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Little Known Leap Year Facts

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Leap Day

The Need for a Leap Year
Leap Year is a fascinating phenomenon in its own right. Leap Year was more or less created in order to avoid discrepancies between the solar year and the common calendar year. The Earth technically doesn't take 365 days to revolve around the sun. It actually takes around 365 days and an extra quarter of a day for the Earth to completely revolve around the sun. A quarter of a day is too small of a remainder to just drop, and it adds up to a full extra day every four years. That extra day becomes Leap Day.

The Culture of Leap Day

Leap Day has inspired a lot of traditions over the years. People have attached all sorts of significance to this quirk of calendar synchronization. In particular, people who have been born on Leap Day have a tendency to attract some attention on that basis alone. For instance, astrologers believe that people who have February 29th as a birthday will have talents as unusual as their birthdays. Some people who were born on Leap Day try to live up to that reputation. Lord Byron himself was born on Leap Day, and he is only one of many historical figures who can claim this unique birthday.

Leap Year has inspired additional superstitions, jokes, and complaints over the years. In Greece, for instance, it is widely but not universally believed that getting married during a Leap Year is bad luck. Some people with a Leap Year birthday, who are formally known as 'leapers' or 'leaplings,' like to joke about being much younger than they are, as if having a formal birthday every four years means only aging every four years. The idea that leaplings have an extended lifespan is good for a laugh or two, and it gives leaplings a built-in excuse to lie about their ages. Salaried employees who have fixed annual wages often complain about Leap Day, since they are essentially working for free. Leap Day 2016 is also going to occur on a Monday, to add insult to injury.

However, lots of people believe that Leap Day is a time for celebration, regardless of whether they are 'leapers' themselves or if they know any leaplings. Some people like to hold parties on Leap Day. However, it can be difficult to create a lot of formal traditions for a holiday that is only going to occur once every four years. As such, many people are going to end up creating their own.

Vapers should try to seize Leap Day as an opportunity to create new traditions within their own subculture. Highbrow Vapor has loads of flavors. Vapers should celebrate Leap Day with certain obscure e-juice flavors, for instance, as a way of making the day their own and as a way of claiming it for people in the vaping subculture. Some vapers might want to try totally new flavors every Leap Day, which is certainly something that is possible, given all of the flavors at Highbrow Vapor. Leap Day is just famous enough, but it isn't sacred.


To Vape or Powerball?

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People everywhere are all abuzz because of the gigantic sum of the jackpot in the latest Powerball lottery. Worth over a billion dollars the imagination can only run wild imagining what one would do with such a large sum of money. People are also abuzz about vaping with e-liquids from Highbrow Vapor. While it's becoming increasingly taboo to smoke cigarettes publicly, flavored electric cigarettes are a publicly acceptable alternative. If you can taste the money you can taste the buzz of naturally flavored e-cigarettes.

No gambling is involved when purchasing from Highbrow Vapor. Your money is well spent on a quality product that offers a wide variety of flavored e-liquids. Chances are slim that one will win a Powerball lottery, yet many are willing to give their money away knowing they likely won't receive anything in return. Buying a tactile product that tastes good seems to be a much better way to spend your well-earned funds.

Trendy flavors of e-liquids that are available from Highbrow Vapor online includes scrumptious Belgian waffles, cheesecake torte, dark chocolate mint and many more. Cigarettes have never tasted so good! Vaping these e-liquids leaves a better taste in your mouth than does the disappointment of not winning the Powerball lottery. Flavors are sectioned like Powerball numbers. They are categorized in flavored sections including dessert, drink, fruit, Highbrowbacco, newest/products and favorites.

A sophisticated and inviting look of the brand is enough to help you understand why people are gathering together to vape together. This family owned business shows their hard work and dedication to providing a high-quality product by their visible high standards and creativity. The family creates products that they themselves enjoy using. Most e-liquid flavors are created on-site yet they are savvy enough to know there is another world out there. Only the highest quality flavors from reputable sources from around the world make it to Highbrow Vapor's list of e-liquid flavors for sale.

When purchasing a Powerball ticket, it's a mystery as to what will happen before and after it's purchased. To vape using fine quality products from Highbrow Vapor the quality of service and the product is made known. The customer knows exactly what to expect and can experience the anticipation of trying new and favorite e-liquid flavors.

