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Technology Taking the Vaping Industry to New Heights

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Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when vaping was nothing more than a low-wattage e-cigarette that you could get at the gas station?  It’s hard to believe how incredibly far the industry has come in just over a decade. These days, those who wish to ditch their cigarettes in favor of vaping have a massive selection of products from which they can choose.  But, as you know, it wasn’t always like that.

So, how has the vaping industry become so advanced and diverse in its short life span?  Well, the answer, of course, is technology. As technology continues to evolve, those who lead the vaping industry are able to finetune their products to satisfy the needs of former smokers like never before.

If you’re fascinated by the technology that’s behind vaping, this article is for you.  We’ll be explaining the crucial role that up-to-date technology plays in the development of vaping products that hit the market.

How Technology has Allowed the Vaping Industry to Thrive

To the surprise of many, e-cigarettes have been around for several decades.  Even as far back as the sixties, innovators were developing “smokeless” cigarettes that were simply portable vaporizers.  These products never really took off, however, because they lacked the advanced technology that we have today, making them highly unreliable and possibly dangerous.

The first modern vaping device, which served as the predecessor to the abundance of products that we have access to now, came out in 2007.  Hon Lik was a doctor who developed this unique product after watching his father pass away from lung cancer caused by years of smoking cigarettes.  Quickly, the product took off, leading to a wide range of copycats.

Since that first e-cigarette hit convenience stores around the world, more and more hardware companies have been trying their hand at producing vaping systems that are intended to help people quit smoking.  And, as you know, these devices have evolved tremendously over the last decade and change. The first e-cigarettes were extremely weak in terms of power. Now, the market is full of massively powerful devices ranging in size, shape and output capabilities.

Getting Better and Better at Satisfying Vapers’ Needs Everywhere

Of course, as the original intention of e-cigarettes was to help people quit smoking, more and more companies have used technology to deliver profound satisfaction to former smokers.  Long gone are the days of low-power e-cigarettes. Only a few years after they hit the market, companies started developing extremely advanced box mod systems that allow the user to exercise complete control over their vaping experience.  These high-performance devices can reach extremely high wattage levels while offering a wide range of output modes and the ability to try out different coils for different effects.

And, now we have the pod mod system.  The pod mod uses salt-based nicotine e-liquids to provide users with an experience that’s incredibly similar to that of smoking a cigarette.  Thanks to the brilliant technology behind these devices, smokers have a higher chance of staying off of tobacco for good. And, as you know, these devices have become so massively popular that more smokers than ever before have finally made the switch to vaping.

Vaping is now a massive market, which means that we’re seeing more new products appearing than ever before.  As the industry becomes more successful, we’re watching more vaping innovations develop before our very eyes.  Now, product developers have managed to integrate extremely advanced features like temperature control into tiny pod systems that are small enough to fit into the pocket of a user’s jeans.  

Therefore, we can assume that the industry will only continue to advance over the next few years.  We anticipate seeing a wider range of devices from which users can choose, with each type of device boasting extremely innovative features that help users finetune their experiences like never before.  

Exciting New Research

Another benefit of evolving technology in terms of the vaping industry is the ability to do extremely detailed research regarding vaping’s effects on the body. Because the industry has become so popular, more and more medical researchers are studying the ways in which the effects of vaping compare to the effects of smoking.  These studies are extremely important as they can seriously influence current smokers who are on the fence about making the switch.

Such studies are also important to the survival of the industry.  As you probably know, the FDA has been cracking down on vaping over recent years, mainly because they believe that the market is appealing to minors.  As more positive studies regarding vaping are released, the community hopes that the FDA will be more friendly toward vaping.

In just the last twelve months, a large number of studies have shown the ways in which vaping compares to smoking in terms of its effects on one’s health.  These studies have allowed vapers to feel more confident about their decision to switch from smoking to e-cigarette use. And, currently, there are a number of more studies underway that will further challenge the FDA’s disapproval of the industry.

Technology Really is Key

Vaping completely relies on dependable, advanced technology in order to serve the needs of former smokers.  To be honest, our industry wouldn’t have been nearly as successful twenty years ago as technology was far more limited back then.  And, as time goes on, the vaping industry will only continue to evolve in order to satisfy former smokers in ways they never thought possible.

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