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A Quick Vaping Tip: Recycling

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A Quick Vaping Tip: Recycling

Now that you've ditched the analog cigarettes for vape products, you have much to feel proud about. However, it's still important to be a responsible vaper. When it comes to hardware, recycling is crucial. Most of the materials from which these types of products are made from can be recycled so that they may be reused. 

You may think that your products don't make a huge difference when it comes to saving the environment. However, consider how many coils and juice bottles you go through in one month alone. Over time, your discarded products add up. That's why it's important to recycle your vape products when you're no longer using them. 

Recycling Your Vape Products:


Used Bottles


Your empty e-liquid bottles are made from either plastic or glass, two materials that should always be recycled. To properly recycle your old juice bottles, make sure to rinse them out with hot water. Don't forget to recycle the bottle caps as well.

An alternative to recycling your old juice bottles is repurposing them for yourself. These bottles can be collected and used for future DIY juice-making ventures. Even if you don't plan on becoming a DIY vaper in the near future, small, empty bottles do come in handy. 



It's crucial that you recycle your old batteries. In fact, many states require by law that all batteries are properly recycled. Because they can leak toxic chemicals if carelessly discarded, it's very unwise to simply toss them into the garbage. 

If your vape batteries are still functional, you may consider selling them instead of discarding them. Many online vaping communities allow you to sell your old batteries if they still work properly. 



Sure, coils are small, but they really do add up. Because coils are made from stainless-steel, they're recyclable. Give them a good rinse and toss them into the recycling bin rather than the garbage can. 


Your tanks can be recycled because they are made from stainless-steel and glass/poly-carbonate. Both materials can be turned into other products. Give your old vape tank a thorough rinse under warm water and throw it into your recycling can. 

Just Recycle It


By making a point to recycle these vape products, you will become a responsible vaper who is doing their part to take care of the environment.


Vaper's Cough - It's Not as Bad as You Might Think

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Vaper's Cough - It's Not as Bad as You Might Think

Vaper's cough is a common side effect of when vaping with your electronic device; be it an e-cigarette all the way up to a mod. It tends to occur most among newbie vapers who are still in the process of adapting to the vapor and the proper methods used when using their device.

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Fire Prevention Week Oct 9-15

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Fire Prevention WeekAnyone who loves vaping knows just how dangerous it can be if you don't follow the proper safety protocols. With Fire Prevention Week just around the corner, it is more important than ever that you do your part to prevent a fire from occurring around your home or outside in the world around you. To help you along the way, here are a few safety tips to make vaping enjoyable and safe all rolled into one.

Learn about your battery.

One of the most dangerous parts about vaping is its lithium ion batteries. While the battery generally will perform the way it should most of the time, they can become quite hazardous if they aren't handled properly. There are a few of the regulated mods that come with a built-in battery to help cut down on some of the worry, but that doesn't do much for the ones that come with replaceable batteries. The thing that you want to remember is that the discharge rate of the unit shouldn't be greater than what the maximum discharge rate of the battery is. Do your homework to get a solid understanding of what this means for you and how it could end up helping you out in the end.

Avoid putting batteries in your pocket.

Many people often think that it is no big deal to toss a battery in their pocket before heading out for the evening. They figure that if their vaping device runs out of juice, they have another battery handy to power it up again. While you might think this is smart, it could end up turning into a major disaster. In fact, all it takes is for the battery to end up coming in contact with your keys or loose change in your pocket to start a spark. The next thing you know your pants are on fire and you have all sorts of problems. Get a battery case or make sure that you don't put anything else in your pocket at the same time.

Keep an eye on the heat.

Anyone who uses a mod on a regular basis will quickly find that it can get warm. While being warm might not be that big of a deal, you do need to be alarmed when the device is too hot for you to hold onto it any longer. Simply set the unit down and give it time to cool down. The batteries tend to get hot when the device is being used too much. If you end up pushing them farther than you should, there is a good chance that they are going to vent. When that happens, the chemicals inside of the batteries end up getting too hot and start producing a bunch of toxic gasses. Combine that with no ventilation and you end up with an exploding unit.

By paying attention to the safety tips above, you can make sure that you do your part to prevent fires during Fire Prevention Week this October.

An Enthralling Oktoberfest Near You

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OktoberfestIt's that time of the year when the raptures of Oktoberfest sets sail upon many towns and cities in the United States and across the world. Did you know that 6 million visitors are part of the Oktoberfest celebrations in the US every year, even though its origin is in Germany?