The juice is made to order in a sterile environment using the highest production standards. When you purchase their e-liquid you know that your VG and PG are proven 100% USP food grade kosher. The nicotine is 99.9% pharmaceutical grade. The family encourages that the customer customizes their flavors the way you can choose your Powerball numbers. Any questions you need to be answered are available in the FAQ section or directly from the owners. Contact with the owners is encouraged to each inquiring customer.

Powered by Shopify, your purchases are securely transmitted. The option to create a personal account offers you convenience whereas with a Powerball ticket there isn't a personal account and there is no guarantee if you lose your ticket!

Smoke and Mirrors

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Halloween is especially fun for kids, but who said that they get to enjoy all the fun while you idle around? Need a reminder that Halloween can be fun for you too? As children dress up in costumes, have their own parties or trick or treat for candy; adults can dress up in costumes, visit a Haunted House, attend parties, or - better still - plan one of their own.

Decorating your home in Halloween-themed schemes is usually one of the best ways to have fun on this most awaited day. You can get a little bit more creative by either designing personalized scary scenes or schemes or by stopping by any party store and picking up ready to display decorations and lights. Smoke and mirrors are great elements to use to make any scene more realistic and ghoulish! You could also cut figures like witches, vampire bats, skeletons and frightened cats out of cardboard material. Place your cut-outs over the windows on the inside and use streak-free window glass wax on them to get a little freaky.

Haunted Houses attractions are a great way to add to adult Halloween fun. If you can't plan it yourself, there are numerous local organizations that use Haunted Houses as means of raising funds for various reasons. Well, for just a bit of cash, you can walk through a scare fest of ghouls, vampires, ghosts and monsters.

Halloween parties can be lots of fun as you are free to fully experiment. And remember, just about anything goes. You can opt to go with funny scary or even video game or cartoon character party schemes and gradually build from there. Don't forget to have for yourself lots of Halloween music mixes and dancing costumes too. What better day to try out some new vape flavors than the eeriest day of the year?  You are sure to share the "scariest" flavors with friends and ghouls alike!

The reason as to why e-cigs don't produce smoke like their traditional counterparts is because there's no combustion taking place, so e-cigs are a great way to add a fun and fresh element to a costume. If you plan to attend a party or even plan your very own event this Halloween, take your costume a notch closer to realistic by incorporating an e-cig and smoke! Check out this ensemble of e-liquid favorites for this Halloween.

Vape Through the Dog Days of Summer

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While you might think the phrase "Dog Days of Summer" refers to a dog panting in the summer heat, you're very close. The term Dog Days is the name for the hottest, most humid part of the summer. This period of time extends from around July 3rd to August 11th. In Roman times, this was a period of time that was observed in areas in the Mediterranean in conjunction with the Dog Star Sirius. Yes, we're serious. They named a star after dogs, too!

The Romans also saw that there was a bright star in the sky that they considered Canis Major, or Large Dog. They wrote stories about the Dog Star, Greek poems and the phrase "Dog Days" caught on. Ancient Greeks didn't see Dog Days as being good. Dog days were believed to be evil times when dogs went mad, people got sick and had burning fevers or went hysterical. We see that every day in the hot summer when irate drivers get aggressive in traffic or subways are packed with angry people roasting on trains with no air conditioning.

The dog days were also looked at as Orion's dog and Ancient Greeks thought in the hot summer when they saw dogs panting that it meant they were going to get a disease from them. Guess no one thought to give them a bowl of cold water? Probably not because this was Ancient Greece! If there was even one dog found to have rabies and was foaming at the mouth, they associated it with Dog Days. Still think that little beagle is cute now? As we learned more over the years about dogs and their panting, we shifted the term to still refer to the hot time in the summer when the humidity was at its highest, but this only applies to regions where they experience high heat in July and August. No one in Alaska says, "Oh get ready, a glacier might melt," or "You know, that sled dog was eyeing me strangely yesterday." Here's an Ancient Greek poem about Dog Days:

Sirius rises late in the dark, liquid sky
on summer nights, star of stars,
Orion's Dog they call it, brightest
of all, but an evil portent, bringing heat
And fevers to suffering humanity.


When we think of dark, liquid skies now, we know it's because we're enjoying a good all day vape! To celebrate the hot summer season, try a minty, menthol vape to keep you cool. With all natural tobacco and mint leaves, you'll spend those sultry days and nights in an all day fog. If you want to go the traditional route for those weekend fireworks or that afternoon barbecue, try an apple pie flavor or blueberry pie. Sweet and tart just like Mom's pies! For more great flavors like these, be sure to check out Highbrow Vapor.

