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Vaping is for Valentines

e cig juice vaping

Sure, Valentines Day 2017 falls on a work day—and not one in the later half of the week—but there's still something to be said about looking obstacles like forced separation due to different workplaces as a challenge to your abilities to break through those barriers and get your message of St. Valentine-inspired love to the one who melts your heart. If vaping is the thing that you two like to do, then we've got a few suggestions for you. There's still plenty of time to place an order and have it delivered to you before the second week of February.

Vape your way into bae's heart

Haven't quite mastered those vape cloud hearts, yet? Keep practicing but you know your honey wants nothing but some quality time with you. And if you both like to vape throughout your day then you can always find a few moments to connect in a unique way.

We imagined a day where a few strategically-placed vape sessions can make the day a whole lot sweeter for fans of e-liquids. It doesn't have to take a lot of planning to make these moment happen but when you mix some gift-giving with serendipity, you come off looking like the hero of all Valentines.

Vaping the sweet stuff with your Valentine

Start the day off with fresh, at-home brewed coffee along with an early morning vape of our Belgian Waffle e-liquid. Subtle cinnamon notes play off of warm maple flavors for something that resembles your favorite breakfast made by mom.

Thankfully, mom has been replaced with a significant other and you two can now linger a little longer in bed and make plans for later. Little do they know you've already had a package of Coffee Cake e-liquid delivered to their office so they have something to vape on a coffee break. Brown sugar, butter crumble topping, and real whipped cream—how sweet!

And when you finally meet up after a long day at work, maybe you go out for dinner and maybe you cook something at home but may we recommend skipping dessert and catching it on the flip-side when you share a Chocolate e-liquid post-coitus vape between the sheets.

By about the third time that just the right e-liquid happens to pop up at just the right time, bae will appreciate the attention to detail you put into making the day just right. We're here to help any way we can and if that means supplying the most surprising flavors of e-liquid that you can pair in unique ways with your lifestyle then so be it. We love helping customers live a more satisfying and flavorful life.

Favorite Holiday Traditions to Share

e cig juice vaping

Christmas Tree TraditionA vape is best enjoyed when shared with special people in your life. When you get to enjoy a beautiful and calming sunset, there is nothing as splendid as a good Cappuccino Diablo. The rich blend of coffee that brings memories of times spent with friends and family over years past.

Vaping with old friends is also a way to meet new friends. Sharing new varieties and flavors of e-liquids during the holidays can create a lasting tradition among friends.  What a novel way to sample new flavors!

Time to Enjoy a Sunrise

Christmas vacation is a good time to share special moments with family, moments that make you who you are today. With influential vapers, you get to enjoy a great morning vape session as you enjoy a beautiful sunrise. The Belgian Waffle provides the best flavor as the day is dawning. It contains some tasty cinnamon notes that are mixed with some delightful maple flavors that take you back to those crisp winter mornings that are incomplete without family and some waffles.

Preparations for the Feast

There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing duties with the family to prepare the Christmas dinner. Good vapers know when to take a break from the kitchen and savor some good times over a delicious vape that will help you think of the bounty of the feast you are about to enjoy as a family.

Gridiron Memories

Sports is a big part of the holiday festivities. The Highbrowbacco French Pipe flavor can help you to relive these memories as you gather around to watch a great game of football. Dads and sons can use this as a great bonding time to enjoy a game they both love. The french pipe flavor has a vanilla flavor combined with sweet cherry that helps revive the sophistication experienced when using old pipes.

Vaping is a new way to share favorite holiday traditions. The fall and transformation into winter is undoubtedly one of the most delightful times of the year. Sharing a conversation with friends while enjoying a well-flavored vape is a good way to relax during the holidays. You get to relieve all the pressures that come with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and just sit back and least for a little while.


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

e cig juice vaping

The Stockings Were Hung
This year, Christmas is creeping in upon us much earlier, the same way Halloween did. It is clear that we are now taking our Halloween costumes out and putting the Santa hats on. As if that's not enough, every store is being graced with well-decorated Christmas trees accompanied with Christmas songs. And a bewildering number of us keep going home with Christmas paraphernalia every time we visit the grocery store without even knowing. Is this intriguing?

Psychologically, this Christmas has found me surprisingly unprepared. Has this year's Christmas come earlier where you are too? You can relate to these early favorite signs that make it look like it is the beginning of Christmas.