Perhaps the most celebrated beer merrymaking fest of all time; Oktoberfest is a grand festivity of fun and frolic for revelers across the globe. If you're in the US, you're never far away from a local Oktoberfest gala, bursting with drinks, dance and drama.

No matter where you decide to celebrate Oktoberfest, you'll always feel familiar with a few staples –– fantastic music, delicious food and beer from around the world. If you're around the area, you'll love some of these exhilarating Oktoberfest celebrations near you:

MainStrasse Village Oktoberfest

Held in mid September every year, the MainStrasse Village Oktoberfest is one of the top events in Kentucky, attracting over 125,000 visitors from around the region. Producing an eclectic mix of great food, music and dance, this popular festival is the highlight of the Kentucky region.

Alpine Village Oktoberfest

Held between early September and October, the Alpine Village Oktoberfest is celebrated as one of the best in the world and is also one of the oldest festivals taking place in Southern California. Attracting nearly 100,000 visitors every year, you'll enjoy Bavarian entertainment, contests and traditional beers.

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas Oktoberfest

Held from mid September to late October in Las Vegas, the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas Oktoberfest is a replica of the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich and has an authentic German feel to the entire event. Enjoy fabulous German-inspired meats, pretzels and beers brewed to perfection.

Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest

The Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest is one of the top rated festivals in the country for over 42 years and features everything German –– from food and beer to contests and game booths. Feel like you've walked into a German town when you draw in the delight of this exhilarating festival in Big Bear Lake, California.

Denver Oktoberfest

Held from mid to end September, the Denver Oktoberfest is one of the longest running and top rated festivals in the United States. For two weeks every year, the city brims with all things German –– from music and dance to cultural performance and food. Try out the strudel dessert and bratwurst, and feel like you're in a local German town.

You can make your Oktoberfest celebration even more enthralling with delicious vaping flavors from Highbrow Vapor. Offering everything from spiced up to mild vaping flavors, gather a group of friends together and have the time of your life. Highbrow Vapor offers supremely high-quality e-liquid flavors with a myriad of blended choices to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Vaping is an excellent way to spend quality time with your friends during Oktoberfest –– as you share fond memories and bond with some great vape flavors to suit your taste buds. Try fruity, chocolate-y, coffee and a host of other flavors based on your preferences for the day. Oktoberfest has never been more fun than with some great vapes.

Politics and Vaping

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No matter where your politics lie, when it comes to vaping, the candidate that supports the industry is Republican Donald Trump. This should come as no surprise as most Republicans are all for capitalism, which supports less regulation of businesses, even those that have pretty much moved over seas. Although, to say that Trump supports vaping, or is pro-vape, is not exactly accurate as he hasn't stood up and declared an alliance. Although, Trump does support Duncan Hunter, a California congressman who does and has been given the moniker, "The Vaping Congressman," which could indicate support by association.

In the Democrats corner is Hillary Clinton. Again she personally hasn't expressed a personal view regarding vaping, but most likely won't support the industry. This view is supported by her support of regulating big business. Additionally, Clinton supports children's health, education and other social programs that don't fit with a supporter of vaping. In all likelihood, Clinton will be for stricter regulations of the nicotine based product as it doesn't have the FDA stamp of approval as a less noxious alternative to smoking tobacco. The truth is that there simply isn't enough research on vaping for anyone to form an informed opinion regarding vaping and health.

While most agree that Trump is most likely to support vaping over Clinton, Trump doesn't have the support of the vaping community with some informal surveys showing they actually support Clinton over Trump. This would indicate that other political issues are more important to those that vape and that they feel fairly secure in the future of vaping. One survey showed that most smokers are registered Democrats, along with former smokers who have turned to vaping to reduce the fumes cigarettes produce.

So if Republican candidate Trump scores the coveted seat of the President of the United States, passing vaping regulations that may hurt the industry is probably not going to be on his to do list. However, many fear that Democratic candidate Clinton most likely would pass some form of regulatory controls on the industry. These fears aren't without foundation as California passed legislation in May 2016 that went into effect on June 9 and bans public vaping in places where smoking is already banned according to the LA TImes.

Another indication that if Clinton wins the Office of Presidency she will most likely not support the vaping industry is the fact that most democrats feel that the industry should be as highly regulated as the tobacco industry. With many large industries holding a vested interest in seeing the vaping industry slowed, lobbyists from tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies are swarming Capitol Hill in an effort to bring on more regulations for the fledgling vaping industry, which could be catastrophic for a business just getting its footing.

If vaping ends up as the tobacco industry did, with control and regulations coming from the federal level rather than with each state, it could have far reaching consequences for the vaping industry.

