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Did you switch from cigarettes to Vaping? What got you into Vaping?

cigarettes to vaping question vaping

I’m not going to get up and preach or anything like that.  If you smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes in addition to vaping, no problem.  But I’ve found that a lot of people have switched to vaping from smoking cigarettes .  If you did, what made you want to do it?

Was it:

  • Health concerns?
  • Smell?
  • Flavor?
  • Family?
  • Or something else?

If you’ve made the change, help a friend or family member by telling them your reasons and why you choose vaping over smoking.  You get all the nicotine (even customizing it to your liking), plus far more flavor and fun.  We even took the liberty of leaving out all of the nasty cigarette additives from our e-juices.

One of my favorite things about vaping, as you know for sure, is the flavor.  I’m all about the flavor and really pushing the extreme to get the most incredible flavor experience possible.  I mean, you’ll never find a cigarette that will give you the delight of Buttered Rum & then Some, Cheesecake Torte, or English Malt Toffee??  Haha, not how we make it! 

Comment below and tell me your story, did you switch to vaping from cigarettes?  If not, what got you into vaping?