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Wind Down Summer with a Good Vape

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As summer comes to a close, it should come as no surprise to learn that college students will start thinking about their school supplies as well as what they are going to bring with them into their dorms. However, they should remember that there is still time for some rest and relaxation, meaning that they should not hesitate to get in some good vapes before the summer is over.

Here are some examples of the sensational flavors that can be found in our store's selection:

  • One of our favorites is Belgian Waffle, which starts with a smooth sweetness upon inhaling before leading right into an exciting combination of rich cinnamon and warm maple syrup upon exhaling. Combined with the unmistakable taste of the mouth-watering treat, this results in a product that is perfect for rousing the appetite.
  • In contrast, if you prefer something more soothing, you might be more interested in our Chai Tea flavor, which comes with all of the intriguing bitterness that you would expect out of black tea but enriched with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. The result is rich and potent, but still capable of assisting you in achieving the state of well-rested calmness and contentment that you deserve.
  • For those who are keen to celebrate the tastes of summer while the season lasts, there are few choices that can compare with our Watermelon flavor. When breathed in and out, it manages to remain crisp and clean throughout the process while exuding the fruit's characteristic sweetness, thus resulting in a smooth and pleasurable vape that balances the best of both worlds.
  • Some people prefer complex flavors because there is that much more for them to savor at length. If you are one of these people, you might be interested in our Strawberry Lemonade flavor, which combines two of the most common fruits that can be found in the state of California. The sweetness of ripe strawberries bursts upon the senses, accentuated more than otherwise possible by the sharpness of the citrus to produce an incredible flavor that excites the senses while also refreshing them at the same time.
  • Love the smell of a cigar but not so fond of cigar smoke? If so, you might be interested in our Highbrowbacco - Cigar flavor, which combines cocoa with pepper and other spices to create an earthy taste that is well-suited for those with a fondness for the classics. Alternatively, if you want something else in your Highbrowbacco flavor, you should know that we also offer Cloves, Menthol, as well as other more exotic blends that have been customized for your personal preferences.

These are but some of the flavors that can be found in our store's selection. As a result, if you are planning one last celebration for the summer before heading back to college, you should spend some time browsing our selection to see if there is something that can help you do so in style. Better still, you can even contact us to find out what we are planning next since we are always coming up with new products to help you get the most amazing experience possible.

Have a Happy Hammock Day!

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Hammocks are a key symbol of summer. They are often made out of netting, rope or fabric and suspended between two trees or two sturdy posts. Many people use them for resting, sleeping or just swinging as they enjoy the breeze and warm summer sun. Hammocks are a sign of relaxation, leisure and a stress-free life. As such, join in the celebration on July 22nd for National Hammock Day.

While hammocks got their start from the natives in South and Central America, they have grown and transformed since then. They were once primarily used for sleeping. Later on, they were used on ships for the sailors to have a place to rest that was comfortable. They also helped to maximize the amount of space available on the ship and make the most out of an already cramped environment.

Hammocks weren't always made out of the materials that they are today. The early hammocks were designed using bark off the trees. As you can imagine, the comfort level of an older hammock isn't anywhere near what it is today. These ingenious inventions have continued to grow and change with the times into what they are today. In fact, many hammocks don't even need to be hung between trees or other posts. They come complete with their own stand to make using one of these innovative pieces of equipment today simple and efficient. This is ideal for those who don't have any trees in their yard or aren't equipped to have any poles installed around their home.

Regardless of what type of hammock you have, you should be able to enjoy sitting back and relaxing outside while you enjoy one of your favorite vapes. You can combine two ways to relax into one great pastime. There are so many different flavors out there from which you can choose that you can enjoy a new flavor every day of the week if you so desire.

At Highbrow Vapor, we have an assortment of different flavors that are sure to satisfy your craving and leave you coming back for more. If you are someone who has a sweet tooth, you will love the blend of dessert flavors we have to offer. From cheesecake torte to Belgian waffle, caramel cake and beyond, there is a dessert flavor for just about everyone out there. Not interested in a dessert flavored vapor? That's okay; we have you covered.