Wind Down Summer with a Good Vape

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As summer comes to a close, it should come as no surprise to learn that college students will start thinking about their school supplies as well as what they are going to bring with them into their dorms. However, they should remember that there is still time for some rest and relaxation, meaning that they should not hesitate to get in some good vapes before the summer is over.

Here are some examples of the sensational flavors that can be found in our store's selection:

  • One of our favorites is Belgian Waffle, which starts with a smooth sweetness upon inhaling before leading right into an exciting combination of rich cinnamon and warm maple syrup upon exhaling. Combined with the unmistakable taste of the mouth-watering treat, this results in a product that is perfect for rousing the appetite.
  • In contrast, if you prefer something more soothing, you might be more interested in our Chai Tea flavor, which comes with all of the intriguing bitterness that you would expect out of black tea but enriched with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. The result is rich and potent, but still capable of assisting you in achieving the state of well-rested calmness and contentment that you deserve.
  • For those who are keen to celebrate the tastes of summer while the season lasts, there are few choices that can compare with our Watermelon flavor. When breathed in and out, it manages to remain crisp and clean throughout the process while exuding the fruit's characteristic sweetness, thus resulting in a smooth and pleasurable vape that balances the best of both worlds.
  • Some people prefer complex flavors because there is that much more for them to savor at length. If you are one of these people, you might be interested in our Strawberry Lemonade flavor, which combines two of the most common fruits that can be found in the state of California. The sweetness of ripe strawberries bursts upon the senses, accentuated more than otherwise possible by the sharpness of the citrus to produce an incredible flavor that excites the senses while also refreshing them at the same time.
  • Love the smell of a cigar but not so fond of cigar smoke? If so, you might be interested in our Highbrowbacco - Cigar flavor, which combines cocoa with pepper and other spices to create an earthy taste that is well-suited for those with a fondness for the classics. Alternatively, if you want something else in your Highbrowbacco flavor, you should know that we also offer Cloves, Menthol, as well as other more exotic blends that have been customized for your personal preferences.

These are but some of the flavors that can be found in our store's selection. As a result, if you are planning one last celebration for the summer before heading back to college, you should spend some time browsing our selection to see if there is something that can help you do so in style. Better still, you can even contact us to find out what we are planning next since we are always coming up with new products to help you get the most amazing experience possible.

Vapes and Politics - a Great Combination

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The road to the United States' presidential election is long and often divisive. It's important for adults in the U.S. to remain engaged, though, so that they can be informed voters come November. After the recent debates and primaries in New Hampshire, vaping and candidates might seem to be unrelated. After all, the topic rarely, if ever, comes up in debates. If you enjoy vaping, however, you can bring the two together. By inviting friends over to vape during the presidential debates and primaries, you can diffuse the tension of the presidential race and help everyone become a more informed, friendlier voter.

Vaping Brings People Together

Like many activities, vaping brings people together. It's a pastime, a way to relax that many people enjoy -- and most people enjoy it more when they're with other people. If you vape, you likely know how people gather together to relax and enjoy e-cigarettes together. You might already vape with friends after school or work, or on the weekends. Why not vape with them during presidential debates and primary coverage?

Vaping Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere

Vaping isn't the only way to bring people together to watch candidates debate or campaign, but it's a particularly good one because the activity diffuses tension. People vape to relax, so they're more at ease when enjoying an e-cigarette.

If you invite people who different political views together, they may become passionate. Vaping together will reduce the likelihood that a true argument, from which no one benefits, will break out. People might still have disagreements, but they're more likely to listen to others' points of view and discuss their differences civilly.

Even if everyone at your gathering supports the same political candidate, vaping together could keep everyone's emotions and thoughts on an even keel. There will likely be comments made about other candidates, but the general tenor of the gathering will be more low-key and fun.

Vaping Changes the Nature of Political Discussions

By bringing people together to vape, you may be able to change the nature of political discussions among your friends and acquaintances. In fact, you might create an environment similar to Iowa's caucuses, which are unique. As friends and neighbors talk about politics with each other in a relaxed environment, they'll learn to appreciate others' views and explain theirs in a friendly way. Some may change their mind, and others may not. Either way, though, the political discussions you're involved with will become less divided.

The country today is deeply divided over politics, and many people are looking for the right candidate to unite people. Until such a presidential candidate is found, you can do your part by inviting people together to participate in political talks in a relaxed environment. All it requires is asking people to come over and vape with you during a debate or primary.

Perhaps what this country needs isn't the perfect presidential candidate but everyday people who will gather friends together to discuss political ideas in a non-threatening manner. That is something you, and anyone else who vapes, could do.