Highbrow Vapors are e-liquids that come in great flavors so you can vape the way you want! Create your own custom blends, or mix and match flavors and create your own customized flavor profile. Spend those sizzling summer days relaxing in a vape. When you place an order, think of your favorite flavors and then do an easy search in Highbrow Vapors. You can also search by All Products, Dessert Flavors, Drink Flavors, Fruit Flavors Highbrowbacco, Newest Flavors and Favorites!

Relax in Dog Days of Summer with Highbrow Vapor! Maybe that means after summer we can sing the Dog Days are Over! Order your best vape flavors today!

Admit You're Happy

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Come on, it's August! That means its "Admit You're Happy" month. With so many great reasons to be happy like Fantasy Football, kids going back to school, another month of great warm weather and top movies coming out, read a few of our top reasons to be happy while you enjoy a good vape and share it with friends and family!

You might be enjoying a lot of college football and we don't want to take you away from all the action. We know you're equally as excited about the upcoming NFL season so we've included the upcoming NFL Football Schedule. Whether you're a hard core fan and you want to catch all the training camp action, or you've already lined up your wide receiver and rookie picks, you know the upcoming season is Something to Talk About! Be sure to join a Fantasy Football League and tell Johnny Come Lately, maybe next season, kid! Top vape picks: Highbrowbacco – Cigar and Buttered Rum. Yeah, we know - smoky and sweet. With all that football, you can stay in a fog as long as you want!

Maybe you're a big movie fan and that's great! There's a ton of new flicks on the way between now and December, so be sure to get ready for:

  • The highly anticipated Sicario hitman movie with Benicio Del Toro is due next month about an elite government task force. With its violent depictions taking place all over Mexico, we thought it fitting to serve up a spicy and robust Cappuccino Diablo!
  • The last installment of The Hunger Games in November, may the odds ever be in your favor getting a seat to this screening. We've paired a Cinnamon Red Hot vape with this flick and with 5 star reviews; you'll find it's on fire, too!
  • Also coming out in November, just in time for the turkey and the trimmings, make sure to check out Creed! There's been a lot of hype about this movie as Apollo Creed's son Adonis is trained by Rocky Balboa! Check out one of his greatest speeches of all time! Rocky knew how to take a hit and keep on making sequels! In honor of Rocky and Thanksgiving, we've partnered Mom's apple pie with Highbrowbacco – Clove. Hint: Let it steep, rookies!
  • Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (December). It's rumored Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg are in this version and of course, Chewbacca's back! Speaking of Chewbacca…we recommend the Highbrowbacco – Exotic Blend. The strong, all natural tobacco flavor is bold enough to go where no man has gone before! May the force and the vape be with you!
  • The kids go back to school soon, so only one more month of them complaining about how there's nothing to do so they can go back to school and complain about having too much to do.
  • We no longer have to look at that miserable Grumpy Cat. There's a new kid on the block, Grumpy Dog! Shelters everywhere will now be filled with cute, discarded pets that can't generate income.
  • That extra salt you had leftover from last year's snow…you're going to need it! The Farmer's Almanac is predicting more snow! Do they really get paid to do that – I mean, we could have told them…
  • While you might have been worried about all those Snakes on all those planes, 3 big snakes have been caught including 1 Cobra in Texas, an 18-foot Python in Florida and a 15-foot Python in Missouri. Just another reason why small dogs everywhere need their own GPS!

Read every excerpt on the list and still in a funk? Not to worry, when you need a good vape, be sure to check out Highbrow Vapor. You can create your own flavor profile, mix and match, send gifts to friends and relax! We still have a lot of summer fun left! Just don't go back in the water with all those sharks!

Celebrate Your Freedom on the Fourth

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Ready to start the Fourth of July with a bang?  What about with a vape? With so many great flavors and profiles to choose from all you need to do is decide the mood you're in and the flavor that you want.

Maybe you want to stick with Fourth of July Favorites like an apple or blueberry pie taste - sorry, no fried chicken flavors yet!  Or you might even want to enjoy a good cigar vape that can have you in an all day fog.  Hey, when you're celebrating the Fourth of July, it's about independence, right?  And you have your independence, too, and the right to choose the vape flavors you want. That's why when you want great flavor, look for Highbrow Vapor.

