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Tank and Mod Compatibility – True Advancements in Technology

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Maybe, as a new vaper, you once thought that all tanks and all mods were compatible with each other.  But, quickly, as you began to build your vaping setup, you realized that this simply isn’t the case. Now, as more and more pieces of hardware are developed to improve one’s vaping experience, it’s even more likely that a mod and tank will not be compatible with each other.

Using incompatible hardware pieces isn’t just inconducive to a satisfying vaping session.  In some cases, it can actually be dangerous. We tend to forget, given the simplistic nature of vaping, that we’re dealing with high-power devices.  Using incompatible hardware components can cause shortages, and even combustion, in rare cases.

This is why it’s more critical than ever before that you take the time to ensure that your tank and mod are totally compatible. 

Why Tanks and Mods Aren’t Always Compatible

Once upon a time, the vaping industry was extremely small, and there were only so many hardware pieces on the market.  Therefore, most tanks and mods were totally compatible with each other. Now, however, we have a wide range of vaping styles, and each vaping style requires its own type of hardware.  We have squonk boxes that utilize e-liquid bags and rebuildable dripping atomizers, we have pod mods that are only compatible with tiny pod cartridges, and sub-ohm tanks that only work with conventional, large box mods.  Try to mix and match any of these pieces and you’ll end up with a Frankenstein-like setup that just doesn’t work.

Factors That Determine a Tank’s Compatibility with a Mod

We’ve made a guide that will help you determine the compatibility of your mod and tank in no time.

Type of Vaping Style

Before you do anything else, you have to figure out what kind of vaping style you wish to enjoy.  If you want to vape in the classic sub-ohm style, you need a box mod made for this style of vaping, and a sub-ohm tank.  If you want to enjoy nicotine salts, you need a pod mod and a compatible pod cartridge. By figuring out the kind of vaping style that you wish to have, you’ll be able to purchase compatible hardware pieces accordingly.  That’s because each kind of vaping style has its own hardware pieces that only work with that style.

Coil’s Resistance Level

Believe it or not, the resistance level of a coil that comes with your tank can determine its compatibility with a mod.  The lower your coil’s resistance level, the higher the wattage of your mod must be. This is because of the fact that Ohm’s Law states that there is a direct relationship between a coil’s resistance level and the output power of an electronic device.  

Size of the Tank vs. Size of the Mod

Bear in mind the size of the tank as well, and how it relates to the size of your mod.  Tanks have different diameters, and you don’t want to purchase a very wide tank that creates overhang when you attach it to your mod.  This can result in making your tank very vulnerable to cracks and shattering, so always check the sizes of each component before making a purchase.

Connection Pieces

Connection pieces matter as well.  Most tanks and mods utilize the standard 510-threaded connection, but this isn’t always the case.  

Output Level of the Mod

The output level of a mod determines which materials your tank can be made from.  For example, if a mod reaches very high output levels, you need a tank that’s made with heat-resistant materials like stainless steel and Pyrex glass.  Otherwise, your tank may melt or become warped due to the constant exposure to high heat.

How to Make Sure Your Tank and Mod Are Compatible

These factors will determine proper functionality.

You Can Always Call the Manufacturer

If you really don’t know whether or not a mod and tank are compatible, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to the manufacturer of your hardware pieces.  They are perfectly aware of which pieces can go together and which cannot.

Try to Stick with Pieces That Were Specially Designed to Be Compatible

We always recommend going with a full starter kit rather than buying components separately.  Besides the fact that it will save you money, it will ensure that your hardware pieces are all compatible with each other.

Check the Product Descriptions

You can always look through the product descriptions of hardware pieces for signs that one piece will be compatible with another.  Look at the size, connection and material of each hardware component. Also, make sure that both components are designed for the same style of vaping, whether it be sub-ohm vaping, pod vaping, dripping or another style.

Make Sure the Quality is High

Lastly, always make sure that both the mod and tank are high in quality.  They must each be durable enough to withstand the demands of the other hardware component.

Compatible Means Good To Vaping Go

It’s clear that mods and tanks must be perfectly compatible in order to provide you with the vaping experience that you deserve.  We understand that vaping hardware has gotten so advanced that determining the compatibility of these two hardware pieces can be tricky.  But, as long as you use this guide, you’ll be able to know for certain that your vaping setup is perfectly good to go.

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