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Mindfulness, Meditation and...E Cigarettes?

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Or maybe we should call this "Back to Buzzwords with Highbrow Vapor." Because it seems that everyone is, well, abuzz about mindfulness and meditation as a cure-all, claiming that it can reduce stress and anxiety, help to manage moods and depression, serve as a weight-loss tool, and boost happiness.
But what IS mindfulness, and how does it relate to E Cigarettes? Most simply, mindfulness means paying attention. It comes from the Buddhist practice, which advocates cultivating mindfulness in every day life in an effort to maintain a calm awareness of one's body, feelings, and mind. Psychologists are increasingly turning to mindfulness practices as a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, encouraging patients to observe their thoughts without judgement as a way to understand and overcome negative or destructive thought patterns and behaviors. And mindful eating is becoming evermore popular as a way to manage weight, with a focus on thoughtful, intentional eating (no TV, no eating in the car, etc.) and attentive enjoyment of meals, instead of calorie counting or traditional diets.
The cornerstone of most mindfulness practices involves some form of meditation, sitting quietly and attempting to still the mind through repetition of a mantra, observation of thought, or both. Every day, research shows that mindfulness meditation offers a world of benefits. An April 2011 study from the Journal of Neuroscience found that even a short meditation training could cut pain perception by almost half.
Yet mindfulness and meditation don't necessarily require any training whatsover. They can be achieved by focusing on the breath. Deep inhales, slow exhales. You know, like...when you're enjoying an E Cigarette. Breathing is an automatic function, designed to keep us alive. But it has so many more under-considered benefits. Breathing is responsible for 70% of our body's toxic release, expelling carbon dioxide with every exhale. It increases oxygen in your bloodstream, which releases tension, increases muscle, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, and boosts energy levels AND mood.
The best news is: you may already be doing this. When you pause throughout your day to enjoy an E Cigarette with Highbrow Vapor premium E Liquid, treat it as a small meditation, a moment to breathe and reflect. Focus on your inhales and exhales, and savor the finely crafted E Juices, while trying to steady your thoughts. Some particularly zen-like Highbrow blends include Highbrowbacco Clove--with a mild, cigar-like essence and a light, pleasing spiced clove taste--or Highbrowbacco Mentholwith its warm, exotic tobacco blend on the inhale and crisp, cool, natural mint exhale.
So make mindfulness and meditation a part of your day. Focus on your breath, your thoughts, and your delicious, smoke-free, all-natural E Liquid from Highbrow Vapor. 

Dont Quit, Evolve

e cig juice vaping vaping blogs vaping foums

It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times."  --Mark Twain
We hate to admit it, but smoking and creativity sometimes go hand in hand. Maybe it's the way nicotine simultaneously calms the body and mind, while revving up the thought process, increasing alertness and focus. Maybe, as one friend recently suggested, it's the fact that smoke breaks require you to step away from your work, an unplanned moment of reflection and renewal.
Indeed, recent research from the Academy of Management suggests that the old formula of 9 to 5 with only a break for lunch is actually counter-productive, that taking small breaks throughout the day "enables the mind to rest itself, leading to a higher net total concentration for a day's work, and as a result, increased productivity," according to an article published on
Yet this is no modern-day revelation, and Twain is not the only prolific penman or philosopher to have made a space in his creative life for cigarettes. Add to that list Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, George Orwell, and even J.K. Rowling, who has since moved on to nicotine gum.
But maybe, like Twain (or Rowling), you've felt conflicted in your smoking. You love nicotine, but hate setting a bad example for your kids. You value the time to think, the meditative moments that a cigarette break allows, but are tired of the smoke, the smell, and the stigma. Maybe, like Twain, you've tried to quit. Maybe even 100 times.
So make this the 101st time you quit. But this time, quit quitting. Quit telling yourself that you absolutely must not have any nicotine ever. Quit the cold turkey, the black and white worldview. Quit denying yourself one of life's greatest pleasures and start embracing the myriad ways in which you CAN enjoy nicotine, with Highbrow Vapor e liquid.
Ways like: in a bar, at your desk, in your living room. Ways like: Creme Brulee, French Pipe, Espresso. Ways like: customizable flavors, adjustable nicotine, worldwide shipping, and impeccable customer service.
Now doesn't that seem a bit more evolved? All the creativity and clever ingenuity of famous smokers like like Twain, Freud, Einstein and Orwell, none of the internal struggle. More options, less smoke. Highbrow Vapor's premium e liquids are as all-American as Mark Twain and as indulgent as a good book. 

