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A Quick Vaping Tip: Recycling

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A Quick Vaping Tip: Recycling

Now that you've ditched the analog cigarettes for vape products, you have much to feel proud about. However, it's still important to be a responsible vaper. When it comes to hardware, recycling is crucial. Most of the materials from which these types of products are made from can be recycled so that they may be reused. 

You may think that your products don't make a huge difference when it comes to saving the environment. However, consider how many coils and juice bottles you go through in one month alone. Over time, your discarded products add up. That's why it's important to recycle your vape products when you're no longer using them. 

Recycling Your Vape Products:


Used Bottles


Your empty e-liquid bottles are made from either plastic or glass, two materials that should always be recycled. To properly recycle your old juice bottles, make sure to rinse them out with hot water. Don't forget to recycle the bottle caps as well.

An alternative to recycling your old juice bottles is repurposing them for yourself. These bottles can be collected and used for future DIY juice-making ventures. Even if you don't plan on becoming a DIY vaper in the near future, small, empty bottles do come in handy. 



It's crucial that you recycle your old batteries. In fact, many states require by law that all batteries are properly recycled. Because they can leak toxic chemicals if carelessly discarded, it's very unwise to simply toss them into the garbage. 

If your vape batteries are still functional, you may consider selling them instead of discarding them. Many online vaping communities allow you to sell your old batteries if they still work properly. 



Sure, coils are small, but they really do add up. Because coils are made from stainless-steel, they're recyclable. Give them a good rinse and toss them into the recycling bin rather than the garbage can. 


Your tanks can be recycled because they are made from stainless-steel and glass/poly-carbonate. Both materials can be turned into other products. Give your old vape tank a thorough rinse under warm water and throw it into your recycling can. 

Just Recycle It


By making a point to recycle these vape products, you will become a responsible vaper who is doing their part to take care of the environment.


Vaper's Cough - It's Not as Bad as You Might Think

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Vaper's Cough - It's Not as Bad as You Might Think

Vaper's cough is a common side effect of when vaping with your electronic device; be it an e-cigarette all the way up to a mod. It tends to occur most among newbie vapers who are still in the process of adapting to the vapor and the proper methods used when using their device.

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Warming Up Less With a Vape

cigarettes to vaping vaping

The United States is warming up fast-researchers suggest that we will reach dangerous levels 20 years sooner than the rest of the planet. The study, compiled by researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, was released as the US prepared to inaugurate President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, on his first full day in office, Trump had all references to global warming, and climate change dropped from the official White House website. Not surprising since it was he who has dismissed global warming as a hoax created by China "in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive".

The researchers created computer models of the Earth and simulated the pattern of increased warming in different parts of the world. We will warm up by two degrees Celsius of warming when the average for the rest of the world is a half a degree cooler. And the Northeastern states is where the effects are already the most noticeable; they are experiencing an increase in temperature by about 3C while the rest of the world averages a 2C rise.

The study infers that the 48 states of the contiguous US will reach 2C by about 2050. That 2C is a magic number because that's the point at which scientists believe dangerous weather events will start to take place, and the United States will be among the first to experience those events.

From their report: "The differential warming of land and ocean leads to many continental regions in the Northern Hemisphere warming at rates higher than the global mean temperature. Adaptation and conservation efforts will, therefore, benefit from understanding regional consequences of limiting the global mean temperature increase to well below 2C above pre-industrial levels. The regional warming rates differ considerably across the contiguous US, but all regions are projected to reach 2C about 10-20 years before the global mean temperature."

The answer to this isn't vaping, but we've discovered some ways that it can help.

1. 5.6 trillion cigarettes are smoked annually; roughly 3.28 trillion cigarette butts are thrown out or tossed onto the ground. By vaping, we keep a lot of that harmful waste out of landfills where harmful chemicals leach from cigarette butts into the ground. The butts that end up on city streets have a chance of affecting water runoff that becomes drinking water.

2. According to, 32% of all coastline litter is cigarette butts. Because they are not biodegradable, cigarettes take up to 12 years to fully decompose. By vaping, your keeping fish and other wildlife safe from harmful chemicals.

3. Cigarette smoke releases 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Vaping does not!

4. Tobacco farming accounts for 40% of its annual deforestation in South Korea and Uruguay. Deforestation robs the Earth it's only way to turn carbon dioxide into clean air, so emissions go up and account for about 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions every year.

5. Finally, vaping creates none of the harmful leftovers that animals have a tendency to eat or absorb through their food when cigarette butts get strewn throughout their environment.

So help save the planet, and vape today!

