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Pay Close Attention to Your Vape Tank's Fill Line!

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Pay Close Attention to Your Vape Tank's Fill Line!

Most of us go to great lengths to ensure that we take proper care of our hardware. However, so many of us fail to pay attention to how much e-liquid we put into our tank when we refill. Believe it or not, how much liquid is in your tank can dramatically impact your overall vape session. Whether you fill your tank with too much juice or not enough, you might end up having a miserable vaping experience. 

Fortunately, most vape tanks have a fill line. This fill line acts as a guide, guaranteeing that our tank is filled with the perfect amount of vape juice. 

What is a Fill Line?

Take a good look at your tank. If it's like most commercial ones, it should have a small line inside the juice well. This is called the “fill line”. When you refill your tank with e-liquid, you should make sure that your liquid meets the fill line. 

Bottom-Filling Tanks vs. Top-Filling Tanks

We all know that some tanks feed through the bottom while others feed through the top. If you have a bottom-feeding tank, turn it upside-down and unscrew the base. This will allow you to see the fill line more clearly. If you have a top-filling tank, you should be able to find the fill line by simply looking into it. 

What Can Happen If You Overfill?

Overfilling your tank is never wise. One of the most common problems that results from an overfilled tank is juice leaks. If its outside of is covered in juice, there's a good chance that you poured too much liquid in. A leaking tank can lead to other problems. One of the biggest problems that can result is juice seeping into your battery compartment. Once your batteries are coated in juice gunk, they can become damaged beyond repair. Also, an overfilled tank can flood your coils, causing them to die prematurely. 

What Can Happen If You Under-Fill?

If your tank isn't filled with enough e-liquid, you might end up drying out your coils. Coils need to be consistently saturated in order to work properly. If your juice level is below the coil's wick, the cotton will dry up, resulting in stale hits and a burnt taste. 

Fill It Just Right

As you can see, the fill line of your vape tank is extremely important. Next time you refill, look for the fill line. This line will ensure that your vaping experience is as enjoyable as can be.