Our line of fruit flavors are sensational and taste absolutely amazing. From apricot to coconut, blueberry, black cherry dulcet and beyond, you will love the taste and fragrance of some of our delectable fruit vapors. Enjoy bringing in the summer with a vapor that leaves you relaxed and invigorated all while relaxing outside in your new hammock. National Hammock Day is less than a month away. Are you ready to relax in style and comfort before the big day arrives? Stock up now so you can enjoy spending July 22nd in your hammock with one of your favorite vapes.

Try a New Vape with What's New on Netflix

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Do you feel the sweat on your brow, even though you aren't doing any strenuous physical activity? Does it seem like the temperature outside keeps getting hotter and hotter with each passing day? Don't worry; you aren't alone. Countless people just like you are looking for a way to escape the summer heat and find something fun and exciting to do.

With summer being underway, countless people are trying to figure out what they can do to pass the summer months away. While you might think it is hot now, the temperatures are only going to continue spiraling out of control. But, why should you have to sit outside and suffer through the sweltering heat when there is so much to see and enjoy on Netflix?

Netflix is changing their lineup and bringing in a whole new list of blockbuster movies and your favorite television shows. While there might be a few of the old-time favorites leaving Netflix, there are a whole plethora of new shows that will soon be donning your television screen. Top hits like the Back to the Future Trilogy, Cheaper by the Dozen, Catwoman, Cinderella Man, Beverly Hills Cop I and II, Scooby Doo, the Lethal Weapon Series and many more. Now, you can enjoy sitting inside your air conditioned home and taking in some of the best shows that Netflix has to offer.

As you sit down and watch some of your favorite television shows and movies, you can kick back with one of your favorite vapes. There are a number of different flavors from which you can choose, so you don't have to feel restricted to just one or two flavors. In fact, you can choose a different flavored vape for each day of the week if you so choose. Depending on what it is that you like, you can browse through a variety of different categories until you find the one that you like the best.

If you love fruit, check out the raspberry, orange de sangre, pure pear, coconut or peach thymbra among others. For those who love to enjoy a good drink after a long day at work, you will love some of the different drink inspired vapes, such as amaretto amore, cappuccino diablo, chai tea, buttered rum and much more. Don't forget to check out some of the delicious dessert vapes. From the cheesecake torte to the caramel cake, Belgian waffle and beyond, you will enjoy trying out some of these different vapes this summer.

Just because Netflix might be changing and growing, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy some of the classic vapes out there. Take some time to browse through the different options and choose a few that you would like to try. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy trying out a new vape flavor as you watch your favorite show on Netflix. Just because it might be sweltering outside, that doesn't mean you have to put up with it. Now, you can beat the heat and unwind all with the help of your favorite show and a good vape.

Freedom to Vape

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Summertime is filled with great fun and some of the very best holidays! One that everyone seemingly enjoys often is the July 4th holiday and with great reason! The 4th of July is dedicated to celebrating Independence Day of the United States; it is always great to be able to celebrate freedom.  So many celebrate by getting together with friends and family to have a barbecue picnic, watch a local parade or baseball game, check out a musical concert and stay up late for the firework show.  Along with the freedom to celebrate, there are new freedoms to celebrate as well!

E-cigarettes are still fairly new, but they are gaining popularity everyday! Knowing that we have special freedoms to celebrate, what better way to go ahead and celebrate the freedom to be able to enjoy e-cigarettes… the freedom to be able to vape in a public area! E-cigarettes are a great way to be able to smoke anywhere that you want to and not to have to worry about the smoke! 

So when you're out enjoying all of the great festivities of the 4th of July you have the freedom to take along your e-cigarettes! You have the freedom to take them wherever you go and enjoy them as you would like! Not only do you have the freedom to vape in public areas as much as you would like, you also have the freedom to choose the e-juices that will go into your e-cigarette! You do not have to be forced to take in one flavor that you have to stick with. You have the freedom of options! You can choose the flavor that you would like to have… freedom is such a wonderful thing! To be free to enjoy the holiday, free to spend time with those you care about; free to enjoy an e-cigarette and vape wherever you may go… to have the ability to vape in public places without any hassles from anyone! Yes, freedom is excellent!

