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Making Vaping Adjustments

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Making Vaping Adjustments

We’ll talk about how to make vaping adjustments, regardless of what aspect of your vaping hobby you’re trying to adjust.

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Why Highbrow Vapor E-Liquids are Better Than Disposable Pre-Filled Cartridges in General

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Why Highbrow Vapor E-Liquids are Better Than Disposable Pre-Filled Cartridges in General

It’s no secret that we at Highbrow Vapor are extremely proud of the e-liquids that we offer to the vaping public.  We put enormous effort into crafting absolutely delicious flavors with only the best ingredients that money can buy.  Now, we know that pre-filled e-liquid cartridges are becoming a hot item on the vaping market due to the fact that they’re very convenient.  But we’re going to argue that at the end of the day, buying bottled e-juice from us is a smarter move.

Now, to back up this claim, we’ve come up with reasons why vapers can benefit more from purchasing our bottles of e-liquid than buying pre-filled cartridges.  

Reason #1: They’re Cheaper

One of the main benefits of going with bottled e-juice over pre-filled vape cartridges is that it’s cheaper in the long run.  Pre-filled cartridges cost more per milliliter of liquid than bottled vape juice, and it’s easy to understand why when you consider the labor that’s involved when it comes to filling each cartridge with the perfect amount of liquid.  And, who doesn’t want to save money while they enjoy their vaping hobby?

Reason #2: Enjoy More Flavor Options

The thing about pre-filled cartridges is that the flavors that are available tend to be limited, because specific cartridges are only compatible with one or a handful of devices.  Meanwhile, at Highbrow Vapor, select from a massive array of stunning flavors, which allows you to totally control your flavor experience. Why settle for the same four or five flavors when you can vape a new and exciting flavor every day of the month?

Reason #3: Choose Your Ratio

Highbrow Vapor knows that many of our customers have very specific preferences when it comes to how they enjoy their hobby.  One thing that our customers love is choosing the perfect VG/PG ratio when buying e-liquid. As you probably are aware, different VG/PG ratios can bring out unique elements of one’s vaping experience, including the amount of vapor that’s produced and the richness of the flavor.  With pre-filled cartridges, you rarely have as large of a selection of ratios as we do.

Reason #4:  Select Your Preferred Nicotine Strength

Another thing that vapers like being in total control of is the concentration of nicotine that’s in their e-liquid.  After all, most of us vape in order to satisfy our nicotine cravings in a more enjoyable way, so it’s only natural that vapers want to have options when it comes to the strength of nicotine that’s in each puff of vapor.  Pre-filled cartridges tend to come in only one or two strengths of nicotine, meaning that vapers’ options are very limited. At Highbrow Vapor, we offer all of our e-juices in a nice variety of nicotine strengths, which allows customers to vape on their terms.

Reason #5: Smaller Batches Means More Quality Control

One thing that we’ve managed to maintain at Highbrow Vapor is consistent quality control, and that comes from the fact that we are dedicated to producing our e-liquids in small batches.  This way, we can carefully test each batch individually to ensure that it tastes absolutely delicious. Most companies that produce pre-filled cartridges can’t say the same, and this is obvious when you notice how often you end up with a cartridge that doesn’t taste as fresh or flavorful as the ones that you’re used to.  At Highbrow Vapor, we know that quality is everything.

Highbrow Vapor is the Way to Vape!

As you can see, there are several reasons why purchasing bottled vape juice from Highbrow Vapor can lead to a more satisfying vaping hobby overall.  We’ve got a massive selection of exceptional flavors that are made in small batches for superior quality, and our prices really can’t be beat. The next time you need to stock up on vape juice flavors, explore our selection.  We’re certain that you won’t be disappointed.