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Top 3 Tobacco Vape Flavors from Highbrow Vapor

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Top 3 Tobacco Vape Flavors from Highbrow Vapor

No one does tobacco blends like Highbrow Vapor. Our tobacco-flavored e-juices are complex, flavorful and incredibly satisfying. We only use of high-quality ingredients and their unique flavor profiles that arouse the senses.

 Below, you'll discover the three most delightful tobacco flavors from our site for your vaping pleasure:

Tobacco Vape Flavor #3: Highbrowbacco - Exotic Blend

A smooth and complex tobacco flavor that's as light as a feather. This vape juice provides a nice throat hit regardless of the amount of nicotine that you select. Nutty and sweet, every hit is pure bliss for anyone who is a tobacco connoisseur. The inhale envelops the palate in an earthy, nutty flavor that isn't too rich. As the vapor travels across the tongue, the hints of sweetness start to emerge. The exhale provides a pleasant smoky taste. 

Tobacco Vape Flavor #2: Highbrowbacco - Cigar

A rich and robust flavor that delivers the complex taste of South American cigar tobacco. Notes of spice, earth, chocolate and black pepper take turns intriguing your palate as the natural sweetness of the tobacco becomes more and more prominent. This full-bodied vape juice isn't for the faint of heart. When you inhale, you'll enjoy the warm spices and rich cocoa as the vapor swirls around the tongue. The richness of this robust flavor becomes more and more intense as the vapor blooms on the palate. With each exhale, earthy notes emerge as the overall sweetness becomes stronger. 

Tobacco Vape Flavor #1: Highbrowbacco - RY4

An irresistible tobacco flavor that delivers notes of nuts, caramel, vanilla bean and chocolate. Smooth yet complex, this flavor really hits the spot when you feel a tobacco craving coming on. The medium body suits the needs of a wide range of tobacco enthusiasts. Every inhale satisfies with the smooth taste of vanilla and tobacco. Notes of caramel tickle the sweet tooth as the warm chocolate rushes across the tongue. On the exhale, sweet and nutty notes dominate. 

Grab These Tobacco E-Juice Flavors Today!

For a truly spectacular vaping experience that’s sure to keep your tobacco cravings in you have gotta vape these tobacco-flavored e-liquids from Highbrow Vapor.



Top 3 Dessert Vape Flavors from Highbrow Vapor

Caramel Cake Cheesecake Torte e-juices e-liquids flavors Highbrow Vapor Tags: dessert Tiramisu vape juices vapes vaping

Top 3 Dessert Vape Flavors from Highbrow Vapor

You can't go wrong by vaping a delicious dessert-inspired e-liquid from Highbrow Vapor. Their use of exceptionally high-quality ingredients guarantees that each dessert flavor delivers that mouth-watering taste that you crave. Below, you'll discover the three most appetizing dessert flavors that you can grab from our site. 


Dessert Vape Flavor #3: Tiramisu

This one nails that iconic Italian dessert that we all crave like nobody's business. This rich and creamy treat isn't overpoweringly sweet. Instead, each flavor component joins forces to deliver a balanced, delicate flavor that satisfies in every way. On the inhale, you'll taste that lusciously rich mascarpone cream as notes of bitter chocolate make their way across the palate. The hint of espresso adds mouth-watering complexity. On the exhale, a hint of ladyfingers hits the spot. 

Dessert Vape Flavor #2: Caramel Cake

A decadent cake flavor that's stunningly rich yet light enough to be enjoyed all day long. Fluffy vanilla cake is layered with gloriously smooth and creamy caramel frosting. With each inhale, that yummy vanilla cake taste, travels across your taste buds with its sweet and buttery flavor. The warm vanilla comforts your soul instantly. When you exhale, indulgent caramel frosting makes you drool with pleasure. 

Dessert Vape Flavor #1: Cheesecake Torte

The ultimate dessert flavor for anyone who craves rich and creamy treats. This straightforward cheesecake delivers that exquisite taste without any frills. Tangy cream cheese and the perfect amount of sugar ensure one satisfying hit after another. The inhale pleases your palate with the tangy notes from the cream cheese. As the sweetness of the flavor intensifies, you'll enjoy notes of warm vanilla and brown sugar. On the exhale, the seductive creaminess of this cheesecake flavor soaks into your palate, making you feel like you've just taken a bite of something that's deeply luxurious. 

Grab These Dessert Vape Flavors Today!

These three dessert flavors from Highbrow Vapor are rich, sweet and outrageously satisfying.



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Top 3 Coffee Flavors at Highbrow Vapor

Bavarian Hazelnut Cream brews Cappuccino Diablo coffee Dark Roast e-juices e-liquids flavors Highbrow Vapor vape juices vapes vaping

Top 3 Coffee Flavors at Highbrow Vapor

If you dream of guzzling rich, smooth coffee all day long, these three vape juices from Highbrow Vapor will give you that fix of the yummy flavor that you crave without loading your body up with caffeine and sugar. Between these three flavors, you'll find the perfect all-day vape for your unique palate. Each e-juice is made with high-quality ingredients in to deliver that distinctive coffee taste that you know and love.


Coffee-Flavored E-Liquid #3: Dark Roast

A welcome deviation from the overly sweet and artificial-tasting coffee flavors made by other vape juice brands. Each hit soaks the tongue with nothing but pure, robust coffee flavor that's free of synthetic sweetness. You'll taste that mouth-watering nuttiness that's followed by pleasantly bitter, unbelievably smooth goodness. The inhale offers up the nutty and earthy notes which awaken your senses as that rich coffee taste drips down the tongue. The distinctive flavor notes of a high-quality dark roast blend are immediately apparent. A satisfying whack of bitterness hits you in the tongue before you're treated to a smooth, aromatic exhale.

Coffee-Flavored E-Liquid #2: Cappuccino Diablo

Nothing is as smooth as a creamy, rich cappuccino made with full-bodied espresso and velvety foamed milk. This vape juice captures the magic of this timeless beverage with a variety of quality flavoring extracts that give this vape juice its authentic taste. Every hit is like taking a sip of a steaming cappuccino that's full of milky goodness. Each inhale instantly provides you with that smooth, nutty taste of fresh espresso. The richness of the flavor enchants your palate as a slow stream of silky milk roams around the tongue. With every exhale, the creaminess is intoxicating, and a gentle touch of sweetness satisfies.


Coffee-Flavored E-Liquid #1: Bavarian Hazelnut Cream

If you're looking for something a little more decadent than your traditional cup of joe, this vape juice won't disappoint. Layers of buttery hazelnuts and rich vanilla cream dazzle the palate as that comforting taste of rich, full-bodied coffee soaks into the taste buds. The inhale delights the tongue with that rich, earthy coffee taste. The nutty hazelnuts slowly make their way across the palate before silky vanilla drapes itself over the taste buds. Each exhale is smooth, creamy and wonderfully sweet.

Grab These Brews Today!

These coffee-inspired e-juices from Highbrow Vapor will overwhelm you with pleasure thanks to high-quality flavors that taste exactly like your favorite brews.



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