If you are going to a park for fireworks, going to hang out by the pool, taking the boat out to the lake… whatever your 4th of July day has set before you, you have the absolute freedom to enjoy yourself and all the while enjoy the freedom to vape! You can vape wherever you go, and you can vape with pride! And you will feel great about getting your e-liquids from Highbrow Vapor… why? The 4th of July is a day of celebration for our country, and we pride ourselves on having all of our e-liquids made in America! Not only will you be celebrating America and the freedom we have in the country, but you will be celebrating with American made products! Yes the freedom to vape is a wonderful thing and there's no better way to celebrate your freedom to vape than with American made products!  Be sure to check out our special pricing through the holiday weekend!

"In" the Outback

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The air is getting warmer and the days are getting longer - a classic indication that summer is here!! Folks are already making plans on where to go, and what to do during their vacation.  What about you? Are you ready to go vacationing? Do you know which destination will excite your senses, fulfill your needs, and accommodate your budget!

If you don't have even the foggiest idea about vacationing, leave alone having concrete plans for your summer holiday, just relax!

We 'd like to share a comprehensive guide to the most exciting, relaxing, vape-friendly destinations in the US!  Pack your bag with just the essentials (including your vaping basics), and then hop "outback" to your nearest airport!


Denver, Colorado

Nicknamed the "Mile-High City" because of its official elevation, Denver is likely to become the high point of vaping in the US!

While vaping on government property is illegal, no laws are restricting or prohibiting this practice in public. What's more, the business community is at liberty to allow or disallow vaping in public!

The city is a haven for the vaping community as evidenced by myriad restaurants, nightclubs, and other private establishments that specifically target the vaping fraternity. The local vaping culture identity is splashed in such joints like Gold Creek Casino, The Funky Buddha Lounge, and the Meadowlark Night Club, among others.

While vacationing in Denver, you will relish having carried your vaporizer kit!


Seattle, Washington

The metropolitan city of Seattle is a real melting pot of diversity, renowned for embracing the alternative culture. The vaping community is having a field day here, what with over 150 vape shops and many nightclubs, and bars, embracing the vaping culture!

One can enjoy their vape while walking in the city streets, or strolling in the breezy and beautiful public parks.

Home to numerous vaping advocacy groups like the Pink Lung Brigade, vapers can confidently do their thing on the streets without the fear of being fined or harassed by the Law enforcement agencies.


Virginia Beach, Virginia

With no restrictions on public vaping, Virginia Beach is the ideal seaside destination for vapers on holiday. This city accommodates such a large number of vape-friendly night clubs, and restaurants like the Seaside Raw Bar, The Young Veterans Brewery Company, and the Buckethead's Restaurant.

The game-changer is a concert Arena, Farm Bureau Live, which has a capacity of twenty thousand seats! This outdoor auditorium facilitates free-for-all vaping to live bands, right on the beach!

Another spot popular with vapers is Mango's live music venue, and the beautiful downtown area is populated with a variety of vape shops. The friendly attendants serving in these shops are ever willing to indulge the vacationers to their satisfaction.


Tampa, Florida

This city is located on the seashores of the Gulf of Mexico, and just a short drive to the beach city of St. Petersburg.

There is an array of vape-friendly beaches, restaurants, and night clubs. Almost all the seaside restaurants, beach bars and gift shops in Clearwater and St Pete are open to vaping.

The Tampa shopping malls, including both The International and West Shore Plaza shopping center, as well as Tampa International Airport are big with vaping.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Also known as the sin city, anything goes here and vaping is no exceptional! Vacationers are at liberty to indulge themselves even in their hotel rooms. With fifty vape shops to boot, Las Vegas is host to the increasingly trendy annual Vape Summit.

With such a guide to the top vaporizer destinations, you are now wiser in selecting your summer vacation hot spot.

All we can say to you now is pack your e-cigs and juice and Bon voyage!






School's Out....Summer's In!

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Summer Craziness!

Summer is here and most everyone is planning to go for a road trip. Nothing beats a road trip like a good vape, whether you are struck in traffic or already at your destination. The sun and longer days provide dreamy ways and places to enjoy your favorite vaporizer. In fact, the beauty of vaping is the freedom to enjoy on the go, and the excessive comfort to relax in your favorite spot with friends without looking for the nearest charge point.

Hit the summer in full throttle

With school out, you can finally feel the sense of freedom and relief. After all, nothing feel an amazing as being out of school and ready to hit the summer in full throttle. Remember, a quality vape allows you to get over the stress of school and enjoy your time in style! Some vapes are spectacularly private, while others are truly extraordinary. For most people when the summer comes out, vaping become part of the ritual. Unwind your summer activities with a good vape.

