that smooth yet robust espresso arouses your senses with its earthy and nutty taste.  Then, velvety, frothy milk takes over, saturating your tongue in creamy goodness. At last, on the exhale, the perfect amount of sugar tickles your sweet tooth.

Drink Flavor #3: Buttered Rum And-Then-Some

Want to let loose and indulge?  Buttered Rum And-Then-Some is a sinful, decadent drink flavor that will leave you feeling like you’ve treated yourself to something really special.  Fans of boozy cocktails will absolutely adore this nuanced flavor that hits the spot no matter what time of day it is.

When you first inhale, you’ll get the warm buttered rum that instantly makes your taste buds quiver with excitement.  Then, creamy vanilla makes you feel like you’re enjoying a rich dessert. When you exhale, a combination of hazelnut, cinnamon and nutmeg add layers of sensational flavor to this e-liquid.

Drink Flavor #2: Strawberry Lemonade

We all know that feeling of being parched on a hot summer day.  When the temperature keeps rising, there’s only one e-liquid that you need in your collection, and that’s Strawberry Lemonade.  Just like the real thing, this vape juice will keep your thirst quenched thanks to its zesty and refreshing flavor profile.

As you pull in that vapor, the bright, tart lemon tantalizes the tongue, followed by juicy, tangy strawberries.  On the exhale, a nice amount of sugar hits the spot.

Drink Flavor #1: Amaretto Amore

Amaretto Amore is about as decadent as they come, and each puff is like sipping on something from the top shelf.  If you’re wild about real amaretto, this vape juice really hits the nail on the head.

As that vapor touches your palate, you’ll be treated to the taste of bold, fruity apricots, followed by buttery toasted almonds.  As your mouth begins to water, the richness intensifies. On the exhale, you’ll be delighted by the taste of caramelized sugar.

Refresh Your Palate with These Satisfying Highbrow Vapor Beverage E-Liquids

If you’re a fan of beverage-inspired e-liquid flavors, you’ve come to the right place. Refer to the list above to decide which beverage flavor most appeals to your taste buds.

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