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Top 5 2021 Memorial Day E-Juices from Highbrow Vapor

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Memorial Day is just weeks away, and this celebrated weekend acts as the unofficial start of the summer season, allowing us to kick back with friends and enjoy the warm weather at last.  Whether or not you have exciting plans for this upcoming Memorial Day, we would love to share five exceptional e-liquids that capture the feeling of this beloved time of year, with flavor profiles that have a seasonal twist.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #5: Blackberry Limoncello

Blackberry Limoncello is the ultimate indulgence if you’re wild about juicy summertime berries with an extra kick.  The infusion of limoncello gives this e-juice a smooth, citrusy and sweet hit that is certain to refresh the palate and intrigue your taste buds at the same time.

When you inhale, tartness comes to life from the marriage of these two fruits, and as your mouth waters, you’ll get the hint of liquor that makes you feel like you’re sipping on a luxurious cocktail.  The exhale treats you to the juicy sweetness for which this beloved berry is known.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #4: Peach Thymbra

Peach Thymbra isn’t any old peach flavor.  For this dazzling treat, we use a real peach reduction that’s infused into each hit of vapor.  The result is a vape juice that captivates this summertime gem so perfectly, you’ll taste the sun that ripened each and every peach.  Peaches are associated with the summer season, and this e-liquid gives you a head start.

Each pull of vapor introduces the palate to bold brightness combined with succulent juices that instantly refresh you and put your mind at ease.  When the time comes to release the vapor, you’ll savor the natural sugars that make your sweet tooth feel giddy.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #3: Highbrowbacco - Menthol 

If holidays are when you crave a cig, just grab a bottle of Highbrowbacco - Menthol, which was carefully formulated to satisfy those analog cravings flawlessly.  We have used a nuanced tobacco blend that’s smoky, rich, earthy and nutty, and we’ve infused it with pure menthol crystals which can refresh you as you spend the day outdoors under the hot sun of late May.

Begins with that toasted tobacco taste that has all of the complexity that you associate with your favorite old cigarette brand.  The menthol carries you into the exhale, offering an icy finish that satisfies during the summer season.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #2: Watermelon

Most of us wait to break out the watermelon until Memorial Day, as this beloved fruit is synonymous with the hottest months of the year.  But, with Watermelon, you can start savoring that taste on your terms, without having to go through the trouble of slicing up that enormous fruit all on your own.

When you inhale, you’ll get the crisp, fresh juices that soak every taste bud with refreshing fruity nectar.  Then, on the exhale, the natural, cool sweetness comes to life, making you feel rejuvenated from head to toe.

Memorial Day E-Juice Flavor #1: Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade is a flawless take on everyone’s favorite summertime beverage.  Freshly prepared just for you, this vape juice soothes the thirst and hits the sweet tooth just like the beverage your grandma used to make during the warm months.

Starts out with a rush of tartness from the zesty lemons, followed by bright and juicy strawberries.  The sweet finish is enough to make you feel giddy inside, knowing that the best days of the year are just ahead.

Happy Memorial Day from Highbrow Vapor!

With Memorial Day right around the corner, we encourage you to give these five luscious e-juices a try, as they will help you embrace the warm weather that’s almost upon us.  All of them are made with top-shelf ingredients to ensure that they hit the spot just like your favorite flavors from which they are inspired from.

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