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Top 3 2019 Sub-Ohm Kits With which to Enjoy Highbrow Vapor E-Liquids

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We at Highbrow Vapor take great pride in the fact that we create high-quality, absolutely delicious e-liquids that are made from the best ingredients possible.  But, even our top-selling flavors can only taste so good if our customers are using subpar technology.  As you know, not all sub-ohm vaping kits are created equally. And, nowadays, there are so many vaping systems to choose from that customers may feel overwhelmed.

Luckily, we’ve made things simple for you.  We’ve tested all of the top sub-ohm vaping systems that are on the market today in order to determine which ones bring out the best vaping experience when enjoying one of our e-liquids.  

Below, you’ll discover the three best sub-ohm kits with which to enjoy Highbrow Vapor e-liquids.

Sub-Ohm Kit #3: Wismec RX Mini Kit

The Wismec RX Mini Kit is a conveniently portable option for sub-ohm vapers who want to enjoy a more simplified experience.  This handheld kit can fit easily in the palm of your hand as well as your pocket. But, it’s powerful enough to give you that full flavor and those big clouds that you crave.

This kit can reach 80 watts of power thanks to a 2100mAh battery that’s built into the mod.  You can also enjoy a wide range of temperature options. The tank can hold two milliliters of e-liquid, and the 0.3ohm Triple Reux Coil brings out some seriously sublime flavor.

Sub-Ohm Kit #2: Innokin Proton Plex 235W Starter Kit

If you crave power, the Innokin Proton Plex 235W Starter Kit is the way to go.  As the name implies, this impressive kit can reach 235 watts, making it a great choice for hardcore sub-ohm lovers who want to blow the biggest clouds possible.  The mod also features a full temperature control suite that allows you to customize your vaping experience with amazing precision.

The tank that comes with this kit has a capacity of four milliliters.  And, it comes with two of the brand’s legendary Plexus Coil configurations that each improve flavor and cloud production in their own unique way.

Sub-Ohm Kit #1: SMOK Mag Baby Kit

The SMOK Mag Baby Kit is one of the top-selling sub-ohm systems of the year, and for good reason.  It’s incredibly small, meaning that it’s highly portable. Yet, this kit utilizes some of the most impressive vaping technology to date.  It can reach 50 watts thanks to the integrated 1600mAh battery. It also features a wide array of output options that let you find your sweet spot easily.

The TFV12 Baby Prince Sub-Ohm Tank has a 4.5ml juice capacity and comes with three highly innovative coil configurations.  Each coil brings out different notes in your e-liquid flavor while helping you find the perfect level of vapor production.

Treat Yourself to the Best in Vaping Technology to Get the Most Out of Your Highbrow Vapor E-Liquids!

If you love our famous e-juices, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you’re using the best vaping setup possible so that each puff provides you with exceptional flavor and luxurious clouds.  The three sub-ohm kits listed above are perfectly suited for our unique vape juice flavors. Whichever one you choose, we’re certain that you’ll experience vaping satisfaction like never before.

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