Vapers Voting Guide

cigarettes to vaping vaping

Election DayIt seems like all anyone has been talking about for months is the upcoming presidential election. While you will be voting for a new president of the country, there is much more going on than just that. There are a number of other initiatives that are going to be on the ballot this November.  Whether you typically vote on election day or not, it's important to get to the polls this year and make your vote count.

Going to the polls this year could affect the way you vape. If you haven't heard about the initiatives, there is no time like the present to get informed to make sure you don't vote for something you wish you hadn't. You also don't want to sit idly by and watch as you get hit with even higher prices because you didn't know how to vote.

There is an initiative that you are going to see on the ballot this November 8th that is aimed at raising the tax on a pack of cigarettes in in California by $2 per pack. While that might be the price in California, each state will have their own set of rules and pricing guidelines for how it is going to affect those individuals in the area. This is just the start of another expensive battle between the public health advocates and the tobacco industry.

While you might be thinking, "This law is about the price of cigarettes.  Why should I care since I only purchase vaping products?"  That isn't exactly the extent of it. The initiative also affects vaping products. So, regardless of whether you smoke a traditional cigarette or you prefer vaping, the law could change the amount you are going to pay for your products. So, come this November when you go to vote for the president, you might want to make sure you know how to vote on the tobacco initiative.

There are already enough signatures to put the initiative on the ballot, so there is no question that it is going to loom over voters this November. The only question is how are you going to vote?  Back in 2006, California voters were asked about whether they would vote to increase the tax on cigarettes. The tobacco industry was able to defeat the initiative, but not without spending $66.6M in the process. Right now, people in California are paying $0.87 per pack of cigarettes. When you think about the $4.35 per pack that people in New York pay, the $0.87 seems pretty small. Still, that doesn't mean you want the price to go up and have to spend even more.

If you want to save yourself some money and prevent the initiative from going through, you need to make your voice heard. Don't let them step in and prevent you from being able to enjoy the things you love in life. By speaking out and voting against the initiative, you can make sure the the ballot doesn't go through. It's up to you to do something about it on November 8th, 2016.  But no matter how you choose to vote, just DO IT!

TV Talk Show Host Day - Really?

cigarettes to vaping vaping

Johnny Carson Did you know that 23rd of every October has been set aside to pay tribute to TV talk show hosts in appreciation for the fantastic job they do in all of their puns, interviews, stories and even those hilarious monologues. It is known countrywide as the National TV Talk Show Host Day. It is technically an unofficial celebration of The King of Late Night Television's birthday, the late great John William 'Johnny' Carson. He was born on the same day in the year 1925. He hosted the show for a reputable thirty years. He was a host, writer, comedian, actor, musician, and producer.

Among his many awards and memorable events on television, Carson was a very private individual socially. He had a reputation of smoking for years and even did it on camera on his early days in 'Tonight'. He was not too fond of cigarettes, quoted in the mid-70s repeatedly referring to them as 'things that will kill me'. His younger brother even recalled during their last conversation Carson kept referring to 'Those damn cigarettes.' On January 23, 2005, Carson died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from emphysema that caused respiratory failure. For smokers, we all know too well, how challenging it is to drop the cigarette habit.  

Highbrow Vapor takes great pride in taking your smoking experience to a completely new level, by bringing together the most flavorful American-made ingredients. We wish Carson had met us sooner, as we have the perfect flavors for such an influential American icon that filled our lives with laughter and our nights with entertainment.

Judging from his birthday, Carson would have loved our strawberry lemonade, limoncello e-juice flavors. It is a delicious citrus-inspired and fruit vape with a flavor that is fun, scintillating and ideal for festivities. It is a huge favorite in the Oktoberfest Carnival held at the Munich fairgrounds. It is the perfect flavor to commemorate TV Talk show Host Day.

Tobacco and cigar enthusiasts, like Carson, would have loved our Clove Vape Flavor. It is a special clove-infused tobacco blend with a distinct smooth taste. It is quite effective in small quantities, with the flavoring being of the optimum caliber so that consumers can really enjoy its mild almond cigar-like essence.

Carson would have loved our perfect Exotic blend, High browbacco. Vape enthusiasts love a medium bodied, finely toasted flavor that can be mixed with fruity options for an organic element or can be vaped individually. A lot of professionalism has gone to in the creation of such a sweet cigarette flavored blend. Gentle and smooth on the throat, this blend is an accumulation of our most exquisite blends of tobaccos into a single entity. The throat hit is one to write home even in low concentrations.

So, hat's off to Johnny Carson and enjoy a good vape in his honor!