The plans for your summer

After all the serious business in schools, teaching, reading, and handling exam materials, you may need a little rest to remember your effort in the society. A good vape experience can provide you with the best opportunity just to do that. You have to think about what makes your greatest kickback spot. So, where do you want to vape this summer? Here are some of the few recommendations you can consider during your summer holiday.

  • Hustle

While you might like your own space, you can explore vaping and kicking back in the sidewalk cafe or a busy city park. Just watching many people caught up in the bustle and commotion of busy life will encourage you to relax even more, while enjoying your e-juice. Be sure to get yourself the best vape to reward your hard work, or relieve yourself of the student's stress and the school routines.

  • Water and natural beauty

Whenever summer comes, everyone is craving for the outdoors. With the ocean sounds, flow of a river, or in a beautiful landscape, escaping the busy city lifestyle, there is nothing more pleasing than taking your electronic cigarette with you. It will keep your mind relaxed, and reflects the true meaning of school's summer holiday: your vape, your choice!

  • Festivals

Summer means entertainment! Can you think of the best way to enjoy your favorite concerts, music and tweaks with friends? Well, summer entertainment is full of a variety and electric mix. So, whatever the brand you choose, the vaping experience remains the same. Enjoy your summer holiday moments, while listening to your favorite songs or watching new movies with your friend. Instead of waving to to your favorite songs or best character, you could wave your vape, very interesting.

  • Sports

Speaking of outdoor activities, what better ways to enjoy a summer holiday than taking part in extreme sports! It is the competitive edge that pushes everyone to the limit. So, after that extreme activities, enjoy the coolest vaping as you relax your mind.

Don't worry about the vape flavor, you will easily create a customized flavor that matches your taste and preference. Remember, a good vape is the best treat you can give yourself after that school busy schedule.

Back Around Again

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What Used to Be Popular . . . Can Become Popular Once Again     Popularity can be a rather fickle thing. As a result, what used to be popular can become unpopular, much as how what has become unpopular can become popular once again. Here are some examples of trending items that are making a big comeback:

Movie Franchises

Whether it is because Hollywood is risk-averse or because Hollywood is responding to the nostalgia of their fans, a lot of movie franchises have seen revivals in recent years. For example, The Force Awakens brought back the Star Wars franchise in a big way, starring fresh faces while also bringing back some old favorites to reassure those who responded negatively to the prequels. However, it was far from being the sole franchise to be revived in recent years, not when everything from Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible to Terminator and Mad Max have received recent entries. Never mind other movie franchises that will be receiving the same treatment relatively soon, including but not limited to Ghostbusters, Top Gun, and even Conan. While many of these movies have managed to hold onto much of their original charm, they have also been updated for modern tastes, thus entrenching them in the imaginations of both the original fans and whole new generations of movie-goers.

Rubik's Cube

Although the Rubik's Cube reached the height of its popularity in the 1980s, it has seen surges time and time again, with recent times being one such example. After all, its colored blocks are as charming now as they were then, while its wonderful concept remains a fascinating challenge for those who love puzzles. As a result, it is no coincidence that there are all sorts of competitions involving all sorts of conditions, thus maximizing the appeal of the Rubik's Cube to the maximum number of people possible. Common examples range from the unsurprising such as solving the cube in the fewest possible moves to rarer and more unusual competitions such as solving the cube with one hand, solving the cube with one's feet, and even solving the cube while blindfolded, which sounds all but impossible.


The moment that compact discs hit the music market, consumer interest in vinyl fell like a stone in water. However, it is interesting to note that vinyl is starting to make a comeback with millions and millions of sale, which is rather curious considering that even compact discs have fallen out of favor in preference for digital storage as well as streaming music over the Internet. Some people suggest that this is because vinyl provides their owners with something tangible to hold onto, which can make for a refreshing contrast to the intangibility of its modern successors. However, whatever the reason, it is hard to doubt that vinyl is something that fell out of favor but has since started making a comeback, however limited it might be.

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Even though e-cigs are still on an upward moving trend, the theory is they, too, will wane and taper and become less of a hot topic. But like all really good things, they'll be sure to come back around. For now, check out all our trending e-juice flavors and and enjoy some nostalgia.