Home Chemistry 101

cigarettes to vaping e cig juice vaping blogs

According to the American Lung Association (, there are around 600 ingredients in cigarettes. Six. HUNDRED. (Is now a good time to mention that our premium e liquid contains closer to...six? Or less!) Of course, we all know that traditional cigarettes are for smoking (duh), and therein lies the rub. And by "rub," we mean "potentially life-threatening danger." When smoked, standard cigarettes create over 4,000 chemicals--many of them poisonous--and at least 50 of which are KNOWN to cause cancer. Moreover, while activists have made the public increasingly aware of the dangers of cigarettes, no warning exists for the toxins in tobacco smoke.
At Highbrow, we produce our world-class e liquids with nothing more than propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine (or both) and 100% natural flavorings (plus maybe just a touch of alcohol, for some of our bold, boozy flavors, like Amaretto Amore). While the exact proportions and formulations of our flavorings will remain a well-kept family secret, our e liquids are guaranteed 100% natural and American-made.
So now that you've switched from smoking to vaping (and we're oh so glad that you did), what will become of all the harsh chemicals and toxins you're leaving behind? Don't worry, you can still find them in many common household products. You can find acetone in nail polish remover (no need to paint over your smoke-stained nails anymore, either!), or butane in lighter fluid (though you won't have much of that around, will you?). Carbon monoxide is all around, especially in congested cities, coming out of tailpipes left and right, while the streets are literally paved with tar. Cadmium and lead are in the batteries that you've probably got lying around (though never when you need them, right?).
There's acetic acid in your hair die, ammonia under the kitchen sink (for cleaning house), hexamine in the lighter fluid you use for your barbecue or fireplace, napthalene in your closet (moth balls), and benzene at your desk (rubber cement). Now, formaldehyde (used for embalming the dead) and methanol (a key ingredient in rocket fuel) might be harder to come across, but surely you can live without them.
The truth is, you can--and should!--live without all of those harmful abrasives (and yes, all those ingredients really are found in cigarettes or cigarette smoke). You can still enjoy your daily (or weekly, or weekends-only) hit of nicotine, without all the nail polish remover and battery acid. Our e liquids use only 100 % natural flavors, propylene glycol (FDA approved food safe--that means safe for ingesting!), and vegetable glycerine, which is derived from vegetable oil. That's it. No hidden or harmful chemicals.
Highbrow Vapor: chemistry made divinely simple, and devilishly delicious.

A fruit By Any Other Name

e cig juice vaping vaping blogs

Here at Highbrow, we're a team of creative types. We pride ourselves on creating innovative, top-quality e liquids for your vaping pleasure. But we don't stop there! We're just as creative with our marketing, blog content, and of course our flavor names. However, we don't want fancy-pants verbosity to confuse--our flavors are as natural, straightforward and simple as can be. Nothing but quality ingredients and bold, brilliant flavors. Here, a list of some interestingly-named, but classic and clean-cut fruity e liquid options, to celebrate the end of summer:
Black Cherry Dulcetti e cig juiceBlack Cherry Dulcet - From the latin word dulcis, meaning sweet, pleasant and agreeable, comes our naturally sweet, yet bright cherry flavor, offering deep, juicy, ripe cherry notes. For a more complex combination, try Amaretto Amore, all sweet cherry and smooth nutty almond, none of the tartness of fresh fruit.
Orange de Sangre - This citrus concoction is as tangy and tart as you'd expect from a blood orange. We take advantage of the abundant citrus that grows naturally in our region to create a unique and delightful orange e liquid that is unlike any you've tried before.
Peach Thymbra - True peach flavor is notoriously difficult to encounter in an e liquid, more often replaced by cloyingly sweet gummy candy-like immitations. Our e liquid starts with a reduction of real, fresh peaches, leading to a natural, juicy, and subtly sweet blend. The savory, thymbra infusion makes for a nuanced one-of-a-kind vaping experience.
Pure Pear - As its name plainly suggests, our pear e liquid is natural fruit flavor and nothing but. Delicate fruit-like sweetness and an overall buttery note, our pure pear flavor is extracted from real Bartlett pears, leading to a vaping flavor and mouthfeel that's as close to biting into green fruity flesh as you can get.
So enjoy your daily serving of fresh fruity flavor, courtesy of Highbrow Vapor, and relax, knowing that it's nothing but natural e liquid goodness. 