New FDA Regulations Create Vapocalypse

cigarettes to vaping

The FDA is set to roll out a finalized rule this summer that would treat e-cigarettes just like real cigarettes. While you're probably wondering how this will affect vape shops, right now it won't affect them as the FDA is testing e-cigarettes for any potential side effects. The FDA is unsure that e-cigs are safe and want to confirm they don't produce harmful chemicals because e-cigarettes have never been tested.


The FDA's concerns

The e-cigarette industry is already booming and generated over $2 billion in sales last year. While the FDA is pushing for e-cig regulations, the House of Representatives is pushing back. The debate is over how e-cigs are marketed. Because e-cigs were never pre-approved by the FDA, the FDA is proposing that all e-cigarette products already on the market be pre-approved and future products would have to meet their approval to deem them as "appropriate for the protection of the public health."

The need for further testing

While some people have switched from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, the FDA wants to ensure that e-cigarettes are tested and found to be safe. According to the FDA's website, they are concerned that e-cigarettes haven't been fully studied. They are also concerned about the risk factors related to e-cigarettes and the levels of nicotine or other chemicals that might be inhaled or ingested. Additionally, they want to further evaluate and understand if there are any benefits related to e-cigarettes.

The concern over the tobacco in e-cigarettes

The FDA regulation on e-cigarettes affects e-cigarettes that are used for therapeutic purposes. With the concern surrounding adverse effects, they are concerned about unexpected side effects or potential health-related problems from tobacco related products. 

Keep in mind, as it relates to e-cigarettes, some still contain nicotine. According to the National Institute of Health, Nicotine is a highly addictive drug, so that's one of the reasons why users turn from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, to enjoy the sensation of having a cigarette-like substance that can blow a cloud of smoke that does not produce tobacco smoke. What the FDA is suggesting is that they're concerned about the chemicals emitted and want to ensure enough testing is done first to confirm e-cigarette safety.

What does this mean to you?

The FDA with their ruling is questioning the chemicals in the tobacco used in e-cigarettes, the safety of e-cigarettes, as they have never been tested, and they want to try to minimize minors using e-cigarettes, which is understandable, because the FDA just wants to make sure we're safe and keep our kids safe, too. And of course, we want that, too!

To let your voice be heard about your experience with e-cigarettes, you can go to CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, to show your support for vaping. Also feel free to reach out to us to share your stories, comments, favorite flavors and love for Highbrow e-liquids!


May 31st is World No Tobacco Day

cigarettes to vaping vaping

May 31st is "World No Tobacco Day," and everyone will be reminded of the dangers of smoking tobacco. Tobacco products are considered hazardous to one's health and more people are convinced than ever that they need to stop smoking. So, on May 31st, people everywhere will try to abstain from their habit to proclaim that they are tobacco-free, at least for one day.

Others will try to quit the habit completely, using the specially-ordained day as a starting point to kick off their plan to quit tobacco.

For many, the idea of quitting smoking is a dream that died stillborn, as they try various methods to quit without success. Some decide to try e-cigarettes in the place of the standard cigarette.

But what are e-cigs?

E-cigs are an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes that allow you to inhale the flavor of nicotine without the tobacco and other chemicals that are present in regular cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. By leaving out the tobacco, they are smokeless and that's why they are called smokeless tobacco or "vapes."

There are many benefits to vaping over traditional cigarettes. Here are some of them:


One of the obvious benefits is that they are smokeless, which means that you can enjoy them anywhere. You do not run the risk of offending someone standing nearby due to the close proximity that you might be to them when you are doing it. It removes the social lines that have been drawn often between smokers and non-smokers. This means you can enjoy them at work, in the mall, in stores, or anywhere where traditional cigarettes are not allowed because there is no smoke.


Another joy of "vaping" is that they relieve your nicotene craving without tobacco or any of the other extra chemicals found in cigarettes. Made of a special flavored E-liquid, your VG and PG are 100% USP food grade approved and the juice is produced in medically-clean and sanitized environments. This means you get the satisfaction of the soothing nicotene flavor without the rest. And best of all--no smoke!


Another great thing people love about vaping is that with e-cigs, you get to choose your favorite flavor, and you are not limited to one taste. You can try a variety of flavors like: Limoncello, Blueberry, or Coconut. There are specialty flavors too like Belgian waffle and Caramel cake, to name a few. This makes e-cigs fun, to vary the flavors you choose while knowing you are not getting the tobacco or "smoke factor" you got with regular cigs.


 The bottom line is e-cigs are just a better choice. We cannot say that they are better regarding health, because these claims have not been proven yet.  So, on World No Tobacco Day, try vaping instead and see the difference it makes.