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The Freebase Vape Flavor Changing Game

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We all know that despite our best efforts to execute complete control over our vaping setups, things can go wrong from time to time.  Sometimes, a coil dies when we’re least expecting it. Other times, our tanks seem to begin leaking for no reason at all.  

There’s another fairly common occurrence that happens during a vaping session, and a lot of vapers think that it’s in their imaginations.  Once in a while, the taste of your freebase nic e-liquid may suddenly change while you’re enjoying a nice vaping session.  Now, you know that your taste buds aren’t deceiving you, as this is something that can actually happen for a number of reasons.

A Word on Vaper’s Tongue

Before we get into any of the technical things that can contribute to a sudden change in flavor, we have to discuss vaper’s tongue.  Vaper’s tongue has nothing to do with your equipment or your e-liquid, but your own unique senses.

Vaper’s tongue is the result of flavor overload.  When you’ve been vaping too much of a certain flavor, or you’re vaping an extremely complex or bold flavor, your taste buds and olfactory glands will become overwhelmed, and essentially shut down, temporarily.  So, if you do experience vaper’s tongue, you won’t just notice that your flavor experience is suddenly different, but you’ll almost definitely notice that you can’t really taste anything at all. The good news is that all that you have to do is wait it out before your senses are ready to once again perceive the taste of your vape juice.

Reasons Why Your Freebase Vape Juice Flavor Might Change in the Middle of a Vaping Session

So, why would an e-liquid’s flavor change so suddenly?  And, can anything be done about it? We’re here to answer your questions.

Reason #1: You Changed Your Device’s Settings

You may not realize how much your device’s settings affect subtle aspects of your e-liquid’s flavor.  See, different flavor molecules become “activated” at different temperatures. So, the heat that your coil produces largely determines the nuanced flavor profile of your e-liquid.

Reason #2: The Flavor Has Separated

Sometimes, a flavor will separate while it’s sitting in your tank or in its bottle.  This means that certain flavor molecules are sitting at the bottom while others have floated to the top.  This could cause your flavor to seemingly change suddenly while you’re in the middle of vaping it.

Reason #3: You Didn’t Clean Your Tank Out

A very common culprit is a tank that hasn’t been properly cleaned.  If you don’t thoroughly clean your tank between each refilling session with a new flavor, it will, inevitably, have some debris of the last e-liquid’s flavor still in it.  This can mean that by the time you reach the bottom of your tank, you’re tasting some of the old vape juice.

What to Do When Your E-Liquid’s Flavor Changes While Vaping

Fortunately, all of these issues have very easy solutions.

Dump, Clean and Refill

First, you want to dump, clean and refill your tank.  This means pouring out the e-liquid that’s inside of it, taking it apart, cleaning each component with warm water, putting it back together and filling it with vape juice that’s fresh from the bottle.

Give Your Tank a Shake

If your e-liquid has simply separated, just shake your tank to redistribute everything evenly.  You only need to shake it for about ten seconds.

Make Sure Your E-Liquid Isn’t Separating in the Bottles

If your e-liquid has separated in the bottles rather than the tank, shake your bottles for about twenty seconds before pouring more into your tank.  Note that over-shaking your e-liquid bottles can cause tiny air bubbles to get trapped into the vape juice, which can interfere with its consistency and, ultimately, its ability to be vaped properly.

E-Juice Change Isn’t the End of Your Session Vape Session

It’s clear that there are several things that can cause the taste of your e-liquid to suddenly change.  The good news is that there are just as many things that you can do to fix the problem, should you wish to.  Simply use this guide to identify what the culprit is, and then make the necessary adjustments.

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