  • Beverage servings in red cups: In every restaurant, it is all red. From the cups to bows and the beautification on their walls- everything is red.
  • The Christmas Trees: Some people already have erected Christmas trees which are fully decorated in some shiny, red and green. Wreaths have been gracing our malls since Halloween, a clear indication of Christmas.
  • Christmas Commercials: As early as October, TV commercials have been all about Christmas. It seems everything is now looped into the Christmas season. Some channels are already counting down days to December 25th, while others are on board casting some holiday movies such as "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."
  • The Christmas Songs: People are now going for Michael Buble and other musicians Christmas songs as early as now. And they are really into it.

Since this Christmas is here with us much early, you can decide to host an "ushering-Christmas" vape party. Offer an assortment of different flavors of e-liquids to your friends and families. Here are some of the best vape flavors to jingle your bells and make you get into the holiday spirit much more.

  • Coffee-Bavarian Hazelnut Cream: It is a mild, subtle blend of coffee flavor with undertones of vanilla cream and hazelnut. The features make it sweet enough to vape and enjoy a voluminous amount all day.
  • Black Cherry Dulcet: For the cherry lovers, this is a strong fruit e-liquid that you need to try. It blends cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, and cherries. It is purely natural and whole unless diluted on request. The taste improves with the increase in cherries.
  • Crème Brulee: This is one of the best vape flavors. Vanilla custard, marshmallow, French vanilla and brown sugar extra all blend well making it a bit stronger when you vape. A topping of banana can add a unique sweet flavor too.
  • Amaretto Amore: It is characterized with a bitter-sweet taste. It brings a double flavor for its 100% flavors with enough pucker to make you yearn for more.

Vaping with these different flavors will go a long way in ensuring your holiday moods remain high.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

e cig juice vaping

ThanksgivingWhat does Thanksgiving mean to you? For some, it's a welcome gathering of loved ones. For others, the celebration is a time to reflect on what is really important. No matter what you think of the holiday, try these great suggestions for making the most out of everything the season has to offer.

Coffee And Sunset

Nothing is more beautiful or calming than a fall sunset. It's even better when we share it with the special people in our lives. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality vaping time with the sumptuous flavor of Cappucino Diablo. It's rich blend of creamy coffee tones brings back memories of the best coffee houses you've ever visited.

Shopper's Paradise

A lot has been made of those Black Friday crowds that seem to form even before Thanksgiving preparations begin. If you're the type of shopper that loves the insane deals, it's easy to bring a little relaxation to long lines with Heavenly Macaroon. Unlike it's high calorie namesake, this delectable blend of chocolate, coconut, and almond flavors will not leave you feeling guilty about another holiday snack. Vaping in line is also a great way to meet new friends who will flip over your great taste in e liquids.

Beautiful Mornings

One of the best things about the season is sharing special moments with your family. It's easy to forget how much they have shaped and contributed to the people we are today. What better way to thank those influential vapers than a morning vape session. Belgian Waffle presents the perfect flavor when the day is dawning. Experience the tasty cinnamon notes mixed with delightful maple flavoring that takes anyone back to those fun family mornings where waffles were always a mainstay.

Preparing The Feast

Cooking that delicious Thanksgiving feast is probably the hardest thing a family will do as they prepare for the big event. While some people become overwhelmed with preparation, vapers know when to step away from the kitchen for a sweet burst of flavor. While you contemplate how lucky you are to be just hours away from the bountiful feast, go outside for the fruity flavor of Pure Pear. It's buttery, but sweet taste helps anyone remember the finer things in life.

Gridiron Memories

Sports is arguably the most popular part of the Thanksgiving celebration. Relieve those childhood memories of gathering around the TV for football and makes some new ones with the Highbrowbacco - French Pipe flavor. For dads and sons, it's the perfect way to bond again while enjoying the game you both love. This wonderful combination of vanilla with sweet cherry tones perfectly brings back the sophistication of old pipes.

Fall is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Most of that beauty comes from the happy times we all share when Thanksgiving rolls around. Share a vape with those you love and see how special this time can really be.

How Do You Trick-Or-Treat?

e cig juice

Trick or TreatIt won't be long before October will be in full swing. With October comes the joy of Halloween. Regardless of how young or old you are, there is no denying that the month of October is all about Halloween festivities for many. If you are someone who can't wait for October 31st to roll around, you are probably already thinking about what you are going to do to enjoy the festivities. To help you out along the way, consider one of these fabulous ideas below.

Take the kids out for a round of trick-or-treating.

If you have children, you probably already know how excited they are to head out and enjoy going door to door to see what all they can bring home. Heck, at some point along the way, you probably had competitions with your friends or family members to see who could bring back the most candy. It was a game of sorts trying to guess what each house held in store for you. Now, you can bring back all of the memories from when you were a child by taking your own children out for trick-or-treating. Make sure to pay attention to the weather and gear up for the evening chill that could come your way. You don't want to have to call it a night for something that could have been avoided.

