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The Different Nicotine Strengths

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If you're totally new to the world of vaping, it may be difficult to decide which nicotine level is right for you. Since analog cigarettes all contain generally the same amount of nicotine, how are you supposed to know which nicotine strength is going to provide you with the satisfaction that you're looking for? 

Luckily for you, we've created a guide that will help you determine which nicotine strength in your e-liquid will satisfy your vaping needs. 

  • 0mg: There’s absolutely no nicotine present. This nicotine level is good for individuals who wish to enjoy the sensation of vaping without taking in any nicotine. If you're interested in vaping but haven't smoked analog cigarettes in the past, 0mg is recommended. This nicotine strength is also what many vape enthusiasts try to work their way down to. 

  • 3mg: The lowest amount of nicotine that you can vape. If you were the type of person who only smoked a few cigarettes each day, 3mg may provide you with the satisfaction that you crave. 3mg is also a nicotine strength that vape enthusiasts often stick to after trying to gradually reduce their daily nicotine intake. 

  • 6mg: A nice choice for anyone who was a light smoker. If you smoked less than ten cigarettes each day, 6mg should do the trick. In other words, this nicotine strength will satisfy the cravings of someone who was never extremely addicted to nicotine. 

  • 12mg: Often viewed as the ideal nicotine strength for former pack-a-day cigarette smokers. By vaping 12mg throughout the day, vape enthusiasts often report that their nicotine cravings are satisfied. This nicotine strength also tends to provide vape enthusiasts with that throat hit that reminds them of smoking analogs. 

  • 18mg: Excellent for those who are looking for a noticeably strong throat hit and a high amount of nicotine. If you're a formerly heavy smoker who is vaping simply to maintain your nicotine cravings, 18mg may be what you want. 

  • 24mg: Very high level of nicotine that is intended for those who smoked over a pack of cigarettes each day. You'll get that very powerful throat hit that you crave with this nicotine strength. However, those who weren't heavy smokers will most likely find this nicotine strength to be way too strong. 

  • 36mg: Good choice for those who used to smoke multiple packs each day. However, this nicotine strength will likely be way too harsh for anyone who was not an extremely heavy smoker. 
  • Now that you know about each nicotine strength, you can discover which one is right for your personal nicotine-related needs.



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