Highbrow Vapors are e liquids that come in a lot of great flavors you may not have even tried or heard about! Because you can custom create your own blends, mix and match or create a flavor profile, spend the long holiday weekend doing just that, relaxing with your favorite vape flavors…

Fourth of July Ideas

To celebrate the Fourth of July just right, be sure to shop early for these great Fourth of July favorites that can help you bring in the holiday with a vape! How about:

  • Create your own blend or do a 50/50 mix: If you haven't tried all the various blends, consider mixing a few blends together. For example, if you want a sweet taste, try Belgian Waffle and Strawberry, or Hazelnut Cream and Chocolate. You may want an after dinner treat that's a mellow and relaxing mix and a crowd pleaser. Mix Amaretto and Cigar for a taste that will remind you of a woodsy cigar dipped in liqueur.
  • Make your own flavor profile: If you're new to vaping, another great way to enjoy a Festive Fourth is to invite everyone over for a barbecue and try samples of a lot of top flavors. You can mix and match with different sweet tastes and some heavier blends. Try a few dessert tastes like Hazelnut Cream or Caramel Cake. Then try Coffee or Espresso. For a mellow night, check out Green Tea, and of course, after the fireworks, you want French Pipe or Cigar to unwind to. Can you have an all night vape? You just might!

 About Highbrow Vapor: Highbrow Vapor specializes in bringing to you and your guests, the highest quality in e-liquid flavors. When you're ready to order your Fourth of July flavors, make sure to go online at Be sure to sign up with them and create an account. After the Fourth, you can always leave a review about the flavors you tried so others will know how great they are, too! You can also leave reviews on Facebook.

Highbrow Vapor ships e liquid flavors all over the world and can custom create e liquid packages for you! Be sure to order enough supplies in time for the Fourth of July so you can enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Celebrate your Independence Day with Highbrow Vapor!

Enjoy a Good Vape with Dad

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Father's Day is right around the corner! That means you still have a few days to find great gift ideas for Dad!

 Whether your dad likes woodsy flavors or something mild with tobacco, there are a lot of great flavors you can put together for a nice Father's Day gift. If he loves traditional tobacco flavors, go with a Cigar flavor, or try out French Pipe which can give an all day relaxing vape and it's well bodied enough that he can really enjoy it!

For the cigar smoking dad: If he was a cigar smoker or liked to drink and have a cigar, mix and match Cigar with Amaretto for a bit of woodsy cigar with the sweet taste of an Amaretto liqueur.

For the drink connoisseur: If your dad's more of a drinker and prefers rums and cognacs, you can go for a Buttered Rum flavor that is very mellow and yet sweet. This will really liven up his taste buds! You can also give him a straight Amaretto flavor that he may like as an after dinner treat.

For dads with a sweet tooth: If dad has a sweet tooth, go for a Crème Brule or Hazelnut Cream, or if you're not sure, ask him about his favorite dessert and go with that!

Big sellers for dads: One of the top selling flavors that can have dad in an all day vape is the menthol flavor. Look for Highbrowbacco Menthol. Because this is a light mint, if you want it stronger, when you order it be sure to indicate that. This is a real top seller! There's no sharp bite and your dad can always mix and match it with a tobacco flavor for a warming effect!

When you're ready to place your Father's Day order to try these and other great flavors, be sure to check out Highbrow Vapor.

Highbrow Vapor sells all types of flavored e liquids in profiles like fruit, tobacco, desserts and drinks. They come in a variety of flavors so you can shop for all your favorite tastes and add a few in that your dad will love! Mix and match and you can't go wrong. That's why we recommend a little menthol, mint, tobacco, cigar and mild flavors, too.

When you go online you can add more flavors and custom create your own blends, mix and match, etc. Be sure to let dad know about all our great flavors so he can relax and enjoy his vape, his way. After Father's Day when he's ready to place his own order, be sure to show him how to customize the flavor the way he wants, i.e., show him where the 'Customize' box is on each page and how to mix flavors. You might find out that he comes up with a blend you didn't even think of – like menthol and peach!

Highbrow Vapor: Whether it's sweet, dessert taste, and mild or spicy and woodsy, Highbrow Vapor specializes in the highest quality in e-liquid flavors. You can find them online at Highbrow Vapor ships e liquid flavors all over the world and can custom create e liquid packages for you!

Celebrate Father's Day with Highbrow Vapor!