Host a Halloween vape party.

For those who don't have children, but love Halloween, there is no better way to celebrate with your family and friends than by hosting a vape party. You can have an assortment of different e-liquids available for your family and friends to choose from. Make sure everyone comes dressed up in their favorite costume to bring the true Halloween vibe to your party. Have everyone bring their favorite e-liquid for everyone to try out and enjoy experimenting with some of the hottest flavors around today. With so many different options, who knows what one is going to tickle your fancy the most? In fact, you could end up discovering a whole new flavor that you never heard of before.

Attend a party at one of your friend's homes.

In the event you don't have the space to host a party of your own, you could simply head over to one of your friend's houses and enjoy partaking in the party they are hosting. This saves you on having to deal with all of the cleanup involved when you host your own party and lets you enjoy a whole new experience with some of your friends and family members. Parties are always going on around Halloween. You are sure to find a few of your friends hosting a rocking party this year.

There is no time like the present to get out there and enjoy everything the month of October has to offer you. Find the perfect costume and go out there and have some fun. You might just learn a few things that you never dreamed of happening before.

Football Faves You Won't Want to Miss

e cig juice vaping

Football FavoritesFootball season is officially in full swing. With a couple of regular season games already behind you, many people are coming up with their own football rituals to take advantage of the big game. While everyone has something different that they enjoy doing when it comes time for the game, there are a few things that you can rest assured you will probably enjoy. Check out some of these football faves and see which ones you want to add to your weekly routine.

Enjoying your favorite vape.

What better way to enjoy the big game than with one of your favorite e-liquids? With so many different blends available, you could try a new blend each game and get a chance to experience a whole assortment of different products. From a sensational fruity blend to a decadent dessert-inspired blend, you never know what one is going to be your favorite until you have the chance to check out a few of the blends out there. Share different vapes with your significant other or a group of friends. Either way, you can enjoy sitting back, cheering for your favorite team, inhaling your favorite e-liquid and relaxing as you wait for the minutes to tick off the clock in the hopes that your team will come away with a victory.

Mouthwatering treats to enjoy.

No football game is complete without some delicious treats to enjoy while you watch the game. Whether you want something simple like hot dogs with all the trimmings, potato salad, chips and dip or something like a homemade pizza, deep dish macaroni and cheese or chili, you want to make sure that you have plenty of food waiting for you to enjoy. After all, cheering for your favorite team can definitely work up an appetite, especially when the game is neck and neck through all four quarters. You can eat away the stress and anxiety with some delectable treats.

Spending time with friends.

If your friends all love the same team as you do, you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones and cheering for your favorite team. It's a great way to catch up with people you haven't been able to talk with all week while getting to bond over something that you all enjoy. Staying home and watching the game is not only an inexpensive way to have fun, but you can all feel at ease in your own environment. Even if you root for different teams, watching football is still a great way to enjoy your Sunday. Yell your stress away as you root for your team to score and bring home the victory.

Football Sunday is filled with excitement for football fanatics everywhere. Decide what you want to do to make it one of the hottest days of the week. Football season only lasts for so long, so you want to make sure you make the most out of every opportunity you can. You never know what each week will bring until you watch the game.

Where are the Summer Flicks Now?

e cig juice vaping

Whether its angry ghosts or world domination, DC's worst villains or the worst neighbors on election night ever, the summer has a host of great movies to check out.

Summer MoviesSummertime is slowly starting to unwind, and whether you're looking for a good vape or waiting for your favorite movie to come out on DVD, there's plenty of time to still catch the best summer movies. From Captain America and Jason Bourne to Ghostbusters, Warcraft and Suicide Squad, there's a lot to see. Be sure to check out the trailers, too, for all your favorite celebs and a few break-out artists. Don't worry if you've missed them as we've included the release dates so you'll know exactly when they will be available on DVD and you can order your favorite vapes in time for your next movie party...

So let's get vaping and start with the Biggest Summer Movies of 2016!

Captain America: Civil War

As a great film in a series with Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner, this is a must-see flick if you're following Iron man and The Avengers. Released in May, you can see the trailer here. It will be available on Digital HD September 2nd and Blue Ray September 13th.

