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Top 3 2019 Highbrow Vapor Fall Flavors

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Can you smell the subtle aromas of fall in the air?  We’re just days away from the official start of the season, but already, we feel like it’s arrived.  We see the leaves on the ground, we feel the slight chill in the air and we find ourselves craving those warming, comforting and familiar flavors at last.

We at Highbrow Vapor are extremely excited about the fall season as it allows us to enjoy the tastes that bring back our most treasured autumn memories.  That’s why we’ve made a list of our three favorite seasonal e-liquids for fall 2019. We hope that these vape juices capture the essence of the season, and that they leave you feeling cozy and satisfied all fall long.

2019 Fall Flavor #3: Highbrowbacco - French Pipe

The smoky, rich and warm taste of French Pipe reminds us of the feeling in the air during this time of year.  Each puff of this e-liquid is like giving your palate a warm hug on a chilly afternoon. Even if you think that you don’t like pipe tobacco, we recommend giving this one a try.  It’s so complex and luxurious that you must may end up falling in love. On the inhale, that robust pipe tobacco taste unveils notes of cherry and vanilla. Then, the richness becomes powerful as woodsy, earthy and nutty notes arrive.  On the exhale, smokiness dominates.

2019 Fall Flavor #2: Coffee - Dark Roast

Dark Roast is that rich and warm flavor that you crave all autumn long.  Each puff makes you feel like you’re taking a time out from your hectic day and cozying up next to the fire with a nice, steaming cup of joe.  As you pull in that vapor, you’ll savor the nutty, earthy and slightly bitter notes of high-quality dark roast coffee. Then, when you exhale, that richness lingers on the palate.

2019 Fall Flavor #1: Cinnamon 

Is there anything more seasonal than spicy, warm cinnamon?  Cinnamon is our homage to this stunning spice, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve done a pretty good job.  You’ll get so much more than a superficial taste when you hit this one. Woodsy and earthy notes hide in the background while that robust spice really comes to life.  As you inhale, the sweetness sings to your taste buds as the warmness increases. When you exhale, the flavor becomes far more nuanced as the perfect amount of spiciness teases you.

Put on Your Coziest Sweater and Indulge in These Comforting Seasonal E-Liquids from Highbrow Vapor

These three fall-oriented vape juices from Highbrow Vapor are certain to make your palate feel deeply satisfied throughout the season ahead.  We’re confident that you’ll turn one of them into your all-day vape in the coming months. If you’re a true fall fanatic like we are, you might as well give all three a try.

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