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Top 5 Blissful E-Juice Flavors from Highbrow Vapor

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Why do you vape?  If you’re like most people, it’s because vaping helps you feel relaxed, and it’s a hobby that brings about a sense of tranquility.  Therefore, today we will be discussing our five favorite blissful flavors at Highbrow Vapor.  Each of these flavors helps you achieve that sense of intense bliss in its own unique way.

#5: Peach Thymbra 

First, let’s start with one of the most refreshing and euphoria-inducing fruity flavors that we offer.  Peach Thymbra isn’t your average peach flavor.  So many fruity vapes on the market are ruined by artificial, overwhelming sweetness.  What makes this one different?  Well, each puff delivers nothing but the freshest, ripest and most natural-tasting peach nectar flavor that you’ll ever have the pleasure of vaping.

The vape juice starts out bright and tangy, like a juicy, plump peach picked fresh from the orchard.  It becomes sweeter and juicier along the way.

#4: Green Tea 

If you’re looking for a vape that soothes and invigorates at the same time, it’s Green Tea.  Known for its earthy yet sweet taste, green tea is one of the most blissful flavors in the world.  And, we’ve captured it perfectly when creating this e-liquid creation.

The warm, slightly bitter tea leaves exhilarate and intrigue your palate when you first let that vapor in.  By the time you exhale, you’ll feel enchanted as gentle notes of honey tease your taste buds.

#3: Crème Brulee 

If your idea of a blissful vape involves a luxurious dessert, then Crème Brulee is what you want to add to your collection.  Despite the decadence of this all-time classic, it never overwhelms you with too much sweetness or richness.  Instead, it gives you the fresh tastes of vanilla bean, egg yolks and cream, lovingly blended together and topped with caramelized sugar.

Crème Brulee begins with a luscious vanilla start, soothing you from head to toe as the buttery notes come to life on the tongue.  Then, the sweetness hits the spot on the exhale as the succulent creaminess lingers.

#2: Amaretto Amore 

Soothing, sweet and aromatic – that’s our Amaretto Amore, which was made with carefully sourced ingredients that lend themselves to this deeply authentic taste.  It’s got that beautiful balance of flavor notes that instantly lift our mood while calming us down, allowing us to just close our eyes and savor the moment.

Bright apricot notes hit the spot as soon as you pull the vapor in, followed by nutty and buttery toasted almonds that have been sweetened to perfection.  It’s a vape that has that complexity that forces you to take a time-out during your busy day and appreciate the sensory experience that’s taking over you.

#1: Blackberry Limoncello

Finally, we have Blackberry Limoncello, which is one of those e-liquids that checks all of the boxes.  It’s got fresh fruit, lots of natural sweetness and that complex flavor profile that keeps you coming back for more.  Most importantly, it’s got what it takes to relax your mind and calm your senses.

Bright blackberries hit you in the tongue with sharp juices that become sweeter and sweeter as time goes on.  Then, bold, citrusy limoncello eases your thirst and tantalizes your taste buds, while the perfect touch of sugar adds to the overall experience.

It’s Time to Bliss Out with These Vape Juice Favorites from Highbrow Vapor

If you’re dreaming of a blissful vaping experience, then any of these vape juices from Highbrow Vapor will do.  Between their uplifting flavor profiles and profound quality, they’ll each hit the spot on a whole new level.

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