Rise from the Ashes

cigarettes to vaping e cig juice vaping vaping blogs

e cig juice blogIf you've read Harry Potter, or seen the movies (and who hasn't, these days?), then you may be vaguely familiar with the fire-born phoenix. This famous bird, a creation of Ancient Greek legend,  permeates our modern world, a fantastical creature that lives for hundreds of years before bursting into flames and dying, leaving behind a pile of ash. Then, from that ash is born a new bird, rising from the charred remains of its predecessors.
Phoenixes are depicted throughout history in literature and art, usually eagle-sized with flame-like scarlet and gold feathers. Famed authors such as J.K. Rowling and Terry Pratchett make us of the phoenix's image and even add to the mythology, suggesting that phoenix tears can heal wounds, or that one cannot lie in the presence of the legendary fire bird.
As vapor and e cigarette lovers, we are all, in our own way, phoenixes. So often we hear mention of vaping as a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes, and if we take a moment to dissect that, we can see that no smoke also means no fire, odor, or ash. While cigarette-caused fires may seem a rarity, smoking is in fact the leading cause of residential fire death, and cigarette lighters cause an estimated 100,000 U.S. child-playing fires per year (according to the National Institutes of Health). That's a real risk, one that e cigarettes make obsolete.
More superficially, no smoke means no more nasty, stale smoke smell. We've said it before, and we'll say it again, because cigarette smoke scent will permeate your furniture, clothing, and hair before you've made it to the filter. With e liquids, you taste the flavor of your choosing, but your unsuspecting companions smell nothing. And nothing burning, means nothing burnt--no ash. No more ashtrays collecting gross gunk, accidental spills or wayward, wind-blown dust in your face.
It's time to rise above the mess, above the fire and ashes. At Highbrow Vapor, we're proud to think of ourselves--and our customers--as phoenixes, emerging from the remnants of old nicotine habits into the new life of vaping technology.

Tongue Map a Myth

cigarettes to vaping e cig juice

As children, many of us were taught in school that that different parts of your tongue have receptors for different flavors. We experience bitter tastes at the very back of our tongue, sweetness at the tip, and salty and sour flavors along the sides, with a relative taste bud dead zone in the middle. OR SO WE WERE LEAD TO BELIEVE. (More on that later).
The tongue zone theory was stems from a paper written by Harvard psychologist Edwin G. Boring (real name), which was itself a translation of a German paper published in 1901. The original German paper merely suggested that there exist minute differences in threshold detection levels across the tongue. Nothing too exciting, but the translation--like a game of telephone--soon turned this information into different levels of sensitivity, and the next thing you, know tongue maps are appearing in textbooks as a matter of fact.
Though still widely taught in schools, this theory has been long since disproven. Although some parts of the tongue may be able to detect a salty or sweet taste before others, all parts are equally able to convey sensations of all tastes. In short: all taste sensations come from all regions of the tongue.
e cig juiceWhich is good news for us at Highbrow Vapor, and for you, Highbrow Vape-er! This means that your terrific tongue can taste all the tantalizing temptations our e liquid catalog has to offer! A fully-functioning tongue can experience our popular Highbrowbacco RY4 flavoring as a bittersweet bite of cocoa, a sugary richness caramel and warm vanilla, and a robust, toasted tobacco, with a smooth nutty inhale. Rejoice in your tongue's ability to appreciate the warm, spicy subtleties of clove that we've painstakingly balanced with our classic tobacco flavoring for Highbrowbacco Clove, a one-of-a-kind, masterfully blended e                                           liquid. No map required!  
So while we're sorry to add one more thing to your list of "Lies My Teacher Told Me," we're pleased as punch to offer a tongue-tantalizing array of fully-formed flavors, for a complete vapor experience.