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Suicide Squad

With a sequel already in the makes, this is definitely a crowd pleaser with DC super villains absorbing 2-hours of our time and that's just enough to see a star studded cast of super villains taking on a secret government mission. Look for Will Smith, Jared Leto as the Joker and Margot Robbie with her pigtails as she morphs into Harley Quinn. Release date to video is scheduled for this November. See the trailer and all-star cast here…

X-Men: Apocalypse

The story continues… With Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and a host of other characters we love, at 144-minutes, this is another must see…Well, if you want to watch powerful mutants prevent their nemesis from destroying all of mankind. Scheduled release date to DVD is October 4th. See the trailer here and get your popcorn ready…

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Star Trek Beyond

This is not just another movie… Yes, they are stranded on another unwelcoming planet, but with Chris Pine and Zachary Quito at the helm of the Enterprise, the phrase, "Beam me up Scottie has never sounded so good." We will miss you, Anton Yelchin. The movie features crazy fight scenes directed by Justin Lin so you know the stunts will be kick-butt in this 7.5 star moving coming in at 122 minutes. With a release date to DVD in November, we can't wait! See the trailer here…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Our cities need more ninja turtles and we've got them. With a sequel in store and appearance by Megan Fox, this is an action packed movie the whole family will enjoy. Look for better stunts with more FX effects. Its 1-hour and 52 minutes and rates a 6.3, but Fox will always be a 10! See the trailer here…


Who ya gonna call? Girl Power! That's right. The remake is here. It's Ghostbusters like we've never seen before. If you're looking for Dan Akyroyd and Bill Murray, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy won't disappoint and neither does SNL fave Leslie Jones. Don't get slimed. At 1-hr, 56 minutes, that's just enough time to enjoy a good laugh or two. Rated 5.5 stars, the release date is October of this year. See the trailer here….

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Jason Bourne

Get ready for jet-set, geopolitical sabotage and intrigue. Rating a 7.1 at 123-minutes, any movie with Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner as Bourne is sure to be a crowd pleaser. One can only hope for a Bourne meets Bourne where Renner finds out he has a twin played by Matt Damon. That's a fight scene we won't want to miss. Release date to DVD is set for this November. See the trailer here...


Based on the video game and boasting of a $100 million budget, the long awaited Warcraft is here. With a rating of 7.3 and a running time of 123-minutes, it's a crowd pleaser that's sure to entertain with the Orc warriors. See the awesome trailer here…

Independence Day: Resurgence

What is this world coming to? 2-hours worth of aliens, that's what it's coming to. With a 5.5 rating, get ready for aliens to unite. With humanity hanging in the balance, it's up to Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum to save the world. We need all the help we can get! Actors missing include Will Smith and that one alien with the psychic abilities. See the trailer here...

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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Yup, they're back! Raunchy frat parties at their finest with Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and a host of other celebs. The follow-up to the 2014 version rates 6.0 and won't disappoint. Look for Hannibal Buress, Selena Gomez and Chloe Grace Moretz. What neighborhood do they live in? Scheduled for release on DVD on September 20th, see the trailer here…

The Conjuring 2

Coming in at 2-hours, 14-minutes and rated 7.8, this highly anticipated sequel reprises the roles of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as they venture to London to address things that go bump in the night for a woman and her four kids. It's scheduled for DVD release on September 13th. See the trailer here…

Now You See Me 2

The Four Horsemen are here to stay. At 2-hours, 9-minutes and rated 6.9 out of 10, this new tale has them going up against a tech mogul. Let's see what tricks they have up their sleeves in this version. The DVD release date is scheduled for September. See the trailer here…

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

At 1-hour, 27 minutes and a 6.9 rating, this is a funny spoof on celebrity icons. Look for Andy Samberg as a Justin Beiber like icon. Hope the laughs are longer than our review. Release date is September 13th. See the trailer here.

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Central Intelligence

Yup, Big Johnson… little Hart… At 6.6 for the rating and 1-hour 47-minutes, this Lethal Weapon style flick has a handful of laughs and it should with Kevin Hart in it. See the trailer here…

The Purge: Election Year

Marked as the best of the best, the third part of this highly anticipated movie is out. At 6.1 for the rating and 1-hour, 49-minutes in length, a senator runs through the streets of DC trying to stay alive. Add it to your must-see list. Slated DVD release date is October 4th. See the trailer here…

The Legend of Tarzan

Coming in at 1-hour and 51-minutes, with a 6.6 rating, that's just about enough time for us to enjoy Alexandar Skarsgard as Tarzan in the Congo. Look for Christopher Waltz as the bad guy and special effects comparable to King Kong. The release date is in October. See the trailer here…


Highly anticipated, this version of the 1959 epic is 141-minutes and rated 5.1. The story of a slave who revolts, the action is amazing as is the well-known race scene and stunning special effects. The release date has not been announced. See the trailer here…

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Wait until the movies come out for the holidays!